• Play mode not working hello, I'm trying to test windows reality mixed. I click on Play Mode and the app starts in Unity but in my headset I stay in the home/hub of the mixed reality portal.

    Settings :
    • Unity 2017.3.0f3 personal edition, tried with 2017.2.1p3, not working either.
    • Windows Universal App platform
    • holokit sdk

    Have you any idea why it isn't working ?
  • Using Mixed Reality Headset to Dev for Oculus port? Hi all I have been developing for Oculus and Vive, but need to work with client a few days a week... They would get a Mixed Headset so I wouldnt have to shlep my rig down there every 2 days... Can I dev for Oculus / will the main Camera and controllers...
  • Translating HMD Movement into Input to Move Game Object What I'm trying to do:
    Use the HMD (Samsung Odyssey in my case) as an input source to move a game object.

    Assuming a seated position, I want to take a "leaning action" (eg - with the waist acting as the pivot point, the user leans their body to the left or right) and translate that in-game to a "strafing" input.

    So when the user leans to the left, the game object will strafe left. Lean right, the game object will strafe right in an analog / joystick like fashion.

    What I don't...

    Translating HMD Movement into Input to Move Game Object
  • ArKit + VR Cardboard Hello all. I wonder if anyone has made any applications using ArKit and a VR Cardboard. I am a bit stuck and would appreciate any help or tips. I never worked with VR so I am starting to read the documentation from cardboard. Best,
  • Scan Animation and effect when scanning target image from AR camera. Hi,

    How can I show the scan animation (bar image moving up and down and particle effect as shown in most of the Vuforia videos). I have tried to find it at lot of places but didn't get it.

  • OpenGL Rendering Contexts with VR support Hello everyone,

    I am developing an Unity Plugin, which rendering core is implemented in a native rendering plugin with OpenGL. When working without VR everything works fine, but it seems that when VR is enabled, Unity passes two different OpenGL contexts for the two different eyes. I noticed, that I can't use buffers, textures etc., which I created for the left eye, for the right eye as well, even though they are generally in the same context (member variables are "synchronized" for the...

    OpenGL Rendering Contexts with VR support
  • Sudden extreme fps drop using Vive/SteamVR – controllers and plane stay visible I'm working on a project using SteamVR and the HTC Vive plus controllers.
    This morning everything worked fine. Then without any changes, software installs, restarts or anything when I run the game the following happens:
    - The default SteamVR square white plane remains visible on the floor
    - The default SteamVR controllers remain visible
    - My scene is visible too
    However, instead of a nice acceptable frame rate, the frame rate drops to about 1fps. Everything seems to work, it's just the...

    Sudden extreme fps drop using Vive/SteamVR - controllers and plane stay visible
  • Hololens – Enabled Mixed Reality Remoting – 2018.2Beta Hi,

    I posted about it on the Beta forum, but I hope that someone here could help or at least have more info.
    I built a desktop app, that on my PC can connect to the Hololens and display the content there, using the Mixed Reality Remoting Player.

    But when I install this app on another PC and Hololens, it won't connect to the Hololens, even if the other PC and the other Hololens can use the Mixed Reality Remoting in the Unity Editor for Holographic Emulation.

    Are there some steps to do in...

    Hololens - Enabled Mixed Reality Remoting - 2018.2Beta
  • Need Help! unsupport device on galaxy tab s3.. first, Galaxy tab s3 is supported ! you can find it in the list : I build a apk in unity 2018.1.0f2 , vuforia version: 7.1.31 ; the application run ok in Galaxy S6 edge...
  • university of Toronto university of Toronto
  • Vive controller position What's the recommended way to get the vive controller position now? Should i be using SteamVR plugin or is there a unity native way to do this?
    I'm not using SteamVR at the moment for the camera and it works ok. I don't know whether SteamVR is deprecated or dying, please let me know if so.

    Support for other devices isn't very high on my list right now.
  • Do not run Vufory when the application starts The problem is that Vuforia automatically turns on when the application is launched. Even when it is not necessary! How to disable and enable it only in the desired scene? It replaces the camera settings, creates BackgroundPlane and TextureBufferCamera...
  • Dịch vụ trang trí bóng bay sinh nhật giá rẻ Dịch vụ trang trí bóng bay sinh nhật giá rẻ Kool Styel được biết đến là một địa chỉ chuyên cung cấp các dịch vụ liên quan đến tổ chức sự kiện. Do vậy những dịch vụ liên quan đến trang trí bóng bay sinh nhật không bao giờ thiếu ở Kool Style được. Là m...
  • ARCore: Create Image Database at runtime build I can create an image database at runtime in the editor, but when building out to Android, I get an error stating that the functions I used no longer exist. The functions belong to ARCore. Is there a reason why the functions and members are erased on b...
  • Hololens + Azure eventhub real time data Looking for some assistance here. I have been chopping away for over a week now and seem to go in circles. I can get this to work in a none unity app no problem. setup: unity 2018.1 VS 2017 Hololens Azure account(setup to receive and transmit realt...