• ARCore 1.7.0 + Unity-ARKit-Plugin = Gradle build error We're doing a cross-platform mobile AR game and decided to use ARCore for world tracking on Android and ARKit world tracking on iOS.

    We first integrated Google ARCore 1.7.0 SDK and it worked perfectly on Android.
    Then we integrated Unity-ARKit-Plugin and after a bit of fiddling it also started working on iOS.

    But now, with both integrations, we can no longer build for Android. Apparently there's a conflicting dependency, but it doesn't make much sense:


    ARCore 1.7.0 + Unity-ARKit-Plugin = Gradle build error
  • Reference: Oculus Go How to create an onclick event on a UI button to change the scene in VR. I would like to point the Oculus Go remote at an object (button) - click the primary trigger and have the button perform an on click event to perform some other action (like change a scene) I can already do this on other platforms just not Android. I have most of it down - just not the part that actually performs the press in a VR world space. Thoughts? Help I'm drowning!!!!! Thank you before hand ( I hope). Have a...

    Reference: Oculus Go
  • Vector3.Distance from VR controller to object not accurate at all. lol help me
  • Low-latency Mixed Reality I'm trying to import live video into Unity through the use of a native plugin. Trouble is, we're seeing 7 frames of latency from start-to-finish, and trying to figure out where these are coming from. We know the capture front-end (everything before it gets to Unity) takes 2 frames, but after it gets into Unity, it's another 5 frames before the photons come out of the headset.

    To do the live textures, we create 2 textures in Unity (stereo) and send the native texture pointers to the native...

    Low-latency Mixed Reality
  • Vuforia reflections & reflection probes Hi, has anyone successfully implemented reflections in their image target?

    I tried scaling target to 1 units in vuforia target manager, changed between world modes.
    With world mode "device", the skybox is rotated.
    With world mode "first_target" skybox is correct, but there's placement issues and so on.

    What i figured out is that the object is perhaps scaled in some weird way? It's as if it was 0.3 scale, i even scaled it after it was detected, but the reflection made no difference.
    So if...

    Vuforia reflections & reflection probes
  • Vuforia image target size Hi, what's a good size i should use for image targets in the vuforia target manager?
    If i have a 20cm x 20cm sheet of paper, i punch 0.2 in the vuforia manager.

    That gives me 0.2 size in the unity editor and it's impossible to get good lightning on those scales,
    camera movement is terrible and in general it's just not meant to work on those scales.

    The reason i'm asking is because examples are 0.3f in the vuforia samples.

    I understand i could make the objects bigger and then it would auto...

    Vuforia image target size
  • Adding shadows and light estimation ? With all these changes and updates i've been unable to find any source to start with putting shadows and light estimation using ARFoundatio/ARKit.

    Can somebody kindly point me to a starting point/script ?

    Thanks !
  • Is it possible to save screen shot to iOS Photos Library? As we work on developing our proof of concept, the one functionality we would like to add is to be able to save a screencapture image, including the AR overlays to the iOS Photos Library. The Unity API does provide a "screencapture" function...
  • Unity 2018.3 and Hololens: holograms are not stable Hi.

    We've detected a quite serious issue with the 2018 releases of Unity (since 2018.2) with Hololens and hologram stability.

    Basically, the holograms are never stable. The best way to see the effect is to look at an hologram and physically jump a bit. The holograms also appear to jump instead of staying in place. Debugging the stabilization plane shows that the plane appears in the correct place but it seems to have no effect.

    Searching the internet, this issue seems to come up from...

    Unity 2018.3 and Hololens: holograms are not stable
  • Could ARCore works with Stadia ? Hello,
    Out of curiosity, do you believe that ARCore could works with the cloud service Stadia, also made by Google ?
    I know it's nowhere near ready to use now, I'm just curious.

    If feasible, it could help process the SLAM used in ARCore on a more powerful platform than a smartphone. Or even process heavy computer vision algorithm like scene reconstruction or object recognition. And obviously, it could allow us developer to create more graphically demanding experiences.

    What could be the...

    Could ARCore works with Stadia ?
  • Vuforia Engine 8.1 is Available! Vuforia Engine is ready for Spring! While this is a minor release, it is bringing augmented reality to an even wider audience. Vuforia Engine 8.1 will deliver the following functionality and enhancements: Model Targets object detection improvements Ne...
  • Solution to Tap and Hold Screen to translate GameObject Hi All! Im working on an AR project and i want to translate my object around in space. I have got it working using Lean Touch (Translate) and i am able to move the object around fine, however, i want to try to simply tap and hold the screen, then phys...
  • Loading scene additively causes change in lighting Loading scene additively causes change in lighting
  • VRTK Tracked object makes locomotion stutter. Guys Ive been smashing my head for the last couple of days trying to figure this out.I want the objects to collide with static colliders and thats why Im using tracked objects.But when I pick up an object it messes with my movement, for example if I ho...
  • AR Foundation From GDC Good Morning,

    Last night I went to grab the latest AR Foundation package, but there aren't really any directions on how to connect to the remote for iPhone devices. Does anyone have any good directions on this? My biggest problem with a lot of the new stuff shown is that the directions and implementations are always missing crucial steps, and people just have to figure it out.