• AR Core or Vuforia Hi, I am just about to start developing for AR and wondered which route I should take? I have a Pixel 2 phone so AR Core would be fine. I believe that AR Core would be the best route with regard to distribution - is that correct? thank you very much
  • World Canvas not displaying on Cardboard As you can see in the image, I have the Canvas set to World Space, with the Main Camera from the CardboardMain prefab set as the Event Camera.
    I can see the Canvas elements displaying in the Game view until I hit play, and then they disappear when the view changes to the VR mode in Game view. When I hit Play again to stop the test, the Game view no longer has the Canvas showing either!
    I have tried setting the Layer on the Canvas and it's children to Defualt, and UI, with the same results...

    World Canvas not displaying on Cardboard
  • Geo Arc Map from Unity Asset Store Hi, Does anyone know of any good tutorials on the geo arc map and how to best integrate it with unity. Or how to use it with unity really. Kindly appreciated if you could point me in the right direction. Thanks
  • ARKit 2.0 Beta support Hi folks,

    Many of you have asked about ARKit 2.0. Apple announced it and released Beta today. We're right there with them - for example the Lego app that was shown at the keynote uses the version of the plugin that we're releasing to all developers today.

    First a little intro:

    As pointed out, we have uploaded the code to Bitbucket, but it is in a branch since...

    ARKit 2.0 Beta support
  • While playing a 360 video in Samsung s7, logcat detects a Error OMXNodeInstance(3291): getConfig(cdb I am playing multiple 360 video in the app using the panoramic beta shader. This OMXNodeInstance error keeps being logged when ever I play any video. I am not sure why is that and sometimes the video player seems to stop working after a while of playin...
  • Need VR game to maintain at 90 fps Hello, I am developing a VR game for the Oculus store, however, there have been some issues when they answer back. They require the app to run at 90 fps minimum. Whenever I am in the menu it does stay like that, but when I enter the game scene, it drop...
  • Possible bug: Session.GetTrackables<DetectedPlane> returning double planes? I'm wondering if anyone has an explanation for this.

    I'm starting to get into the nuance of AR app production with ARCore, moving past modified tutorials, and trying to build a unity project utilizing AR Core from scratch.

    I've noticed that the Session.GetTrackables<DetectedPlane>(outPlaneList) always returns planes in a factor of two.

    At first there's 0, then when you find your first plane, it jumps to 2, then 4, 6, 8, and so on.

    Is this a bug?

    The pairs seem to be mostly...

    Possible bug: Session.GetTrackables<DetectedPlane> returning double planes?
  • HMD removed or put on I have noticed that this code only says the user in present with a Vive Code (csharp):   if (XRDevice.userPresence == UserPresenceState.Present)         {             Debug.Log&#...
  • Vuforia errors on iOS Build I imported Vuforia to use with my project the same way I did previously when I was working with ImageTargets, but now with Ground Planes (and probably a Vuforia update) I'm not able to build the project for iOS without the following errors. Is there something else I need to import? Or is this an issue with the Vuforia libraries?

    View attachment 281597
  • Clipping objects “behind” a higher plane I have been playing with ARCore a bit this morning (and I am pretty new to Unity). Any thoughts on how to clip part of an object if it is "behind" a higher plane? You can see in this picture, their is a surface detected that is the coffe...
  • Clipping plane shader Hello, Any idea on how to create a transparent shader for a mesh plane so that my 3D model will be visible only above the plane , giving a feel that it emerges from the AR tag. View attachment 281590
  • Implementing Recenter button like full dive If you had tried full dive app on your phones, you must have noticed the button to recenter your headset. It appears as you gaze the floor, follows a circular orbit and also follows the position of the reticle(attached image). I'm trying to implement a button similar to that, can any suggest me a way to do it. Thanks in advance!
  • Vuforia Suport For Linux Editor When will the Linux editor get proper Vuforia support? According to users in this thread here, the Unity Editor for Linux supports the legacy Vuforia download for Unity. So it seems there's no real reason except the lack of the option in the installer.

    Just to clarify, I'm not asking about a Linux build target. I'm asking about Vuforia SDK support for the Unity Editor on Linux. Seems there was a...

    Vuforia Suport For Linux Editor
  • 2018.1 IL2CPP VRModule stripping issue ++++ NOTE: this has been resolved in 2018.1.2f1 and higher ++++

    In initial 2018.1 releases, the VRModule engine code can get stripped out of builds in certain situations. If you notice that your built project doesn't correctly enter VR Mode when run, it could be due to this issue. Here are the settings where this can occur:

    1) VR is enabled.
    2) Scripting Backend is set to 'IL2CPP'.
    3) Strip Engine Code is checked. (this is the default when IL2CPP is enabled)
    4) No scripts in the project...

    2018.1 IL2CPP VRModule stripping issue
  • Multiplayer Google Cardboard with UNet? Hi everyone. I was hoping to make a Google Cardboard (and eventually Daydream) app multiplayer. I expected it to be fairly straightforward. Make and spawn a player prefab with everything attached. I'm only turning on the Cardboard stuff if it's the local player. This prevents the situation where there's several cameras rendering at once.

    When I only have one player in the scene, the camera renders appropriately. However when I add in other players, I get the error message - "There can only...

    Multiplayer Google Cardboard with UNet?