• Virtual Reality Splash Image Hello, i am working with the HTC Vive and the Unity Personal 2017.4.3f1 version. I am trying to build my application with a custom splash image for virtual reality. My custom splash image works fine. The only question i have is, is it possible to ch...
  • ARKit Face anchor orientation Hey I just noticed the face anchor orientation is rotated 90° at runtime, is that normal? Thanks, Pete
  • 180 vs 360 + Lenovo’s Mirage Camera Hi - Wondering if anyone has used the Lenovo Mirage 180 stereoscopic camera and how they used the footage in Unity (skybox?).
    In general how do people feel about 180 vs 360 vs mono/stereoscopic.

    It would be great if this could start a discussion between the 'formats' and how good they work with unity :)
  • How to attach and detach real tracked objects to hands Hi,

    I am using Leap Motion to track player hands and also Vive Trackers for real objects which player is able to pick up and use. The issue here that Leap Motion hands don't fully match real hands and also they have some tracking issues periodically and sometimes loose tracking. So it looks weird when the player holds real objects in real hands but there are no virtual hands or they don't match e.g. grip a little bit.

    I want to attach virtual object grip of the real tracked object to the...

    How to attach and detach real tracked objects to hands
  • Virtual Reality Spectator Screen If you've ever wanted to be a Virtual Reality (VR) Spectator (from a third-person perspective) while others are interacting with a VR environment (from a first-person perspective), then Unreal Engine 4's (UE4) VR Spectator Screen is the ideal feature for you. While running the VR Spectator Screen, you'll be able to observe other players with your computer monitor (or television), which is valuable when you're gathering feedback on an immersive VR experience.
  • web browser in your VR app Hello All,
    I'm looking at implementing a web browser in my mobile app (gearVR/oculusGO) , is there any way of importing the oculus web browser into a custom app or what would the best method be to create one from scratch. I'm not looking for rendering to texture methods but something that can support a proper browser functionality (js, html5, etc) and playback videos, FB, etc.
    Any thoughts, pointers would be much appreciated .
  • Motion controller teleportation source Hello,

    I'm building an app for Windows Mixed Reality VR, using motion controllers. Currently I'm set up with Holotoolkit's default thumbstick teleportation mechanic, which works, but it defaults to using gaze, and then allows you to switch which controller you use to teleport by clicking the trigger. I'd like to have the teleportation default to one of the controllers and then stay there, but I can't figure out where in the Holotoolkit code that's being determined. Anyone here have...

    Motion controller teleportation source
  • Vrtk for daydream? Has anyone got VRTK to work with daydream? Any thing you had to differently from the instructions on the VRTK website? I keep running into errors and I'm starting to wonder if it's even worth the time to figure out what's going wrong....I'd like to play around with their versions of locomotion.
  • Video intro in AR project Hello Everyone! Would you please advise me how to correctly play a video file intro before all scenes in game? I want to play an intro video in my app. The problem is: when I set my ARCamera in Camera render mode in Video Player component, then I bui...
  • VR, Raymarching, Graphics.blit and custom render textures Hello everyone :)
    I'm actually working on implementing some raymarching in VR to be displayed and blend over the actual scene.
    The raymarching itself is working well in VR. I render the raymarching image into a custom render texture (2 actually, one for each eye), during update, and then mix theses with the actual scene, calling Graphics.blit() during OnRenderImage().

    For very high framerate (>120 fps) it works well.
    For lower but acceptable framerate ( 90 fps), which I'm targeting, the...

    VR, Raymarching, Graphics.blit and custom render textures
  • Is Teleportation still available in the latest GVR SDK( 1.130.1) ? Hi Everyone I recently tried to integrate the latest GVR SDK for a quick exploratory demo for our studio . I wanted to use the Teleportation system that was in older GVR versions to kind of demo Teleportation functionality without writing it but I notice in the latest GVR SDK ( 1.130.1 .) doesn't seem to have any references to Teleportation at all is there a reason for this? Perhaps I should just roll back to an earlier version of the GVR SDK ? Thanks for any and all info !

    This is the...

    Is Teleportation still available in the latest GVR SDK( 1.130.1) ?
  • Creating a Null Camera Configuration (Check for reflection) I am not able to detect the object using the Hololens. Though I can see the made with Unity screen when the project starts later on it just becomes black and nothing happens. I see "Creating a Null Camera Configuration (Check for reflection)"...
  • Mip-mapping? I noticed that in my cockpit-based game, at about 40cm on front of the camera the textures make an obvious little "pop" to a more blurry version as the camera moves further away. Is this a change in mipmap level? Unfortunately it occurs rig...
  • Camera not enabled? HelloAR not working I'm trying to get ARCore running on my OnePlus 5, specifically the HelloAR demo given with the SDK. When running the app on my phone, all it shows is the standard Unity backdrop of blue sky and grey ground- no text or anything. The camera does not seem to be enabled at all.

    Why is this happening? I'm running Unity 2018 1.4f1. There are some warnings but no errors that stop it from building and running.
  • Audio video player Audio from the video player keeps playing on another target, how do I stop it?