• ARKit Remote Camera Feed Lag – [FIXED: use USB connection] Hey,

    I've got the latest ARKit plugin installed and working...

    Unity 2017.2.0f3
    Xcode 9.1
    ARKit 1.0.11 (Nov 6)

    ....... with the ARKit Remote built and running on an iPhone SE... but I am getting a lot of lag on the camera feed when running the ARKitScene example.

    I am getting data from the remote and the live camera feed, but its lagging way behind as I move my iPhone.

    I'm just wondering if anyone else had similar performance issues, and if they solved it.

  • Which one of these camera has better integration with unity ( Xiaomi Mi sphere Vs. Ricoh Theta V ) Which one of these camera has better integration with unity ( Xiaomi Mi sphere Vs. Ricoh Theta V )
  • Model Target Generator gives a message “Service not available now. Please try again later” Hi, the Model Target Generator application does not open up and gives the message "Service not available now. Please try again later" always. I've spoken to the IT department of the company that I work for and they've asked me if there's a website or something else that needs to be white listed. Please let me know, Thanks!
  • Video capture (3D not 360) for stereoscopic goggles Hi,

    I'm designing an fMRI experiment and I created a virtual environment with Unity3d 2017.3 that I would like to screen to the participants in the scanner using stereoscopic goggles. I'm quite new to C# and Unity, so I figured out that the simplest way for me was to capture videos of this environment, so I can play them later to the participants, (without delays, in a timed manner, using Matlab).
    Given that I use "old-school" stereoscopic goggles (basically two low resolution screens, one...

    Video capture (3D not 360) for stereoscopic goggles
  • VR real time positioning / facing? Hey guys,

    I modelled a room based on a real room so the objects in this room such as the sofa are quite accurately positioned so that in the VR world you can technically 'touch' and feel the objects if that makes sense

    But I have one problem and wanted to ask what I could do to overcome this obstacle if it was possible.

    I have marked the floor so the user must start from that specific position and must face forward at the TV or the VR environment won't match the real environment and...

    VR real time positioning / facing?
  • Default scene in Lightweight Render pipeline with VR displays black screen when built to android Hi There,

    I'm wondering if anyone can help me figure out what I'm missing here.

    The steps to build this weren't a problem. From a "New project" with a lightweight render pipeline + VR setup, all I had to do was ensure the platform was set to android and that I had assigned a bundle identifier.

    I did go ahead and switch to IL2CPP and .NET40 but I don't think those were required steps.

    The problem is that this basic project is ALL BLACK screen when I load to device. I would expect to...

    Default scene in Lightweight Render pipeline with VR displays black screen when built to android
  • Microsoft Mixed Reality Controller Haptics Hi, Anyone got an example of how to make the hand controller rumble? Thanks
  • How do I make plane tracking invisible? Hello there,

    I want to make blue square invisible? How do I achieve that? I want it to work as it does, just to be invisible to an eye. I've seen apps that do this, but I haven't found a way to do it myself.
  • 360 degree video with Unity ? is it possible? I want to integrate a 360 degree with unity... Can anybody help? please i am new in this field
  • Forward or deferred rendering in VR? to improve overdraw performance. Hello Im working on a tiltbrush created journey in unity for Oculus. Now the app store demands 90 fps throughout the whole app. This is a real challenge for me since I have created a lot of transparent brushes in tiltbrush and it generates a lot of ove...
  • GvrReticlePointer and terrain ray casting Hi,

    I have a problem with ray casting in VR. I have a terrain and I'm trying to implement a point-click-teleport system. I failed to make GvrReticlePointer to work properly, mainly, the reticle keeps flickering and whenever I managed to click, ray casting gives me funny hit points. These are the issues I'm having:
    1. GvrReticlePointer keeps flickering and doesn't work consistently. I understand that it is looking for an interactive gameobjects. I tried few things here:
      • ...

    GvrReticlePointer and terrain ray casting
  • School Boy Avatar: 6-Point Tracking in AR/VR with Inverse Dynamics Created with DeepMotion Avatar:
  • Compile error vuforia core samples Assets/Common/Scripts/TrackableSettings.cs(22,12): error CS0246: The type or namespace name `FusionProviderType' could not be found. Are you missing an assembly reference?
    This is what my help says about my versions:
    Unity 2018.1.4f1
    Vuforia release notes SDK v7.2.20
    I have everything checked in the download assistant except LINUX Build and MAC Mono so vuforia AR is checked.
    In Build/settings/player setting, I have checked all and still get the same error.
    Thank you
  • ARKit signal SIGABRT Hi, On line 33 of in thread 1: UIApplicationMain(arfc, argv, nil, ); I get an error: terminating with uncaught exception of type NSException. Anyone know how to proceed? Uploading to i...
  • XR Disabled, Gear VR still intercepts launch Hey hey!
    I've been working on a mobile game recently and played around with the idea of using a VR camera rig.
    And now, I've turned off the VR Supported setting (And also added "None" to the list and floated it top).

    Now I'm trying to disable it and use just a normal camera setup, but my phone with the Gear VR software installed keeps launching Gear VR whenever the app launches.
    I've been at this for the last 24 hours and haven't had any luck.

    Does anyone know what's causing Gear VR to...

    XR Disabled, Gear VR still intercepts launch