• Error building Vuforia Core Samples on Android Hi,

    i alredy download Vuforia Core Samples from Asset Store.
    I install Unity 2017.2.0b2 (64-bit) version with Vuforia pack.

    Player Editor plays well, but meet 64error when building android version:Assets/Common/CameraSettings.cs(11,7): error CS0246: The type or namespace name `Vuforia' could not be found...
    Are you missing an assembly reference?

    Can developer help to solve this issue?

    Error building Player because scripts had compiler errors
  • Implementing a normal “2d”? twitch stream into a vr app – how? Hey guys, I’m working on a project and one of the things I want to be able to do is display a twitch stream in my app, I don’t need it to be 360 video or anything like that, just a simple twitch stream that I can watch in vr. There are no tutorials or ...
  • Is there a more advanced ARCore template / tutorial? First: ARCore is most awesome :) I've dug through the hello world tutorial, checked the code and then added my own stuff, but now I'm wondering if I'm re-inventing the wheel and if there is a more advanced tutorial for developers. Surely everyone needs

    * a developer menu
    * developer log
    * a button to reset all
    * several menu buttons to perform actions, change settings and what not
    * a collider on the tracked plane so your objects don't fall through
    * a button to toggle the tracked plane...

    Is there a more advanced ARCore template / tutorial?
  • How to get Unity/Vuforia AR app to work on iPhone Hi! I have made an app with Unity and Vuforia that shows a movie when I hold up a marker (picture on a paper). It is working on my mac but when I export it to Xcode it makes an app on my iphone and I can hear the sound of my film, but nothing is showed...
  • Vuforia initialization and deinitialization I've been working with Vuforia a lot in the last 1,5 years and let me say, that it's a great piece of software I am glad exists. But I feel like Vuforia is making it incredibly hard for developers to decide THEMSELF when to use Vuforia and when not in an application.

    Something along the line:




    In Unity 2017.3 I've...

    Vuforia initialization and deinitialization
  • Oculus rift:Head pos varies on different PCs Cracking my head and searching highh and low for this solution.

    Game is designed on PC 1, compiles and runs fine, position, tracking, all good.

    Export the exe, to PC 2
    the head position is off arbitrarily. Devised a pesky workaround requiring players to 'edit' his pos x y z for each session.

    Question : how do i ensure pos is transferable regardless of the rift setup on the other PC?
  • Using Zed Stereo Camera with Unity I am using Zed stereo Camera to create 3D reconstruction from real scene. After using the ZEDfu software, the program returns an .obj file of the entire mesh, that will be imported later into Unity. Is there a way to get 3D reconstruction directly fro...
  • Point light in AR Hi everyone, it seems that I've encountered a problem, during the development of my AR app.
    (Probably a noob question but OK)

    I've got a target image, and the related AR object that appears when you frame the image is a Cyber Soldier (downloaded from the Assets Store).
    So now, I'd like to create the shadow for my soldier. I've created the plane, but when i set the Point Light behind
    the Soldier, the light stops at him and lights his back up.

    How can I make the light "pass through" the...

    Point light in AR
  • OpenVR sample Input code? Can somebody write a sample OpenVR code for Input? if("vive_controler_left_triger") if("vive_touchpad,axes.y") if(Input.What???){} lack of sample code in...
  • UI on vr hidden by the meshes hi all! I have this issue: how can I set the ui layer always in front of the mesh? the canvas is like this: thanks in advance
  • How can i track my hands with HTC VIVE PRO Hi, i try to track my hands and see them in Unity3D with the HTC VIVE pro (without leap motion, and without controllers). Is there anyone who know how i can do this ? Thx a lot.
  • Unity and Oculus Go Tutorial: 360 Photo Viewer Hey all, just drafted a quick walkthrough of building a 360 photo viewer for Oculus Go with Unity.
  • Question regarding ARHitTestExample Hello people, a new developer here starting my way into the AR world. I'm learning all the docs you provide and trying to be a good developer in the future but at moment I'm experiencing an issue while trying to develop an easy interface in order to make the following:
    The current game object in the scene has to be rotated. I've been able to place the object in the mobile app without much problems by using the ARKitScene. I've also created the UI to scale to the mobile app correctly, but...

    Question regarding ARHitTestExample
  • Vive – things feel like smaller than it should be. For example, furniture. when i get close to a furniture in VR. the furniture feels smaller than it should be. I have checked the 3d model size. the calibration. Everything is correct, but the feeling is still not right. Do you experience this problem?...
  • ARInterface ios and android Hello, Currently i am developing my ar app with arcore. If i use ARInterface should i build same app for ios and android without changing my code ? Also is there any feature difference between arinterface with arkit,arcore sdks ? Best Regards