• Estimating shoulder rotation in VR? Some VR games have really good approximations of the player's shoulder rotation. I'm having a hard time creating an algorithm for this though, any ideas?

    Thanks in advance
  • Android Camera not Auto-focusing issue in Unity AR-Interface Hi all,

    I am recently making an application with AR-Interface on Android phone. And one of the step in the application is to scan a QR code, so it needs the camera to be able to auto focus. I am now testing the app on the new Samsung S9 and the camera doesn't auto focus and the view is blurred when I move close to the QR code. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

  • Known issue when submitting a build to Testflight with Vuforia 7.2.20 There is a known issue with Vuforia 7.2.20 that will prevent you from uploading your iOS app to TestFlight. The cause of the issue is that the “Bundle Version” field of the Info.plist in the Vuforia.framework is blank. This issue can be worked around b...
  • Placing a dialog box in front of VR camera Hey all, I'm using VRTK and trying to place a dialog type panel in front of the VR camera at runtime. This dialog box gets turned on and off from a controller button click. I want it to stay in front of the VR camera. This script SEEMED to work at first, but I modified something yesterday and I have NO clue what it is. I've played with all three canvas render modes for this UI panel. But, when I activate this script. My panel always ends up behind the VR camera.
    This script ensures the...

    Placing a dialog box in front of VR camera
  • Vuforia 7.2.20 unstable initialization in 2018.1.7 Editor Hi, ever since I updated my project from Vuforia 7.1.35 to 7.2.20 in Unity 2018.1.7 that the initialisation fails every time I play different scenes in the Editor. This forces me to close and re-open Unity, which greatly affects my workflow. I was abl...
  • Resonance Audio Reverb stop working when XRSetting/vuforia ar checked on IOS Hi

    Testing in computer mac and windows is ok, but when the app is running on IPAD 2017 reverb doesn't work.

    If XRSetting/Vuforia is unchecked, the reverb works fine on IOS

    error log when checked, if not checked no error

    Audio effect Resonance Audio Renderer could not be found. Check that the project contains the correct native audio plugin libraries and that the importer settings are set up correctly.

    Ianyone can help me?

  • How to know Image Target position ? Hello,

    I'm trying to figure out how to know Image Target (printed image) position ? In the current small test I'm working on the player can hold 2 or 3 images (printed images) and I need to know their positions - actually I want to know which image is at the left, the middle and the right.

    I tried to use the TrackableBehaviour.gameObject.transform.position but without success. Values don't feel "right".

    Is this possible ? How would you do that ?

  • Geo-localised objects in AR core. Hi.

    I am trying to place geo-localized augmented object using ARCore.

    To do so, I would need the scene Z axis to point north which I didn't found how to do (without breaking the tracking).

    I tried to place the objects relatively to the camera but I couldn’t get a good "north direction" by comparing the camera angle and the compass.

    Would anyone have some hint on how to do so?

    Thank you in advance for your answers.
  • OpenVR – How to reset camera properly? UnityEngine.VR.InputTracking.Recenter() seems to work differently for the Rift SDK than it does in OpenVR. With the older Rift setup (Unity 5.3) the recenter puts your head at the origin. With the new system it either isn't working at all or it's resetting it to the floor. My game is a driving game so when somebody resets the VR headset I need it to pop to the driver's head. This no longer works, instead it places the feet at the driver's head and you're now standing on top of that....

    OpenVR - How to reset camera properly?
  • Making a blackboard or a quill Hi guys,
    I'm a starter developer for HTC Vive and I want to do something similar than a blackboard, quill or something like that, like in "The Lab" blackboard.

    I tried to do instantiating planes, but don't like the results.

    Thank you!
  • VR / 2D Launch options Is it possible to detect that my app was launched from inside the Daydream app ( library )?

    Because our app has 2D and VR scenes I would like to be able to use that information to direct the user to our VR scene at launch, and if they didn't open it from within the Daydream app then i could direct the user to our 2D scene at launch.
  • ARCore makes camera stream blurry Hello,

    Working on a small project with Vuforia I decided to activate ARCore as explained in the Vuforia documentation. Since I did that my camera stream became blurry and I don't know why and how to fix that.

    My camera focus mode is set to FOCUS_MODE_CONTINUOUSAUTO. This value is set when Vuforia is started and is resumed....

    ARCore makes camera stream blurry
  • iOS 11.4 + Vuforia 7.2.20 + Unity 2018.1 = Crash Hi all,

    We have a big problem here. We developp an AR application, everythings was ok.
    Since Apple lunch iOS 11.4, the application crash when the scene with the ARcamera started.
    The thing is that Android version works perfectly. We can see a EXC_BAD_ACCESS error but we can't find where its comes from.

    We use Vuforia 7.2.20 and Unity 2018.1.

    Do you have any idea ? Please !?
  • UI Themes & Controls for VR Hello, Are there any UI Themes & Controls that are available for VR development. I am looking for a UI Pack (themes, controls, etc.) so that I can readily reuse the controls with predefined styles and focus more on the development time. Which all...
  • Working on AR project with multiple scenes I have 3 scenes in my project:
    1. Vuforia with a pelvis as model target
    2. Vuforia with the same pelvis as model target
    3. No AR camera or model target, just a normal scene

    The problems I have are:
    1. When I'm previewing scene 3, the preview doesn't show the normal game objects in my world, but uses webcam and has the Vuforia watermark on the game preview. There's no AR camera in this scene.
    2. Even though scene 1 and scene 2 has the same model target, when previewing, only scene 1 can...

    Working on AR project with multiple scenes