• Phone Flashlight not working with Vuforia I used the Vuforia code CameraDevice.Instance.SetFlashTorchMode(true) but it always return false (and never turns the flashlight on), but my phone (iPhone SE) has flashlight and even a lantern functionality, and I couldn't find any documentation that explains this happens or how to fix it.

    I didn't configure anything before calling that piece of code, I just called it. Maybe there is some initialisation required? Something like var vuforia = Vuforia.Init() or anything like...

    Phone Flashlight not working with Vuforia
  • Scriptable render pipeline with the Hololens Hey, I wanted to try out the new Scriptable render pipeline with the Hololens. But i unfortunatly run into some Problems. The first Problem was easy to fix: I had to change the Skripting Backend from .net to IL2CPP. But as it seems that .net is disco...
  • Does Unity natively support Vive controller position tracking through the XR commands? If so, please explain the minimum steps necessary to print Vive controller tracking data to the console. I've tried everything I can think of, but it just isn't working and there's no comprehensive explanation anywhere.

    If not, how long will it be until this is supported?
  • finally picked up a windows mixed reality headset( under 300 bucks) as the titles stated I finally picked up a windows mixed reality headset. I'm surprised with the quality of the headset for under 300 dollars. i'm looking forward to experimenting with development.
  • Vuforia on Unity 2018.1.0f2. Webcam not available Hello everyone! My name is Vandor and recently I have started using Unity and Vuforia. Found some nice tutorials online, followed the instructions, started them but when I want to play an application I stumble upon an error. On the left bar of the I...
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 (2013) Vuforia 7 + Unity 2017.3 Hello, I have an app with Vuforia 7 in Unity 2017.3 that is showing a black screen instead of the device front camera feed in a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10 (GT-P5210) with Android 4.4. The following error log appears: E/Unity (27321): Exception in call...
  • How to record gameplay or screen with Vuforia? Hello there,

    Recently I started using Vuforia and everything is pretty straightforward, very easy to use. I am making a filter app for Instagram, snapchat etc. I want to record my screen, similar to instagram/snapchat stories, is there a way of doing that? I couldn't find anything on google.
  • None VR mode to Cardboard in iOS Hello I have a problem no matter the version of unity or googleVR SDK I try in order to create a VR app for iOS, when I change from none VR mode to Cardboard and load the next scene, the performance decrease a lot and I get a lot of jitter. But if I st...
  • VRTK Controller Tooltips not working on Vive I'm using VRTK with the Vive. In the demo scene provided in the examples folder, the controller tooltips are working as intended. When I recreate the tooltips in another scene, the tool tips are not showing properly. I'm only seeing the default text with the blue background with no lines pointing to the controller.

    Old video example of what I'm trying to do

    and here is the...

    VRTK Controller Tooltips not working on Vive
  • Help with Oculus and Unity integration Hello!
    I'm currently developing a first person adventure for PC, I want to integrate VR support, but I only own the Oculus DK1, and it seems that it got a little bit outdated from all plugins.

    Is there anything that I can do? I don't know, maybe I could use some Cardboard plugin (because the DK1 doesn't includes any tracking besides the gyroscope).

    I really appreciate your help!
  • Vuforia Linear Color space Hey, Vuforia Team...
    we're toying around with Unity 2018.1 and saw that Linear color space is not supported anymore, which is crucial for our development. So PLEASE change this so we can use it. Otherwise we can't update on 2018.1 :/

    I know that Linear color space wasn't officially supported but it works more than fine for us. We managed to get optimal results using LUT and even without it... please let your customers decide which way they want to develop their apps.


    Vuforia Linear Color space
  • Oculus Go not showing up in adb 🙁 Ok, please just tell me what I'm doing wrong.

    I enabled developer mode in the oculus app, approved it on device, I installed the android skd and the oculus go adb drivers, but when I try to build and run in unity it says "No Android devices connected". When i do "adb devices", it gives me an empty list. If I connect my developer-enabled Android phone (same usb-port, same cable) it shows up in "adb devices" just fine.

    What am I missing? :(
  • Can I see the binocular VR view in the Unity editor or standalone? I want to view a 3D scene on my laptop so it would look something like this: Is there some setting I can turn on in Unity to do this? (Or maybe some asset or shader I can download to view this?) Then I could just put the Google Cardboard directly o...
  • Vive Controller – trigger stops working I am using the trigger switch on a Vive controller. Works fine until it doesn't... sometimes it just stops responding to the trigger. The controller itself is fine, I draw a debug ray and it moves around etc.

    Any reason trigger would just stop working? Restarting SteamVR fixes it, (restarting Unity does not fix it) but I'm hoping there's something I can do in code to either prevent it or fix it when it happens.
  • ARKit development on Windows Hi,

    I'm completely unfamiliar with iOS development and am trying to determine whether it is possible to built iOS apps that use the ARKit SDK using a Windows machine exclusively. I've read conflicting and confusing information. I understand that typically, XCode is used to actually build the project, and that is Mac-only. Is this the only option? Is a Mac required or is there a stable solution that would allow me to continue using my Windows workstation?

    Thank you,