• PicoVR Goblin: how to flip Unity splash logo upside down at boot with personal edition ? Hello, I'm using the personal edition of Unity.
    At boot, I have the Unity splash logo but the problem is that on Pico Goblin it's upside down.
    The support told me that when showing the splash image, the Pico SDK is not initialized to take effect, that is why the Unity logo is showed upside down at boot.
    The support told me to disable it and make my own logo but of course it's not possible with personal edition so how can I workaround this problem to display this logo correctly ?
    Thanks !
  • 360 viewer zoom problem (freelookcam) Hello everyone, I´m working on a simple 360 panorama viewer (right now for pc, but later if it works i would like to modify it for oculus go) but i have some problems to add a zoom function here. After creating a 360 spheremap I assigned it as textur...
  • Error called “VideoPlayer cannot play” in 2018.1.1f1 Hi everyone!

    I'm having a problem called "VideoPlayer cannot play" with only this one line and no other information in Unity 3d 2018.1.1f1. I'm making a 360 video player in Unity, and using videoplayer script on a sphere. When I upgraded from a 2017 version to 2018 ver, I'm constantly getting this error notification for like, 20 seconds per one notification for all the time, and I can't find a way to solve it.
    Below are the libraries I'm using (LSL is another plugin
    using System.Linq;

    Error called "VideoPlayer cannot play" in 2018.1.1f1
  • Struggle trying to understand Google SDK Hello all, I've recently started to try and pickup how to develop VR for systems like Cardboard or Daydream in Unity.
    I downloaded the latest Google SDK and went through the demo scenes and some tutorials, but it seems that most tutorials are outdated and I couldn't find anywhere with a clear documentation of how it works and how is it supposed to be implemented - the official docs weren't clear enough for me - or any easy to understand snippets (maybe the problem is with me?).

    I managed to...

    Struggle trying to understand Google SDK
  • NetXr – a free, input device agnostic, networked, vr interaction library Hi, I have been working on a research project for over a year, which required a networked library for interactions in VR. The research project is a collaborative environment to create music in virtual reality. A video of our first concert can be watch...
  • Vuforia Forum Broken… Hey Vuforia, the product quality is spreading to the official developer forum View attachment 281219 ​Or is it only me? Or is the unity-vuforia forum preferred? Oh man...
  • Tutorial to Integrate VR Ads: How to Monetize Mobile VR Games and Experiences with Immersv.
  • Controller Time.timeScale bug FIX Few days ago I posted a thread about this bug. It's about the controller not working properly when Time.timeScale is set to 0. The controller isn't visible if Time.timeScale i 0 from the start, it doesn't interact with UI and tooltips are invisible. I managed to fix this by making following changes:
    In GvrLaserVisual.cs replace
    Code (CSharp):
    1. return lerpSpeed > 0.0f ? lerpSpeed * Time.deltaTime : 1.0f;
    Code (CSharp):
    1. return lerpSpeed > 0.0f ? lerpSpeed * Time.unscaledDeltaTime :...
    Controller Time.timeScale bug FIX
  • Can I use Mixed Reality Toolkit with Unity 5.6.0 I have been developing things with the Hololens using Unity 5.6.0. (I had big and unsolved problems trying to use Unity 2017.1- Could not find a solution so uninstalled it) Now I would like to try the Mixed Reality Toolkit. I have not read how to do i...
  • ARCore Instant Preview didn’t work after click RUN I connected Pixel 2 with my Mac, after I clicked RUN, nothing happened on Pixel 2. There should be ARCore Instant Preview show up on the phone...

    For Pixel 2, debugging is on, and Unity side, InstatPreview and ARCore is enabled.

    Here is the error message:

    Trying to install Instant Preview apk but reference to InstantPreview.apk is broken. Couldn't find an asset with .meta file guid=cf7b10762fe921e40a18151a6c92a8a6

    ARCore Instant Preview didn't work after click RUN
  • Trees in VR Has anybody settled on a successful solution for quality trees in VR with Unity?

    The SpeedTree/Unity solution is generally a train-wreck in the first place, but is even worse in VR.

    Unity's native terrain trees work pretty well, but the billboards face the camera and look really strange when the user rotates his head.

    What is everybody else using? Any good tips?

  • Google ARCore and carboard combine gives build failure issue i am using AR core in my unity app. Its working great but when i add google cardboard sdk with AR core sdk it gaves me build failure issue. Both working fine seprately but combined gaves build failure issue. Any solution ???
  • any plugin available for Web viewer or Browser for hololens Hi,

    I am looking for a plugin to open a web browser inside my unity application in Hololens.
    But i couldn't find anything in the asset store, if anyone know plugin for web browser or html viewer kindly let me know.

  • UGUI mask doesn’t work in vr when i use v r sup pout(include cardboard),U GUI mask doesn't after i build in my phone.if i don't select v r support,mask work unity version is 5.6.4 and unity 2018.1
  • What’s your thought about EasyAR? I've been wondering why EasyAR doesn't get much mentions anywhere in this forum, while technically it blows Vuforia in terms of price.

    EasyAR allows you to use image tracking and other features for free and without watermarks, contrast to Vuforia which limits you to certain amount of installs (cmiiw). Also EasyAR doesn't need you to use online service to generate tracking data from images, just set a path to local image target on your project and that's it.

    I've tested their sample app and...

    What's your thought about EasyAR?