• How Do I Make a Toggle Button To Turn The Phone Camera Flashlight On/Off? I'm having a bit of trouble here, can someone assist me?

    Thanks in advance!
  • VR and native Rendering plugin: not rendered together with other game objects Hi,

    I'm working on a native rendering plugin which can be used in VR (Microsoft MR).
    The scene perfectly works without VR, but with VR turned on, the content rendered by the plugin can't be visualized together with basic 3D game objects.

    The plugin itself is pretty simpel. It just renders a polygon with D3D11. It is triggered by a camera command buffer (AfterForwardOpaque). In addtion to that, there is one single cube in the scene. Once this one is enabled and cut by the viewing frustum of...

    VR and native Rendering plugin: not rendered together with other game objects
  • Game performance degrading when window does not have focus Hi,

    Per this issue:

    Many of our users have been complaining about this bug, as sometimes SteamVR will switch focus away from the game window when the game is started. Looking at the bug report it looks like it won't get fixed for Unity 2018.3, and we definitely can't upgrade our production version of our game to a beta...

    Game performance degrading when window does not have focus
  • Oculus integration teleportation not working I'm using unity 2018.3.7f1 with the oculus integration 1.35. The teleportation demo scene is acting strange. When you teleport using the thumbstick it moves you to the desired spot then to another spot far behind where you started. In most cases it's so far back you fall off the ground plane. I've tried messing with all the components but haven't found anything that fixes it. Anyone else having this problem or know how to fix it?
  • Best way to generate content on spatial meshes (Magic Leap & Hololens) Hi

    I'm playing around with Hololens and magic leap and would like to know the best approach to generate content on the spatial mesh?
    For example: if you want some grass and rocks appear on the floor?

    I'm considering doing raycasts into the space from the user's point of view, and where it hits the spatial mesh I could instantiate prefabs. But maybe there is a more intelligent and controlled way to do this?

    Like this is my current setup:
    - a particle system attached to the camera that...

    Best way to generate content on spatial meshes (Magic Leap & Hololens)
  • Improving Tracking and reduce drift Hi Working on an ARPortal app using ARFoundation. Currently testing against iOS. Am noticing a bit of unwanted drift once I enter the portal. Is anyone aware of any tricks or tips to improve tracking of placed objects?
  • ARCore 1.7 Instantiate Once Code Hello everyone,

    This is my first post and i am a complete noob. I've had some success doing simple things with Unity for VR and AR with Vuforia, just by following tutorials for the time being.

    Lately i am trying to use ARCore and i'm facing a simple problem i think for those who know and I thought to ask for help.

    I need to instantiate once the object and then use the ObjectManipulation scripts. So far, I didn't find any code for instantiating once, that corresponds to ARCore 1.7, only...

    ARCore 1.7 Instantiate Once Code
  • Update Coordinates for Sharing World Anchor Hololens I am currently trying to spawn an object and allow players to spawn and move objects around the scene. I am able to anchor the players, spawn the objects, and move the objects. However, I found an issue where the Unity coordinate system does not update...
  • Recommand stop use Vuforia. Here is south korea.
    We made education app based on vuforia AR.
    This app is for public school serviced by government for public educate by freely.
    Last week PTC(Vuforia compony)'s attorney send document.
    They asking $34,397 per year/app. :(((
    It total 50 apps. per year $1,719,850 ?????????????????
    It's for free public education service by government.
    Unity tech you know?
    Unity3d base included "Vuforia".
    How can doing like this?
    This is free public education service. How can do like this??
  • Multi Target for one object It is possible to split a giant image (like 10*10mt) into small parts and use them as a marker for place & track a big object into the scene? Like, if i have a big picture printed on the floor and i want to spawn something on it, covering the image...
  • ArKit plugin – Loading ARReferenceObject from file on runtime. I am currently working on having a database of scanned objects. I have been using the arkit plugin to scan and save the objects on my Application.persistentDataPath + "/ARReferenceObjects/" folder. So far so good, but lets say I would like...
  • How to check if ground plane got detected? Hey folks, I know how I can detect when an image target gets detected but how can I check if a ground plane got detected? Greets
  • problem with scaling camera in VR and throwing objects (NEED UNITY DEVS TO ANSWER) ok so i wanted to set up my camera to be 10 times as big because i didnt like working in the decimal point scale in unity but then i found a serious problem when you scale up the camera in VR and you have your hands in VR showing up and everything loo...
  • Virtual Reality offers opportunities for professional content creation Dear Unity community members, please let me introduce our VR software for content creators. VR-Plugin for Autodesk Maya runs with full 90Hz stereo on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows MR devices. The software is tightly bound to Maya and offers acces...
  • How do I change the objects dynamically in HoloLens ? I'm a complete beginner to Unity and HoloLens.

    My project has to do with OpenNLP package c# where i tokenize the string into words and show hand signs for each word.

    I have some doubts in this regard.

    1. Our input is voice (sentence). How/Where do i write the code for accepting the input?
    2. I want to make a game Object and dynamically change the object to show different hand signs. Is there any more efficient way to do it? If not, how do i implement it?
    3. How do I make use of OpenNLP in...

    How do I change the objects dynamically in HoloLens ?