• Hololens and the new Shader Graph Hi, I was wondering if the new Shader Graph in Unity 2018.1 will work in Hololens? I am unable to compile the project for Hololens if I start a new project in any template mode but 3D? Am I missing something or is it how it should be? Thanks, A Unity User
  • WebXR Weekend Challenge 29 June – July 1, 2018 – 680 Folsom, San Francisco, CA 94107 Are you interested in designing and developing immersive web based applications? Are you a coder or non-coder with a great idea that uses web based virtual or augmented reality technology? WebXR Weekend Challenge is a 48 hour contest for expanding w...
  • SteamVR, Canvases, RenderTextures, Oh My I have an existing (traditional display) scene I'm trying to create in the Vive. In the traditional scene, there are two cameras: the main camera and a second "effects" camera attached to it. The second effects camera captures a similar view to the main camera. The effects camera runs what it captures (a few objects and a camera-space canvas) though a bunch of shaders, including one that crops to a region of interest, and then ultimately out to a RenderTexture. That mostly transparent...

    SteamVR, Canvases, RenderTextures, Oh My
  • Unity beta 5.4.0f2 “OpenVR failed initialization “ Hi there!

    I get this error message every time I open Unity with Virtual Reality enabled
    I'm using Unity beta 5.4.0f2 (Unity Free)

    I works with a DK2 and Oculus enabled, but not with a Vive and OpenVR.
    I saw this post on the steampowered...

    Unity beta 5.4.0f2 "OpenVR failed initialization "
  • SkyBox bug Hi! We are faced with the problem of the periodic disappearance of the skybox(typically on one frame). This behavior creates a nasty artifact. This problem occurs only on Samsung s8 with Snapdragon. On the version with Exynos all ok. Could you tell ...
  • Project building but not deploying on VS 2018 for HoloLens with Unity Hey, I have done everything that needs to be done regarding the project and player settings for my HoloLens application within Unity. I build the application successfully and open the .sln file which opens visual studio 2018. Inside VS 2018 I have se...
  • Is it possible to do AR with motion capture instead of image processing? Hello!

    We are using a motion capture system to track the position and rotation of a webcam and a small flat object. This data is then streamed to Unity where a Unity Camera follows the real webcam's pose and a 3D cube follows the pose of the other object. Finally, the webcam's output is rendered in the background using a webcamtexture.

    Ideally, when the camera is pointing at the other object, the virtual cube should match perfectly the position of the real object seen in the background...

    Is it possible to do AR with motion capture instead of image processing?
  • VuforiaBehaviour.Instance.enabled = true doesn’t automatically reinitialize trackers I'm trying to re-initialize vuforia using VuforiaBehaviour.Instance.enabled = true as has been suggested many times in this forum. However, on doing so it doesn't seem to automatically reinitialize everything else like trackers/smart terrain/etc.

    Also, the callback registered using VuforiaARController.Instance.RegisterVuforiaStartedCallback doesn't fire on re-initialization either.

    How am I supposed to properly reinitialise the vuforia and all its components?
  • Is there a way to connect to iPhone automatically with Unity remote? Hi there,

    I just got Unity remote working and it's great!
    Just wondering though, is there a way to make it automatically connect to the iphone here? It just seems I have to repeat this step every time I press play and it would be nice to just set it once.

  • Effects in AR I am currently working on a project in AR (Hololens) where we need to create a distortion effect that affects the real world around it. Currently the object's distortion is only visible when another game object is behind it. The project is proprietary so I can't share any more details about the application. Essentially i have a 3d object with a glass shader that distorts anything behind it. But when placed in the scene with no other game objects, its just invisible. Is there any way I can...

    Effects in AR
  • 5.6.1f1 : Android app thinks it’s supposed to be GearVR when it’s not VR at all I am building an app for android. When launching the app on the device, it gives me the "insert your device into your Gear VR" screen

    However, my "Virtual Reality supported" checkbox in the Player Settings is clearly disabled. I've tried every possible combination of deleting Library folder, restarting Unity, changing the app/package name, uninstalling the app, restarting the phone, restarting the app, etc, etc... and it STILL thinks it's supposed to be a Gear VR app. The app was previously...

    5.6.1f1 : Android app thinks it's supposed to be GearVR when it's not VR at all
  • File.WriteAllBytes help Hey there, I'm pretty new to coding and I'm trying to figure out how to write text files to the HoloLens.

    Got one method using the Microsoft storagefile class to work, but I'm trying to get my code running using the UnityEngine.Windows class and it doesn't seem to create a new file. I'll post both scripts below starting with the one that doesn't work.

    If anyone could explain UnityEngine.Windows.File.WriteAllBytes a bit more that'd be awesome, the documentation doesn't have a fleshed out...

    File.WriteAllBytes help
  • GvrReticlePointer not working when looking down I have a VR button in a game with Event Triggers for Pointer Enter, and Exit.
    The button works fine when it's positioned vertically in front of the player VR camera.

    But if the button is tilted over 45 degrees (in x-axis) the triggers stops responding.

    How can I place a VR button below the player for Exit or Paus a game (tilted 90 deg), using Cardboard/Daydream?

    Is the area below the player reserved for Daydream api or something?
  • Clarification on Graphics Budgets for GearVR / Oculus Go I see 100,000k polys listed as the poly limit per frame for mobile VR. Like on this page here. Is this number referring to the base poly count before stereo rendering or the total poly count after stereo rendering (double the polys)? Thanks in advanc...
  • How do I record the iPad camera for use with ARKit? I want to have the ability to record only the camera feed from the iPad for my ARKit app. How do I achieve this?
    Can I record straight from the camera?
    Can I somehow record the application but use some culling mask to hide everything for the recorder only (I don't want to have to hide the virtual objects for the user while recording)?

    I want to then be able to replay this video in the app, replacing (or just overlaying on top of) the normal webcam feed.