• ARPointCloud.GetPoints() throwing OutOfRange exceptions Hello,

    There seems to be a problem with the ARPointCloud's Points property.
    Running on a iOS 12 beta iPhone 8 with ARKit 2, the Vector3.
    Logging lenghts of both arrays, I get values like:
    "GetPoints: pointCount 803
    GetPoints: verts 200"
    which clearly don't fit into each other nicely.
    Here's the original code with some logging inserted:
    Code (CSharp):
    2. IntPtr pointsPtr =...
    ARPointCloud.GetPoints() throwing OutOfRange exceptions
  • how do i set multiple cameras(VR Camera & non VR Camera)? Hi there, i'm trying to set multiple camera. and i'm using MRTK(Mixed Reality Tool Kit)
    One camera is HMD Camera(Samsung odyssey), and another camera is non VR Camera(Just using Unity Camera. not Mixed Reality Camera).
    I want to output a view of another camera(Unity Camera) in one camera(HMD).
    I tried to set inspector value, modified depth value , but HMD camera is not showing another camera.
    How can i output a view of another camera in an HMD camera?
    have a nice day :)
  • Oculus Go with Linear Color Space looks Darker than Expected. We have set Graphics api to Opengles 3.0 and Color Space to linear. Our Build Looks more darker then expected(Compared with editor view and cardboard build in IOS). Configuration: 1)Unity 2017.4.3f1 2)Android platform(5.0) 3)Target : Oculus Go 4)Grap...
  • Using Vuforia API Hello , I am trying to understand how to use vuforia api but the information available on their site is quite daunting and too overwhelming for me . Can you please suggest some tutorials or blogs through which I can begin my learning . I really get ...
  • Turn Roll a Ball into AR game Hey There, I am new to the Unity world, and I have just finished the Roll a Ball tutorial to get a better grip on the interface and basic functions. I wanted to know how it is then possible to use this platform and export it as an AR game to an Androi...
  • Lens Distortion Effect in VR I am creating an app in which the view inside a VR headset should look incorrectly distorted. For this reason, I would like to apply a lens distortion effect on top of the one that is built in to make the view look correct. I found the lens distortion effect in the post processing stack, but it is disabled in XR (this makes sense assuming you want the lens distortion to be correct, but I don't). Does...

    Lens Distortion Effect in VR
  • Crashes when launching on Steam Hi guys,
    I have been working very hard to troubleshoot this issue.
    See this video:

    So far there is no much clues I can find from my beta testers report.
    Logfile command line doesn't really give much data of this crash.
    Crashes happened to certain HTC Vive users, not all however.
    Could someone please point me to correct direction to fix this crash on Steam?

  • Save detected surface Hi,

    Is there a way to save the detected surface and the chosen anchor? I'm trying to make a scene to instantiate a surface and choose an anchor to spawn the object. This information will be saved and used in other scenes. The point is that the user won't have to search for a new surface and anchor every scene.

    Thank you in advance
  • Testing Oculus Go within Unity Editor I am testing the waters with VR and doing a few experimental things to help get use to working with VR. I have the Oculus Go and everything is working fine, however to test my demo I always have to create an .APK build and deploy it using ADB install etc.

    I've seen many people on YouTube testing inside the Unity Editor by hitting the Play Button. This does not work for me, is there a specific set up to do this? It would really help and save me some time.

  • Help with Gaze Click in Unity, Google VR Hey I am trying to make a VR experience in Unity using google VR where the user loads up the program and your put into a 3D room. I have done this by taking 360 videos of a room that leads into a hallway and moves down the hallway into other rooms. Wh...
  • Augmented reality for PC standalone Hello,
    I'm looking for a tool able to track objects in a video, to create a standalone on a PC. Some plugins like Vuforia seem OK but are only for mobile devices if I understood well.
    Do you know a plugin that I could use in a PC standalone ?

    Thank you very much by advance.
  • AR Hand Recognition and Tracking Trying to develop a hand tracking application/game using just Unity, Vuforia and any other intergrated SDK's, which would need to play/work on any RGB camera device.

    Please advise if you know of a way to make this happen?

    *Note, not looking to use Leap Motion, Intel Realsense or any other external camera.
  • Making AR Object A auto move to AR Object B I need example code to make a cat move to a rat auto when it saw a rat card but i do not know about code that make check about the distance between the two and if its less than 2 units i set the cat to move towards the target which in that case is ...
  • Possible 2017.3 Hololens/UWP image loading regression? I have a project that loads some image files jpg & png from the streaming assets folder at runtime which then uses them as textures. This works in the editor, emulator and Hololens on 2017.2 and prior versions. Since migrating to 2017.3 it has stop...
  • Vuforia AR test not working? Hey,

    I have followed every simple tutorial to get AR working and I think that I have set everything u correctly but for some reason nothing is working on the webcam editor play view unless there is something wrong with my webcam? I get this warning message
    View attachment 251085

    Here is my setup.

    View attachment 251087

    View attachment 251086

    As I'm using the latest version of unity the vuforia was already inbuilt. The only reason I can think of is either I missed...

    Vuforia AR test not working?