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  • VR interacting with ‘Objects’ to ‘Trigger’ a new scene Hello everyone,

    I have been doing a lot of research and I can't seem to figure out how to solve my problem.

    I am using the HTC VIVE, and the issue I am having is being able to pick up an Object in game, and for that Object being picked up, to trigger a new scene. The Trigger would take the 'Player' (VIVE headset player) to a new scene where a 360 video would play and bring them back to the same place after the video is done.

    Could anyone possibly help me direct me somewhere for to aid...

    VR interacting with 'Objects' to 'Trigger' a new scene
  • Best solution for VR Bưởi là một loại trái cây cực kì bổ dưỡng cho cơ thể nhờ hàm lượng vitamin và khoáng chất lớn chứa trong nó. Nhưng không chỉ đem lại giá trị từ ruột mà ngay cả lớp vỏ của bưởi cũng được người ta khai thác và đem vào sử dụng trong việc chăm sóc sắc đẹp....
  • VRTK End of Life There has been big news in the Unity VR community that Stone Fox has decided to stop developing VRTK, due to insufficient funding. This open source VR Kit has been the corner stone of the popularity of VR development in Unity. The VRTK slack channel ...
  • ARcore 1.2 Multiple anchors Hello,

    Playing with the new ARcore update, it seems fantastic! I'm a bit unsure how the update system between the two devices works though. I can put down the initial anchor point but I'm not sure how I'd do something like put down more anchor points and different prefabs dynamically so both players can see whats happening (or even just the receiver to start) if anyone has any advice on where to start I'd appreciate it.

    thanks : )
  • Vuforia 7 (ARKIT & ARCore) + iPhones Hi, I have a stupid question, but very crucial for me: Using Vuforia Fusion latest release (with ARKit and ARCore support) it runs on iPhone 6 (not 6S or plus)? Thanks
  • How to disable WebCam automatic adjusting to light exposure Hello, I was wondering if anyone had faced a problem with a webcam automatic adjusting to light exposure. I have a webcam where I to different points and the camera does some adjustments because of the light that is in the room. The problem is that I ...
  • ARcore 1.2 Cloud Anchor: Failed to host cloud anchor Hello, I'm trying to set up the new demo scene for arcore 1.2 (cloud anchor) but when running the host on one of the devices I get this error: "Failed to host cloud anchor: ErrorNotAuthorized" I've set up the API's on google cloud console (though it was my first time doing this so maybe I missed something!) If anyone could offer any ideas I'd appreciate it.

    Thanks : )
  • using Android camera for webcamTexture in Google Cardboard Hello All, i have a few question that i could not solve here. I just want to make a simple VR Apps that show images taken from my Android camera to a raw images using webcamTextures. here is the step that i follow 1. i follow the tutorial shown here: ...
  • Vuforia 7 Plane – Custom Interactive Hit Test Hello,

    I just downloaded Unity 2017.3 and trying out with the GroundPlane example from Vuforia. I understand most of it. But I just wonder how to make custom interactive hit test, the example provides an solution for detection hit result on where user's finger input. What if I want to make it return hit test result from the center of the screen? Like shooting a bullet from the center? Is it just a simple physics raycast?

    thanks in advance.

  • VR headset locks, and loading bar freezes on LoadSceneAsync I've been trying to figure this out, and have googled it for a few hours, with no solution. I have a small scene that loads, and when the user is done with it, they hit a button to load the next scene which is fairly large. When the scene starts to load, the VR headset locks up, and the progress bar I created to show the loading doesn't work. I've tried this with both single and additive loading, but nothing seems to work.

    Does anyone have any idea why it may not be working?

    I'm using...

    VR headset locks, and loading bar freezes on LoadSceneAsync
  • Loading ARKIT scene causes flickering Hey there, I am new to Unity so please bear with me. I made my first AR app in Unity 2017 with the latest ARKIT from the asset store, and everything is working great. When I run it on any IOS device, the screen flickers when I load in the ARKit scen...
  • VRTK v4 – officially announced. Just heard some great news, from thestonefox (via slack) that a version 4 of VRTK is official and has just begun development. Having received a grant for funding, development of VRTK has begun and I believe a 6month cycle is expected. A main aim was ...
  • FPS Navigation Method Hey there Unity Mixed Reality Devs. I'm in the early stages of creating a large, fully explorable virtual world that will act as a testbed for my VR development. So far I've been sticking to using the standard Teleporting technique for navigating long range, and I'm not a huge fan of it.

    Has anyone tried using the Motion Controller joystick as a sort of WASD style FPS control? Is there a good method for implementing this? I've tried parenting the Mixed Reality Camera to an FPS Input...

    FPS Navigation Method
  • Vuforia Loses Tracking Of Ground Planes Hello!

    I'm working on a scene that uses ground planes that the user can place down and apply an image from their phone gallery onto the ground plane. When the user opens their phone's gallery to select a picture, it puts the Unity app in the background and the tracking is broken when the app resumes. When the user resumes, all the ground planes in the scene move with the camera instead of staying in place.

    Of course the app won't keep tracking when it is in the background, but is there a...

    Vuforia Loses Tracking Of Ground Planes