• 3D GameObject set to ARCamera Hi,
    I set GameObject as child to ARCamera, but result don't satisfied me. I wanted this GameObject to stay always in the same position on the screen. Is there any method to do this or expleination why it isn't working?
  • Issue building solution for Visual Studio Hello!

    I've been trying to build a UWP app for the HoloLens, and I needed to import some classes from a regular project I had before that was using .NET Standard 2.0. I put these classes into a DLL and imported it to Unity and added it as a reference to the script that I built, as well as the Visual Studio Project I have been using.

    I had a couple problems before, but they were mostly solved by updating from Unity 2017 to the 2018.1.5 version. Now in this version, I have the Unity project...

    Issue building solution for Visual Studio
  • Error/Message handling examples I was told during Unite Berlin that Unity hade some example scene in the workings to show examples on messages and errors in tracking (lost tracking, plane quality and so on). It would be great to get hold of that scene to get some input how it can be...
  • Performance problems with Vive and VR. Regular VR.WaitForGPU spikes Hi everyone, Are you having constant spikes in the Editor when you try and play a scene? Does your performance sometimes get good, and then get terrible again. Does the profiler return spikes ever second whenever you play. Does it slow to a crawl? It...
  • Video Stabilisation Hi All,

    I'm working on an ARKIT app that has video capture functionality. This often results in "shaky cam" videos which are quite annoying from a user perspective.

    I note that it's possible to set the preferred video stabilisation mode via iOS 8+ api:

    However I've been unable to find any reference to AVCaptureConnection within the Unity ARKIT plug-in. I'm not...

    Video Stabilisation
  • Could not obtain developer license for Hololens Hello,
    I am having a problem deploying to the HoloLens. I ran into this before. It didn't work for a while, then suddenly started working I believe. I did someupdates, reinstalled Visual Studio and can't deploy again. The app builds fine, even just using the test apps from the holoacademy with nothing changed. Then when I run the app in VS it gets to deploy, hangs for a minute then says:

    There were deployment errors. Continue?
    1>DEP0100L Please ensure that target device has developer mode...

    Could not obtain developer license for Hololens
  • Re-positioning rigidbody based on controller location and scaling Hello all,

    Using Vive. I'm instantiating a cube when I touch the touchpad(up). The cube is connected to the controller object by a fixed joint. While continuously touching the touchpad the cube scales up slowly. At a certain point the scaling stops. So that works just fine, but I don't like the positioning of the cube when it starts to scale (or at the end of the scaling), its doesn't position in-front of the controller, its either in the controller model or there is a large gap. I don't...

    Re-positioning rigidbody based on controller location and scaling
  • Unity Overlay issue Hello! I'm trying to create a simply SteamVR overlay program in Unity. The goal is to be able to draw certain UI elements when you look at the back of your Vive controller.

    The problem I'm running into however is the overlay app closes the moment another Unity VR game launches. I've been examining this project as an example - however I can't even get this example to work. If I build that example project, the overlay closes once a...

    Unity Overlay issue
  • How to switch on webcam in playmode Hi,

    I started to work with vuforia and unity 2018. Why in playmode my webcam doesn't work? It could really speed up my work.
  • Textures not rendered when model is scaled down I'm having some trouble with dynamically loaded models with textures.

    Let me explain a bit about what my application does. It's a model viewer and is able to parse model data (hierarchy, transforms, meshes, textures, etc) out of files. It then dynamically loads the model using Unity's dynamic mesh generation feature.

    This is also a HoloLens application, although this problem is not HoloLens specific. It's important to note that it's a HoloLens application because I have to be able to...

    Textures not rendered when model is scaled down
  • Lightweight Development. I watched this video on Hololens developement with unity on Youtube.: My question: Two questions: #1 Do you HAVE to have the full Visual Studio. I use Visual Studio code for unity scripting just because it is lighter and less resource heavy. #2 F...
  • Unity App – Customize Changes from Admin Console to reflect in app . Hi all, I am new to Unity and AR. I am looking forward to building a generic application in unity using a web console where admin defines labels and movements of parts of a 3D model. something like this . . How do get started? I have been doing the ...
  • How To stop FocusSquare Plane detection after the Focus is found? Hi I am trying to build using ARkit Examples- Focus Square scene.So after the FocusSquare detects a plane it is again tracking for plane.How to stop it? Code (CSharp): foreach (ARHitTestResultType resultType in resultTypes)    ...
  • Spatial Audio I'm making a game for both Rift(Oculus Store and STEAM VR) and Vive on STEAM VR and currently using the Oculus Spatializer that's included within Unity. I need to get better 3D audio, such as Occlusion behind walls.

    I tried GVR audio by Google...but I know that has been replaced with Resonance Audio.

    And I know that there is now STEAM Audio and that Oculus has a asset in the Asset Store for enhanced audio.

    I've already created a lot of code that hooks into the default Unity AudioSource...

    Spatial Audio
  • SteamVR Oculus controller input I'm trying to get the input working for my Oculus touch controller using the SteamVR plugin. Here's the code I have so far:

    Code (CSharp):
    1. using System.Collections;
    2. using System.Collections.Generic;
    3. using UnityEngine;
    4. using Valve.VR;
    5. using Valve.VR.InteractionSystem;
    7. public class InputAssignSteamVRController : MonoBehaviour {
    9.     private InputManager inputManager;
    10.     private float inputValue;
    11.     private float inputValueLast;
    13.     public string inputID = "Click0";
    14.     public...
    SteamVR Oculus controller input