• [Tutorial] Augmented Reality Game Development with Unity and Vuforia Hey everyone,

    We've just released this new tutorial for our blog.

    Hope you find it useful - let us know what you think!
  • Oculus Go and Unity Unbind failed Error Hi, I'm trying to migrate a GearVr project to an OculusGo project, but in migration there are problems loading the resources when the application is running.

    I ran the following command in adb to see the logs:

    adb logcat -s Unity ActivityManager PackageManager dalvikvm DEBUG

    and these are the results that gave me:

    06-12 19:41:03.193 1024 1037 E ActivityManager: Sending non-protected broadcast from system...

    Oculus Go and Unity Unbind failed Error
  • Getting the notion of head-neutral-forward from the OVRPlayerController I'm using the OVRPlayerController in the Oculus devkit.

    View attachment 282802

    How can I get the notion of what the VR device thinks is currently "head neutral forward?"

    The root transform above as well as the ForwardDirection transform above all seem to slave left/right along with the turning of my head.

    What I want is something that I can affix part of my body to, for instance a pair of skis: I want those skis to not turn when I gaze around and I don't see any easy way to get...

    Getting the notion of head-neutral-forward from the OVRPlayerController
  • Shadermaterial not showing – only on other gameobjects I tried the VR Sample Scene with the LWR - pipline. I have added a script where I add a mesh, but it is only showing on the other materials but not on the "ground" or in the "air" As we are all new to the LWR.. I hope someone can h...
  • Parts of objects appear in 2D Guide View Hello all-

    I've been using the Model Target Generator to generate targets for my app for iOS. For the most part, it's been pretty straight forward, but I do have an issue where parts of models that are suppose to appear once the object is recognized are showing up in the 2D Guide view. Has anyone else come across this issue? Were you able to figure out what's going on? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • How to get “Vuforia License Key” from any Vuforia application [HACK] How to fix? Hello Vuforia Community.

    I'm engaged in information security, and found a way to get the "Vuforia License Key" from any application using Vuforia.

    1. Download "DevX Unity Unpacker"
    2. Download any Android (APK) application using Vuforia.
    3. Click "Open as APK,Obb,XAPK file(android)" and open APK file.
    4. Find "VuforiaConfiguration.asset"
    5. You see the unencrypted license key...

    This is a very Critical bad Bug...
    I want to protect my applications. How to do it?
  • OVROverlay causes Unsupported Texture Format 0x1b errors Hi,

    I've asked this question in the Oculus forums, and made a Unity bug report, but posting here as well in an attempt to get more info on when a fix could be available for Unity 2017.4.x.

    Basically when using OVROverlay with Unity 2017.4.x the engine throws 3 instances of the error below per texture used:
    "Unsupported texture format 0x1B
    (Filename: C:\buildslave\unity\build\Runtime/GfxDevice/d3d11/TranslateD3D11.cpp Line: 308)"

    The error is thrown for both cubemaps and quad overlays....

    OVROverlay causes Unsupported Texture Format 0x1b errors
  • SetVREnabledOnTargetGroup / not always working / Cardboard issue Hi all,

    I am attempting to switch Virtual Reality SDKs from an editor script, due to support for different platforms; for example:

    Code (CSharp):
    2. UnityEditorInternal.VR.VREditor.SetVREnabledOnTargetGroup(androidTG, true);
    3. UnityEditorInternal.VR.VREditor.SetVREnabledDevicesOnTargetGroup(androidTG, new string { "Cardboard"});
    Now, the first issue is that this doesn't work in every case; i.e. sometimes the enabled device simply does not change (for example from Oculus to Cardboard)....

    SetVREnabledOnTargetGroup / not always working / Cardboard issue
  • HoloToolKit & MathNet.Numerics conflict Hi guys,

    I'm currently developing an application on the Hololens using the HoloToolKit. I wanted to go further and decided to use MathNet.Numerics package. Everything was working perfectly on "play mode", but I tried to build it, and I've got those errors :

    - Assets\Packages\HoloToolKitPackages\HoloToolkit\Input\Scripts\Utilities\MicrophoneHelper.cs(65,52): error CS1983: The return type of an async method must be void, Task or Task<T>

    HoloToolKit & MathNet.Numerics conflict
  • SteamVr plugin showing blue gradient background… (Vive) I came back to an old project and with my horror I discovered that the camera was not working after the latest update. It always showed a green/bluish background gradient.
    Controllers can't be seen in the HMD but in the unity scene all the CameraRig gameobjects are there and move accordingly.
    I tried everything I could think of, and later I tought I messed with some project configs, so I closed everything and started a blank new project just to look if it could work .
    I Reimported the latest...

    SteamVr plugin showing blue gradient background... (Vive)
  • Disable Cardboard view before Main menu of Unity App Hello, I am working on a Unity Project, where my first screen will be Non VR main menu screen. Upon clicking on one particular button from main menu, it goes for VR Cardboard version. Issue: When I open the app, it first opens the cardboard view an...
  • Students Taking Field Trips thru Virtual Reality In my World Geography classroom, we study many places around the world. The virtual reality system, Google Expeditions, would allow my students to take "field trips" to these places. Since I don't have this system, I am utilizing a non-profit crowd funding site called Donorschoose. I have set up a proposal that outline what I am wanting and how it will benefit my students. Please take a look at this proposal and consider donating any amount. Here is the link:...

    Students Taking Field Trips thru Virtual Reality
  • Best way to handtracking? Hi there people, I'm on a proyect and we maybe woud need to make a VR hand tracking for GVR.

    I've seen a lot of practices but I'm confused, so I'd like to open a discusion, which way to make handtracking for GVR on android is the best?
  • build problem vr lenovo Good morning, everyone.
    I'm a French student in a video game school.
    I have a problem to build my game.
    I use 2017 3.0f3. This is a game using vr lenovo helmet.
    I can do a build but I don't have an.exe or equivalent for vr.
    Cf the folder created after a build
    Somebody's got an idea.
  • Thin line where the 360 degree image is joining I am trying to build simple 360 degree photo viewer using Skybox/Panoramic shader. However there is this line that i couldn't find anything about. It goes from up center to bottom. Any idea how to remove it?
    Thanks in advance