• How to integrate 360 video with Unity (from Since the introduction of the new Video Player component in Unity 5.6, we’ve had a lot of questions about how to integrate 360 video into a Unity project. Over the past...
  • Getting started with Vuforia Model Target – problems and questions I'm just beginning here, so if I'm missing anything please point it out:

    1) I have an .obj of a tool I want to use as a target. I open up the Vuforia Model Target Generator and import it; I've set it's position, it's size (note: even though I select 'inches' it's still displaying as meters in the view: ie Size: 0.790m x 0.065m x 0.140m -- would be better to display as inches, no?)

    2. I set it as landcape and Set Detection Position

    3. I then 'Generate Target' (note I've used the same...

    Getting started with Vuforia Model Target - problems and questions
  • Lenovo/Disney “Jedi Challenges” — how to develop for it? Just today came across this cool new Jedi Challenges product from Lenovo and Disney. It uses what appears to be a custom headset. Like a Cardboard-style headset, it uses your phone as the computer and display; but a little like Hololens, it is see-th...
  • Assertion failed, State Machine Behaviour and Object destruction Hello,

    Since the 2018.1.1f2 version, we've the following crash under Hololens:

    Assertion failed on expression: '(hierarchy.combinedSystemChanged | hierarchy.systemChanged) == (hierarchy.combinedSystemChanged | gHasChangedDeprecatedSystem.Mask())'
    (Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/Runtime/Transform/Transform.cpp Line: 1903)

    It occurs when we destroy an instanciated object Object.Destroy(gameObject) in a StateMachineBehaviour.OnStateExit. The StateMachineBehaviour is encapsulated...

    Assertion failed, State Machine Behaviour and Object destruction
  • How to Camera.Render in Single-pass Stereo? How can I use Camera.Render() with single pass stereo? Currently, all I get is a black screen when I blit the RenderTexture from the Camera.Render() camera to the main camera. There seems to be no API to tell the camera to be in "single-pass stereo" mode, or to create a double-wide RenderTexture.
    (I'm using a Hololens and I've tried this on 5.5 and 5.6b3.)
  • Loading a dataset at runtime from persistent data (into assetbundle streamed scene) Hi @Vuforia-Strasza @vuforia-dcordero and others, For a bunch of our apps we combine the use of image targets and scenes from assetbundles. Basicaly, we want to add new streamed scene to a deployed applications and do so by using assetbundles. This cr...
  • HD render pipeline with vr? Hi, I'll be making a very small VR demo that focuses heavily on realistic graphics and it has to be done by the next month. Is there a way to make HD render pipeline work with steamVR plugin? Or are there other compatible plugins working with Vive headset?
  • Turn on iPhone torch using ARKit Crossposting this from Answers:

    Hi, I'm doing an AR app for iOS with ARKit and need to be able to turn on the torch for low-light conditions. I can turn on the torch via vuforia using this method but enabling Vuforia overrides the ARKit camera-feed so the screen is all black. I guess there is a way to reapply the ARKit video to the background, but I suspect adding the Vuforia...

    Turn on iPhone torch using ARKit
  • ScreenPointToRay and ViewportPointToRay not working with VR Environment:
    - Unity 5.6
    - VR is active and rendering to the HMD

    My goal is to raycast from the mouse into the scene, with a VR camera.

    When using ScreenPointToRay on a VR camera the ray's direction is way off. Here's an image when my cursor was in the center:

    When using ViewportPointToRay the ray's direction is much better but still not perfect. Here's an image showing the difference (sorry for mouse pic, my screen capturer wasn't picking up...

    ScreenPointToRay and ViewportPointToRay not working with VR
  • [SOLVED] GVR Reticle not expanding when an object is Gaze Hi! The reticle does not expand when start gaze at an object. Screenshots below. Before Gaze View attachment 191460 On Gaze Start View attachment 191461 Desire: View attachment 191462 (skip the color changing)
  • AR food scan Hi, I'm working a AR app for a restaurant to display food on table, a way for customers to know what to expect. Our question is which device do we use to scan the food and get a photo realistic 3d model with textures ?
  • Is there any way to track ground plane without using any paid sdk? We are currently developing an AR app. Mostly for an experimental project. The goal is very simple,
    1. detect ground plane form device camera video,
    2. showing a grid based on that plane,
    3. when the user tap on the grid the object appears with an animation.
    4. The app must work in most of the android device (Starting from KitKat or Marshmallow)

    After a couple of days research, I found a couple of solution to solve this problem.
    1. Google AR - Wich doesn't support most of...

    Is there any way to track ground plane without using any paid sdk?
  • Vuforia camera feed is very dark Hi, I have a simple Unity Vuforia project. For some reason the camera feed is extremely dark, I can barely see anything only near the light source in the room. Here you can compare the phone camera VS Vuforia app brightness. I tried to change Grap...
  • Visualizing magnetic fields of a simple bar magnet Hello, I want to visualize circular lines around a simple bar magnet as Image/Object-Target. Is there an easy way to do this? Thx!
  • Building app for android and ios with augmented reality feature If I want to build an e-commerce app for android and ios with augmented reality feature, which one of the following approaches would be the best? building two separate native apps building single app using unity for both android and ios building two ...