• Deploy Hololens App from a second machine Hi all I am fairly new to Unity and programming, so apologies for my ignorance. I have tried searching for a solution to this but cant seem to find anything to resolve my problem. I am using Unity 2018to create a Hololens App, i have successfully bui...
  • Rendering problem Vive Hi all, I googled almost the whole day without any findings similar to my problem. So I hope you guys can help me. Whenever I go into Play Mode in my project, it just renders the scene in a small rect in the bottem left corner and the rendered scene ...
  • How to add url in unity for vuforia Hello, so I made an app adding tracker and video, but now I would like to add video from custom URL to show it in AR (Vuforia). In Unity I changed to video link in Video player option, but it does not work, it still gives the video I had before (uploa...
  • UWP build error – System.Net.NetworkInformation i'm trying to build NetworkInterface in UWP platform.. but build error detected.
    however, unity editor is able to play.

    my Error : error CS0719: 'NetworkInterface': array elements cannot be of static type

    i tried fix error, but i can't fixed error. how to fixed error?
  • “Virtual Reality Supported” repeatedly being turned back on somehow after being disabled? Unity 5.4.1f1
    I've had this happen on two wildly different and separate machines now, which is leading me to think this is some sort of editor bug. I'll disable Virtual Reality Supported, but after running in the editor a couple times it will somehow get re-enabled.
    It's pretty annoying. Has anyone else been having this occur?
  • Rendertexture with stereo rendering modes (it doesn’t work) I would like to be able to use RenderTextures in VR so that I can perform postprocessing effects. At this exact moment, I am attempting an effect where a shader is used to paint a surface with , like a "portal" from Portal, or like a stencil buffer (I am not using a stencil buffer because I may add additional effects later). It does not work. I am getting different failure modes depending on which "Stereo Rendering Mode" I use.

    I have a minimal example project in this git repo...

    Rendertexture with stereo rendering modes (it doesn't work)
  • Vuforia 7.2 camera settings and arcore I've updated my project to Vuforia 7.2 and imported the ARCore plugin. The Ground Plane is now working amazing on my Samsung S7 Edge. However, I'm unable to focus the camera properly.

    Before, I'd have it so if you tapped on the screen, it would focus the cam by using this code:


    But now that doesn't do anything. I saw in the Known Issues section - that "ARCore versions 1.0-1.2 do not support continuous...

    Vuforia 7.2 camera settings and arcore
  • possible to live stream Gear 360 in Unity? Greetings, Is it possible to live stream Gear 360 view in Unity, on a program running in Windows? I think Gear 360 only connects to Samsung phones via bluetooth. but it has the option to broadcast to yutube, fb, or Samsung VR. Is it possible to get th...
  • Want both Vive and Oculus support in one app Hey all...

    I'm trying to find the path of least resistance in creating VR apps that support both Vive and Oculus. My needs are not all that much, just head tracking, basic controller input and teleportation.

    I tried VRTK and got it up and working with Vive. However, when I hooked up my Oculus, I was not getting any controller tracking at all in either my app or their sample apps.

    So, I'm looking for alternatives. I understand that SteamVR can support both Oculus and Vive. However, I...

    Want both Vive and Oculus support in one app
  • UnityEngine.XR.XRDevice.GetNativePtr();

    How do I use this?

    My primary desire is to fire haptic events on Vive, Oculus and windows MR controllers without needing to import the SDK's for these headsets.
  • Image Tracker issues in ARCore 1.3.0 I downloaded ARCore SDK to 1.3.0 and the latest update from the Play Store.
    In previews version the Image Tracker worked fine.
    But in the current version even if it recognize the image, the next frame there's already large drift, even if the phone stays in place, and after a few frames there's a need to locate the marker again...

    Did it happen to more people?

    I'm using Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Question about vr controller mesh model. I'm collecting the mesh models for vr controller in order to make different controller type support.

    I noticed that the some meshes are included in those vr sdks, but some aren't.

    And I also noticed that in SteamVR, those missing vr controller mesh models are bundled.

    My question is: is it "safe" to use the mesh in steam vr? I mean, can I use it for proprietary usage in Unity Product as a controller model?
  • ARkit for android I have been doing research into whether the arkit sdk can be used to build to android in unity? I can't seem to find a conlcusive answer yet.
    I am curious to find out because googles arcore sdk can be built to ios using cloud anchors. I was wondering if the arkit plugin could be used on android devices.
  • Vuforia 7.2.20 and Android submission : ARCore isn’t in AndroidMa Hey, On Unity 2018.2.6 I updated Vuforia to 7.2.20 without problem and made an apk which works fine. Then I uploaded it on Google Play, and got an error saying that: The minimum version code of the ARCore dependency
  • Vuforia: Camera shaking Hi guys,

    I'm new in Vuforia and I'm working on a project for my company and I'm testing Unity 5 with Vuforia to decide the technology to use.

    I have an issue with image target recognition. I can see that my 3d models are shaking.

    When I select the AR Camera it is moving and rotating.. just a little but it is noticeable

    I have tried:

    - An Image Target of width 11cm and height 11cm.

    - An Image Target of width 4cm and height 2 cm.

    - A VuMark with width of 9cm and height 5cm.

    - A...

    Vuforia: Camera shaking