• Orbec Astra for skeletal tracking Hi
    Has anyone reading this done any development using the Orbec Astra depth camera? What has been your experience? If used for skeletal tracking, did you use Nuitrack or Orbec's beta SDK?

    Not sure whether to get one of these or instead one of the still available Kinect for Xbox One sensors on Amazon.
  • WorldAnchor problems Hi Unity Forum Readers,

    I'm coding an app that will be shown to a Client this coming Wednesday, so help now would be a lifesaver.

    I Need one reliable WorldAnchor. I have an object that has a script attached which implements tap-to-place, but I've Extended the behavior so that when the user places the object, a WorldAnchor is attached and saved using a WorldAnchorStore.Save() call (this happens after deleting any previously saved anchors with the same id, of Course).

    I saved an anchor in...

    WorldAnchor problems
  • Disable, Enable and Reset ArCore Hello,
    I'm working on a geo-referenced app, to discover some AR placeholders in several locations.
    To preserve the battery I think to disable ARCore while the player is just walking to the new location (but the app must stay open because there's a map in it that show the placeholders positions).

    1) So to disable ARcore I use -- arcoreSession.enabled = false;

    2) Next. to enable it again I use -- arcoreSession.enabled = true;

    3) At the same time I have to reset AR camera position (to...

    Disable, Enable and Reset ArCore
  • Decoupling VR projects from VRTK to support new devices – new BridgeXR video
  • How can I measure the area of all the planes ARKit has currently found in my scene? I want to generate objects in my scene after the user has detected enough ground planes.
  • Import from Autocad a 3d map Hi, I'm looking for a plugin, asset or something to use in Unity to start a project for make a wakaround in an autocad 3d design,

    Is there a way to do this ?

    Thank you Community
  • In apple’s app review, arkit is not working Have you ever see this happen?
    We test nearly all device and this never happened.
    But in apple's review, our app got this pic, arkit is not working, all background is black.
    (I am sure camera is not covered and app has the camera authority)
  • Notice: Vuforia Target Manager performance issues Hello, We are aware of the performance issues with the Vuforia Target Manager and are working hard to resolve them ASAP. Apologies for any inconvenience, and thank you for your patience. -Vuforia Engine Support
  • Load 3D FBX model in runtime from sharepoint Hey Guys, I am trying to load 3D FBX models in runtime to a AR scene. I am using vuforia and AR Kit SDKs. Please help me find a solution. The idea is to load all the models in a secure sharepoint and access the models in the AR camera scene. Thanks i...
  • How do I cast shadows in ARCore? Hello there,

    I can't find a way to cast shadows in ARCore, is there some solution to this? I tried with planes and shadow shader that I use in Vuforia, but it does not work with ARCore.
  • Looking for the best tool for my needs (AR with streamed video). Hi guys,

    I know there is a large variety of tools that implement AR with Unity and I am looking for advice on which of those tools will best meet my needs.

    Here's what I require:

    1. Being able to use a video stream from a server as my input, rather than the camera of my device.

    2. Strong and accurate SLAM capabilities (Not requiring image recognition of a predefined image).

    3. Ability to integrate the use of GPS and compass data to improve accuracy, as well as being able to receive said...

    Looking for the best tool for my needs (AR with streamed video).
  • Where does FocusSquare get its position? In the UnityARKitplugin, FocusSquare.cs places the Focus Square cursor on a plane: Code (CSharp): #else         var screenPosition = Camera.main.ScreenToViewportPoint(center);         ARPoint point =...
  • Calculating time till photons Hi,
    I'm trying to calculate the time that is going to pass until the rendered image is displayed by the VR display (aka time till photons) in Unity's OnPreRender() event on an Oculus GO. Sadly the OVRPlugin provides no method to calculate this.

    I think this shouldn't be to hard to do as the display is showing the image in a fixed interval (= the display refresh rate), if we measure how much time passed since the display showed the last image it should be possible to estimate when it will...

    Calculating time till photons
  • Best practice for scaling placed objects with new Ground Plane markerless tracking What's the best way to deal with placed model scale in Vuforia? Simply scaling the model down is not really an option due to breaking Unity physics and particles.

    I'm trying to transition a project to Vuforia Markerless Tracking / Ground Plane that used the ARInterface scale methods mentioned here (currently working fine with ARKit) so that things like physics and particles work at real world scale but placed model...

    Best practice for scaling placed objects with new Ground Plane markerless tracking
  • ARCore: Can AugmentedImage with tracking status Stopped be re-used? Once augmented image gets status "Stopped", it can't be re-used for tracking, even if it's scanned again. Is there a way to fix this? If so, how? I couldn't find any API for that.