• [ARCore] v1.4 | Trying HelloAR project, build succeed but nothing shows on the phone. Hello, i'm new to Unity and ARCore and i am trying to lauch the ARCore exemple project, but nothing is showing on my phone.
    I'm using the Unity 2018.2.2f1 and ARcore v1.4, but i had the exact same problem when i used the previous version (2018.2.1f1 and 1.3).
    I run Unity on Windows 10.
    Here is what i did :
    - I create a new project named "AR"
    - I add the " arcore-unity-sdk-v1.4.0 " package
    Assets > Import Package > Custom Package ...

    v1.4 | Trying HelloAR project, build succeed but nothing shows on the phone.
  • Error using TargetRpc on HoloLens Hello, I am getting a TypeAccessViolation Error on the host whenever a client fires a missile. I am using a TargetRpc over Unet with the HoloLens. However, I am doing it exactly as the example in the documentation found here. Is there a reason for thi...
  • Make a screenshot with my current holograms / unity ui and the “real world” in background Hello, I created a small unity app that Shows some meshes / holograms in a Scene (using unity 5.6.1f1). I want to create a screenshot / snapshot from what I see when I start my app with the hololens: the holograms from my app and also the photo of th...
  • Oculus Rift – Render to texture or lower resolution Hey here,

    I'm currently experimenting with some visuals and I would like to give a game a very retro look, and among other things I would like to get very noticiable jaggy borders (I know this probably goes against the standard guidelines but I want to give it a try and see how it looks).

    In none vr mode I would render to a texture (lowering the resolution) or simply decrease the resolution in the player settings, but how would I go about it with an VR-Oculus project?

    I have searched for...

    Oculus Rift - Render to texture or lower resolution
  • Is it possible to have multiple Oculus VR headsets track on one machine/environment with 3 sensors? The idea is to build a multiplayer LAN supported environment with 3 trackers that can support 2 and if possible up to 4 players being tracked. Each player will wear a VR backpack and will connect to the room-scale environment setup and run on one powe...
  • Windows immersive MR without UWP I think the new immersive Windows Mixed Reality headsets are great. On the other hand, for me UWP is just annoying. For example I want to develop applications that can freely access files without sandboxing. As far as I understand, currently Unity requ...
  • hi guys, i have a question, please help me ! In Unity 5.5.1 and prior, to determine 'center of screen' with Unity's VR mode enabled, we would check the eyeTextureWidth and height, something like this:
    centerOfScreen = new Vector2(VRSettings.eyeTextureWidth / 2, VRSettings.eyeTextureHeight / 2);

    This quit working in Unity 5.5.2, and now even with VR mode enabled I must obtain 'center of screen via Screen.width and Screen.height.
    centerOfScreen = new Vector2(Screen.width / 2, Screen.height / 2);

    What changed in 5.5.2?...

    hi guys, i have a question, please help me !
  • Auto Restart Cloud Reco when Target lost I was wondering if anyone could assist me with making the Cloud Recognition automatically restart upon losing the detection of the cloud image target? I would like to not have to manually press the restart GUI button between each scan. Thanks!
  • AR camera jittering Hello there, I have just upgraded a AR project from Unity 5.4 and Vuforia 6 to Unity 2018.1.8f1 and Vuforia 7.2.24 After this upgrade the AR Camera starts to jitter on tracking found. I have followed the tutorial for the new Extended Tracking configura...
  • Discussing the fee tier Hello there, Recently I started using Vuforia 7 and I noticed, watermark is missing. Does it mean that Vuforia is free now? There are no limits anymore like 1000 downloads etc?
  • Applying a mesh to a vertical or horizontal plane with ARKit I'm looking to create a mesh using Vector3 coordinates on a floor or wall. Essentially, I'd like to create overlaying mesh on a section of floor or wall, as defined by the user. I'm looking to generate the coordinates via a HitTest through user input; either touch points or finger trace. The mesh would be applied to the selected area. Is is possible to utilize the Vector3 coordinates to generate a mesh or am I heading down the wrong path for what I am trying to do?
  • How to Use normal deskop canvas/ buttons with VR setup, menu on deskop NOT IN VR I want to use VR, howerver, I want to make Start menu on Deskop,,, It looks like normal canvas/ buttons on Deskop using CANVAS/screenOverlay, it does not work with VR mode.... UNITY PLEASE it should be simple, Menu on deskop as simple screen...
  • Stop tracking and remove detected planes Hi all, I'm looking for a way to stop the AR tracking once I have placed my objects in the scene and also to remove from the screen the planes already detected.

    I tried using UnityARSessionNativeInterface and ARKitWorldTrackingSessionConfiguration by disabling the plane detection and submitting the config changes to the session, that makes the application randomly crash and even stop working. Is there a different approach to do this.

  • VR into a youtube video file Hello,
    I've got a finished unity exe file and I would like to make a video out of it like this one:

    How can I do it? I don't have the original unity file.
  • ARFoundation – rotate/scale Hi all,

    I've been pulling hairs to get the object to rotate or scale correctly so I'm coming to the well hoping for some help :)

    I am using the ARFoundation scene, Unity 2018.2.1f1, "com.unity.xr.arfoundation": "1.0.0-preview.16". Trigger scale/rotation by onValueChanged.AddListener delegates for the sliders:

    ARSessionOrigin m_ARSessionOrigin=GameObject.FindWithTag("ARSessionOrigin").GetComponent();
    m_ARSessionOrigin.transform.rotation = Quaternion.AngleAxis(rotationSlider.value,...

    ARFoundation - rotate/scale