• What are the benefits to using VRTK over SteamVR? I've been using VRTK, but I may need to abandon it. Not because of technical reasons, rather other reasons that have nothing to do with the VRTK itself.

    I just started looking at SteamVR, it looks like it may have everything I want... Supports Oculus, Vive. Has some pre-defined scripts, a decent example scene to learn from and some useful prefabs to reuse.

    I started with VRTK because I thought SteamVR only supported Vive and after taking a quick peek at SteamVR, it seems as though I could...

    What are the benefits to using VRTK over SteamVR?
  • Are ready for the future of 3D design? Show your skills in VR-modelling! MARUI-PlugIn is challenging all Maya users to create a model in VR using the MARUI VR plug-in software. The winner will be invited to visit our headquarters in Osaka, Japan for one full week. The contest will be starting on August 17th until August 31s...
  • Multiple HMDs in the same room setup, acheiving identical configs? Yesterday I setup two Vives for the first time in the same playspace and began developing a networked test game.

    Before I got too far ahead of myself i was wondering how similar two room setups would be on two different PCs where both were calibrated in the same room by the same person?

    Would both have a good linear relationship when compared to each other? In other words, if two ppl share the same playspace then would all player's hands meet at the same point in all four corners...

    Multiple HMDs in the same room setup, acheiving identical configs?
  • Performance implications of stereo SBS vs Over / Under in panoramic shader videos Are there any performance implications of videos with SBS aspect ratios vs Over / Under when using the panoramic shader? Stereo SBS videos have a 4:1 aspect ratio, which makes it seem possible that they're less performant than a 1:1 Over / Under video source, but I don't understand enough of what's going on under the hood to know for sure.
  • SteamVR build issue Hello,

    I have an issue with building steamVR project.

    I can play in editor and everything works fine.
    When I build the project and test, nothing happen in he headset. It remains in the white space and I can't do nothing. But I can see the build is launched because I see my scene on my computer screen.

    On my first try, it wasn't able to find open_vr.dll but I copied the file from plugin to my build.exe folder.
    there is no other exception in my output_log.txt.

    When I run my build without...

    SteamVR build issue
  • ARcore + ZXing for barcode scanning Hello everyone.

    I am using ARCore for the first time for a project.
    I'm trying to scan a QR code and make an object appear next to it (to test positioning) and stay at this position even if I move away. QR code is scanning well using the ZXing library, and the object is appearing and staying.
    However, if I scan the QR code from a close distance, the object will appear next to it but not at the exact same location every time. If I scan it from a far distance, the object will appear very far...

    ARcore + ZXing for barcode scanning
  • Question about TrackedPoseDriver PoseSource (Bug?) Hello,
    i want to track my VR (Vive) controllers with Unity 2018.2.0f2, in the previous version i used the classes from the XR namespace (where you had to get XNodes or something like that and update the position/rotation of you actuall object manually).

    I found a example somewhere were they uses the TrackedPoseDriver component for tracking instead, which updates the transform based on the tracking.

    But my problem is that i don't understand the Pose Source behavior or maybe this is a bug....

    Question about TrackedPoseDriver PoseSource (Bug?)
  • The appearance of ObjectTarget on ImageTarget/Появление ObjectTarget на ImageTarget English How to make the appearance of objects a reality on imagetarzhet in vufory Russian Всем привет, у меня есть настоящие игровое поле и фишки для него, как сделать, чтобы принести на камеру в Вуфорию через изображение....
  • TextMesh Pro build errors in Unity 2018.2 I have installed Unity 2018.2 and was preparing a quick sample app for HoloLens (MR). When I created the Visual Studio solution from Build, it got a bunch of errors on missing SDKs from TextMesh Pro project. Please note that, I am not using any TextMes...
  • Interract with desktop while in VR Hello,
    I am building a two player VR experience with a HTC Vive.
    One player is wearing the headset and the other is on the computer, interracting with the environment.
    Both player use the same instance of the game.

    I had no problem adding a desktop only UI as SteamVR does not render Screen Space overlay canvas.

    But now I'm trying to make the desktop user create objects in the 3D world by clicking the position he wants the objects to be instantiated.
    To do this I do a raycast from the mouse...

    Interract with desktop while in VR
  • Vertical Detection ARkit (Model not loading exactly over Wall) Hello Folks,

    I am working on Vertical Detection using ARkit in Unity. I managed to detect the wall, but my model doesn't load exactly over Wall.

    Please check video for same:

    The model loads 10-15 cms ahead of wall and if I move my Phone to see back of Model, the model changes its position.

    Note: Sometimes the model loads fine exactly over floor, but mostly it loads after some distance.

    Is there any solution for this issue, I have been stuck on this...

    Vertical Detection ARkit (Model not loading exactly over Wall)
  • Error MSB3774 Could not find SDK “WindowsMobile, Version=10.0.16299.0” I hear this is a common issue. Im deploying a unity project (one of the simple hololens tutuorials). All seems to go well but when doing a build in Visual studio 2017, it gives me the error : MSB3774 Could not find SDK "WindowsMobile, Version=10.0...
  • touch controller input on OpenVR/SteamVR hi! I'm trying to map the Oculus Touch buttons in the Input Manager, and I'm having some issues reading all of the buttons. I was following the chart here:

    Here are the mappings I'm getting:

    Button.One is "A" which is "joystick button 0" in the chart
    - "joystick button 0" actually fires when I press "B"

    Button.Two is "B", but the Unity Button ID isn't in the chart

    Button.Three is "X" which is "joystick button 2" in the...

    touch controller input on OpenVR/SteamVR
  • How to turn off Blue Plane Prefab and Plane detection ? HI, I am testing a vertical plane detection project.So after I detect a vertical plane there are multiple blue plane prefabs still detecting.How to turn off all blue plane prefabs and turn off plane detection.
  • Controllers missing since install Steam Vr Hi all, I got a simple question. I have a "game" made in unity and I was able to move around using my Samsung Oddysus controlers. There where no problems what so ever, but I wanted to test my game by making an executable file so i donwloded ...