• Difference between ARKit plugin, artoolkit/arunity5, and ARinterface Hey guys, I have downloaded and been using ARKit plugin from bitbucket. However I came across artoolkit/arunity5 from GitHub and was wondering whats the difference between the two? Also I found the experimental A...
  • UnityXR Controller Vibration Is there anyway to trigger vibrations on a controller via UnityXR? I have built a VR rig from scratch using XR and the Input Manager so that I could remove OpenVR and OVR plugins from my project.

    Looking through UnityXR's references I don't see anyway this is currently possible.

    Am I wrong? Is this a planned feature?



    Sorry I found this right after I posted. Bad googling on my part. Glad its being worked on though. The vibration and HMD user present sensors are the only...

    UnityXR Controller Vibration
  • Tight coupling between Unity and packages like Vuforia is a bad practice Generally it is a good design practice to stick to a clear goal and a set of basic and well tested functions for any application. Unity is no different and the tight integration of Unity with tools like Vuforia does not seem to be a good idea to me. De...
  • Accessing Mirage Solo Sd Card Hello, We are trying to access the Mirage Solo SD Card with no luck. We can detect the SD card and detect the android and odd folders. We just want to be able to read an image from the root of the sd card. Any ideas? Thanks!
  • the camera of the oculus rift player prefab moves out of the rigidbody?? i have the oculus rift player prefab in my scene. when i move around in real life in front of the sensor, the camera moves but the player holds the same position. so when i walk into a wall in game, i can move through the wall. how can i keep the camer...
  • HoloLens and Power BI charts display Hello, I want to visualize Power BI charts in my HoloLens app. Do you know if there is any web browser for Unity compatible with HoloLens that can display a Power BI report in 2D? Thanks.
  • Track environment for VR in real time? The idea is to convert an office with objects such as desks, etc into a VR environment, but the problem is how do you track real life objects in real time so I never collide and the starting position of VR player doesn't matter.

    In other words is there a way to actually map your environment in real time to VR so there are no collisions?

    I am guessing that I need to use sensors like cameras, etc to map the environment?

    If I built the exact model of my office, how do I ensure that when I...

    Track environment for VR in real time?
  • Arkit Start Alignment Issue Hello everyone, i have a problem with the Start Alignment option from the Arkit plugin. I want to set the arkit orientation using the values given by the compass device in order to obtain an absolute world orientation. So, i have selected the option ...
  • Getting the size/Distance of the detected wall using ARCore, How? I want to get the size of the detected wall or any surface, get the dimensions in meters without placing any game object over detected plane. Please help
  • Playing H265 360 Videos in Unity Hello, I am working on a Unity Gear VR Project, and I have to play a 360 Video in the project. The video is encoded in H265 Video format and when I import the file in Unity, I get the error. Error Message : WindowsVideoMedia error 0xc00d5212 The sa...
  • Post-Processing Effects I'm trying to apply some post-processing effects to my game for Daydream. The applied effects appear on the editor, but not on the device.

    Any tips?
  • How to display text just on the monitor, but not in the VR HMD? The screen on my monitor will still show what the HMD is showing, but there's an additional text shown just on the monitor. Anyone know how can i achieve this?

  • [SOLVED] Issue with rendering. Looks good in editor, lots of artifact in build. Hi, Im bringing a game I did for Windows mixed reality. I want to bake lights and shadows in each scene so it runs better, but I'm having issues with baked GI. I am using subtractive lighting mode with mixed directional light. In the editor everything looks good, when I build the apk, there is a lot of artifact that moves when camera (head) is moving. I also enabled generate lightmap uv on each model I am using in that scene.

    This is what I see when I run the apk....

    Issue with rendering. Looks good in editor, lots of artifact in build.
  • Login in Non VR Mode and use app on VR mode Hello,
    I am developing a VR application where I would the user to do a login on a non VR screen (so he can easily type his username/password), and then seitch to VR so he can have the full experience.

    Trying to use XRSettings.enabled doesn't seem to work.

    Any suggestions on how to do that?
  • Lightfield in VR Hi All, is there a way to render a Lightfield in Unity with Oculus or Vive? thanks