• Interactive Target Images I have the basic understanding of target imagery on Vuforia on Unity but I wanted to take it a step further and making the target images interactive with one another. Diagram/Reference On the diagram the red lines represent the target image being co...
  • What is the best visual quality (realistic style) you have achieved on MR headsets? I was wondering, what is the best visuals you have managed to pull for WMR going for a realistic style (i.e. for an architectural visualization) and what tips could you share with those who are interested in that output? Thank you!
  • ARCore 1.2 Image Tracking Hello, I am testing the example scene from ARCore unitypackage ( AugumentedImage ), everything works fine on Editor using Instant Preview but when I try to build and install on the phone the screen turns black. I am using an Galaxy S8. Did anyone get a...
  • 2D web browser inside Oculus App Is there a way to browse the 2D web inside of an Oculus app I am working on? So far I've only been able to find standalone apps where you can watch Netflix etc., or web browsers for desktops that let u look at 3D content. Im more interested in finding a way that I can incorporate a 2D web browser into my own VR app.
  • Device Remote never connects for HoloLens I've been running in the simulator (which is less than ideal) because my HoloLens will never connect in remote mode. Any suggestions?

    I've tried wifi with the IP and also through USB with Neither works.
  • Hololens application overwritten Hi, I am developing an application with Hololens. I finished my first step on the application, and want to keep the first version while developing the second one. I changed the application name, but the application is still overwritten whenever I do ...
  • Pitch black problem I have developed an AR application using vuforia. When I build the application to an ipad the camera doesn't seem to work but rather it is just pitch black. So instead of seeing the environment I am in through the camera the ipad screen is just pitch black. Does anyone know a solution to this issue?
  • How to change the texture for detecting planes in ARCore 1.2 Hi, I'm trying to use a different texture for the detecting planes, but with the PlaneGrid material, the texture only uses its black/white data.
    I want the material to be opaque or at least transparent with the colors from the texure and I tried using the standard material or the diffuseWithLightEstimation but it only shows a solid color.

    I know it could be done editing the ARCore PlaneGrid.shader but I have no idea about editing shaders, help me please... :confused:
  • Structure Sensor Has anyone developed anything in AR using the Structure Sensor? If so, are there any Unity related demos or tutorials?
  • Windows Mixed Reality teleporting Is there a script or prefab available for player teleporting that looks and acts like the Cliff House demo in the Mixed Reality Portal app that comes with the Windows Mixed Reality HMDs? What I have found in the Mixed Reality Toolkit on Github so far ...
  • Laser pointer and reticle out of sync when moving I'm just getting into Oculus Go development, following this guide to add a controller-linked laser pointer to the targeting reticle in the VR Samples app.

    It mostly works, except that when I turn my head, the targeting reticle and the laser pointer get out of sync. It appears that the reticle moves a little faster across the world than my laser. When I stop moving, then they sync back...

    Laser pointer and reticle out of sync when moving
  • Pausing/resuming ARCoreSession with Unity Ads I am currently using an implementation of ARCore based on the ARCore and UnityARInterface examples. To pause and resume the session, I will enable/disable the ARCoreSession component. This successfully resumes the experience with retained planes, scene...
  • Flickering jagged edges for objects in Immersive Mixed Reality Hello, I have built an app for Immersive headsets using windows Mixed reality technology. I run the app on Lenovo Explorer IHMD. Laptop is Dell Inpiron with GTX1050Ti. The issue is that on every object in the scene we get the effect of flicker and ja...
  • Camera Focus BUG, Focus is not working in IOS Vuforia: 7.0.47 [SOLVED] Unity: 2017.3.1p2 Vuforia: 7.0.47 Xcode: 9.2 Test on devices: Iphone SE, Iphone X, Iphone 6s, Iphone 8, Iphone 5. this Code not work ((( Code (csharp):   using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; using V...
  • Which Unity3D version is stable for Win8 x64 I appreciate any help since I've spent a good 2 days trying different installs to no avail.

    I have successfully developed App for Win 10 using Unity 2017.4.2f2 and installed on remote Win 10 Surface Pro 3 Device.

    -Augmented Reality
    -Multi Target
    -Multi Sound per Target

    All Successfull

    - MY GOAL ==> is to deploy for a Windows 8.1 x64 Surface Pro 2 device. Can anyone please recommend what Unity Version I can build off of for my Win 8.1 target device.

    Any help is greatly...

    Which Unity3D version is stable for Win8 x64