• Oculus Audio Mirroring (Found bug) Hi, we need to make sure our application can produce sound through the Oculus and the speakers simultaneously. Oculus recently added an "Audio Mirroring" option to its settings window. You just set the speakers to your default audio device i...
  • Can’t compile for iOS I can't compile for iOS.

    Can't compile for iOS
  • where i can find work-will sample code or tutorial for beginner? I am start from this page: Getting Started with Vuforia in Unity 2017.2: but when i get this step: Adding digital assets i can not understand this lin...
  • Load prefab in GroundPlane I'm working on a school AR project. I tried to load a prefab in runtime but for some reason the model didn't show on the emulator. I tried to modify the Deploy Stage Once script to load prefab dynamically but it didn't work, eventhough the prefab was loaded in Ground Plane Stage (look Hierarchy). Can somebody give me some advice, please? Thank you.
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  • How best to test VR when not always using a VR headset? Hi all, Just got myself an Oculus Go and can really see the potential of this thing. I have successfully deployed a sample app to the device but it has occurred to me that whilst developing a game if I need to deploy to the VR device each time then t...
  • Converting regular FPSController camera into VR Oculus Rift Camera I am having a little trouble transitioning already made games into VR. I have a game that is a simple Raycast shooter (Using Unity's LetsTryShooter package) and with the mouse and keyboard, the game works great. However, when I try to simply check off the project settings (player>virtual reality supported) the camera allows me to look around, however the mouse still controls where the player moves.

    In a simpler example, say I am moving forward by holding W, when I move the mouse, the player...

    Converting regular FPSController camera into VR Oculus Rift Camera
  • Cannot Look Around on Mobile Hello! I am trying to build a VR app for android and iOS but I cannot manage to make it work properly. I am using Unity 2018.1.02f on Windows 10 with the latest GVR SDK (1.130.1) and it works well when testing it on the computer, but when trying to t...
  • vr project product search hi I am a small indie game dev, and me and a friend are making a cool vr project. The 3d world is made out of arts and crafts materials, like cardboard, paint, and so on. Anywho, Because of this art style water does not fit into our world, so I came up...
  • Laser not detecting collision with anything. Hello, I just starting developing with the Google VR SDK and I've been having an issue with my laser going right through objects. I don't think it's necessary to post screenshots of my components as I have copied the components from the demo scenes and altered the color of the laser, but my laser and reticle just appear to go right through any object. I would like for it to detect collision and for the reticle to appear on top of the object for the player to see. I'm using the newest Unity...

    Laser not detecting collision with anything.
  • SteamVR Beta and Unity native inputs issue (?) I'm posting here to keep track and discuss this issue.
    The newest SteamVR Beta introduce input remapping feature, i really doubt that it is a good idea but that's another topic. Yesterday i returned to work on an XR project and all of a sudden my controls didn't respond to any button, only tracking. I took a deep breath and realised i got same results with my other projects too !
    It is to note that i only tested it in editor and 2017.3.1f1, using Vive Pre.
    I rely on Unity native input class,...

    SteamVR Beta and Unity native inputs issue (?)
  • How to reskin or add material to LocalAvatar hands? I've seen many VR games where your hands are re-skinned to look like robot hands or other materials (see the hands:

    Mine are the default translucent blue. How can I go about changing the material on the hands? I've tried adding a Mesh, then adding a material through the UI. I've also tried changing settings in the shaders themselves, nothing seems to make a difference. Any tips or clues are appreciated!
  • Placing 3D Marker coming from Co-ordinates over Ground Hello, I am working over Augmented Reality application. I am using Firebase to store the Coordinates (Latitude and Longitude) over Firebase and using in Unity app, and showing it as 2D or 3D Markers. Issue : - My Project is related to Pipes, Water ...
  • Moving the [CameraRig] Hey everyone,

    I finally got my player movement working properly, using the touchpads. But now I can't seem to change the position of the .
    Currently I'm trying to update it's position to match the players position.

    My player movement:

    Emtpy GameObject, attached a Rigidbody, Capsule Collider and my PlayerMovement script to it.

    I move this GameObject using the touchpad on the controller, and I rotate it by making the GameObject match my controller's Y rotation.

    If I parent the...

    Moving the
  • Unity wrapper – Google Tesseract OCR Hi all,

    I've come across quite a number of users here unable to find a quality OCR plug-in for Unity projects.
    At DesignSpark (part of engineering distributor - RS Components), an Augmented Reality app (iOS & Android) to discover RS product 3D models was released as a 'closed beta' this September 2017:
    This app requires the user to point their device's rear camera at a manufacturer part number,...

    Unity wrapper - Google Tesseract OCR
  • Oculus Go Controller Disappears My Oculus Go controller works fine at the home screen, but when I go to open the app I built to it, I can no longer see it. It was working earlier today and Im not sure if theres a setting that I messed up.