• How can I get a spotlight to follow the reticle? I'm trying to attach a spotlight (to act as a torch/flashlight) to my player's controller, and I want it to always shine exactly where the pointer/reticle is, like in the image below from the editor (the spotlight in the centre with the white dot representing the pointer/mouse).

    When I attach the spotlight to the controller (to act like the Daydream controller is the light source), the spotlight doesn't line up as expected with the laser and dot. I've tried making the light a child of the...

    How can I get a spotlight to follow the reticle?
  • Can i show two cameras on one camera? Hi there, i'm trying to show two cameras (VR Camera and Non VR Camera) on one camera(VR Camera).
    At the same time ,i need VR camera is showing Non VR Camera. Like Z-index in CSS.
    i'm setting Player settings value - Virtual reality Supported : checked , and platform is UWP(Universal windows platform).
    and One camera(VR Camera) depth value is '-1' and target eye is 'both' , another camera(Non VR Camera) depth value is '0' and target eye is 'none(Main Display)'
    if i change Viewport Rect value,...

    Can i show two cameras on one camera?
  • Fading up scene geometry as a post process Im trying to fade up the scene geometry when I have established tracking. (as a nice user experience effect) I create a post process shader but it seems the input texture is the entire composited scene (objects + image from device camera). That is to b...
  • ARKit Remote Connection Error: SerializationException: Unable to find assembly Hi, I am working on the Unity project with: - .NET 4.6 Experimental and could not downgrade to older version. - Unity version 2017.4.0f1 - ARKit 1.5 And when using ARKit Remote Connect to connect with Editor. Have this bug: Code (CSharp): Seria...
  • Does Cloth not work in AR?!! I have a scene using the cloth component attached to a plane and some capsule colliders. When I preview my scene in the player, the cloth is affected by gravity and folds around the capsules. But once I move my cloth and capsules under the ground plane stage the plane is rigid. As if the ground plane stage won't allow the cloth component to function.

    Is this a limitation with Vuforia and the Ground Plane detection, or am I doing something wrong?

  • scale of objects calculated according to the screen How to maintain the calculated scale of objects calculated according to the screen size of the device? I would like to make a process that suits any mobile device on which the app was installed. That is, I need a way to identify the size of the device screen and calculate the scale of the object to be represented in augmented reality. Does anyone know if it is possible? Can someone help me? I'm using arcore, but I also use vuforia.
  • proportion of objects in augmented reality If I have a specific size and would like the ratio to remain on the screen, regardless of the screen size used, how to keep the proportion of objects in augmented reality on different screen sizes of mobile devices?
  • ARKit 3d object tracking With the current unity integration of ARKit, is there support for 3D object tracking the native SDK allows for scanning and detecting of 3d objects and I would like to...
  • Camera doesn’t work in Mac and PC Vuforia apps Hi,

    I have a Mac and a Windows app, and on both platforms the player has a black screen. When running in the editor it works great! But when I build an app, the cameras don't get called on either platform.

    I've tried building with the native environment on both Windows and Mac, and I'm kinda stumped at this point.

  • What determines the viewer scale with monoscopic 360 video? Hi,
    If any clever clogs could help me out with this that'd be awesome.
    So, basically when i watch monoscopic 360 downloaded from youtube i always feel like i am about human size.
    I want to record some 360 video (from real life) as if it's from the point of view of something smaller, e.g. a cat. Obviously i can put the camera close to the ground but that doesn't help. I still feel human size. If it was stereoscopic of course i could place the eyes closer together but i feel like there's...

    What determines the viewer scale with monoscopic 360 video?
  • Problem with camera in VR I need to be able to change the FOV of a camera at runtime, and this camera is not rendering to the eye targets. The camera's target eye property is set to "None (Main Display)" in the editor. However, I am encountering this error when I try to modify this non-VR camera:

    Cannot set field of view on camera with name 'Camera (main display)' while VR is enabled.
    UnityEngine.Camera:set_fieldOfView(Camera, Single)

    Why is changing the FOV forbidden for all cameras, just because...

    Problem with camera in VR
  • ARKit is causing the Android IL2cpp build to break Hi,

    I recently integrated ARKit into my project and it seems to have broken the Android IL2cpp build of the game. The mono build works fine. I tried integrating ARKit into a new project and the Android IL2cpp build is broken there as well.

    I'm on Unity 2017.2

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    Here is the error output:
    Failed running /Applications/Unity/ --convert-to-cpp --emit-null-checks --enable-array-bounds-check...

    ARKit is causing the Android IL2cpp build to break
  • How to use Shader Forge shaders in older Unity version? Is there a way to use shaders made in Shader Graph (sorry for the typo in the title) in older versions of Unity? Can I recompile those shaders somehow into code of standard shaders, or is there any other way? Thank you!
  • Unity 2018.1.3f1 ( Lightweight pipeline project) doesn’t support Vuforia? I need to use ShaderGraph to create shaders for Vuforia app.

    Does Unity 2018.1.3f1 projects which use Lightweight pipeline and ShaderGraph support Vuforia?
    It seems to be so, but when I test it I can't see anything over the marker (though it works in older Unity 2017).

    Thank you!
  • Fog in ARKit Hi all,

    I'm obviously misunderstanding the ver essence of how fog works but would it be possible to add a fog effect in ARKit?

    I have tried post processing stack and through the lighting window, and pretty much tweaked every setting but it doesn't show on my phone.

    I kind of expected to have a haze I could walk into when I launched my test app but I'm guessing it doesn't quite work like this. Could someone explain it to me, if its even possible? Do you have to have an object (plane) for...

    Fog in ARKit