• Controller Inputs with Daydream Controller Hi there,

    Relatively new to Unity so am after a little help regarding the Daydream Controller Inputs.

    My aim is to reset the scene by pressing the app button on the Daydream Controller. I'm guessing I need to have the Gvr Event System component in the scene? Where do the scripts relating to the button presses go?

    Thanks, all
  • SD53 S
  • Make vuforia videoplayer match the height of the image target Here's my scenario:

    I have an image target with size 1000 and height 667, and a video with resolution 1920 * 1080. For transparency the video is made twice as high and includes alpha channel values in the bottom half which is applied to the video by a shader.

    I have copied the videoplayer sample from the core samples, and have it load the videofile and apply the shader at runtime.

    My image targets scale is divided by 10, and therefor looks like this in the inspector:...

    Make vuforia videoplayer match the height of the image target
  • “Start Remote ARKit Session” does nothing Hi,
    I've had all my projects connecting fine to the ARKit Remote with version 1 of the Unity ARKit Plugin , but am trying to get V1.5 working and clicking the "Start Remote ARKit Session" button does nothing.
    I've followed all the steps, tried loading the latest BitBucket code as a separate solution, set it as a development build, and used the tutorial scenes and still nothing. I'm using 2017.3.1 unity build.
    Anyone else having this problem?! heelp! :)
  • AR core AR core position transform is not to solve this problem
  • Model target can’t display guide view 2D Hi
    As title mentioned about, when i export official sample apk,it runs good on my andriod phone,the guide view 2d can dislplay whether i use custom image or not,like followed shot image. View attachment 275291
    but when i use custom database,it can't display Guide view image,i already add a license key,so i don't know deal with this situation.
  • Ground Plane crash on iPhone 6 Ground plane does not work on my iPhone 6 Plus. I am running iOS 11.2.5, Xcode 9.2, and Unity 2017.3 Patch 4. Vuforia version: 7.0.47 . Ground planes worked fine on my iPad Pro 10.5 using Unity 2017.30f3, but now they crash with Unity 2017.3 patch ...
  • AR hi I’m new to unity and Vuforia. I’m trying to create an augmented reality scene of a building appearing on a floor plan. I’ve followed the tutorial and have the scene set up appropriately in unity, however I’m stumped how I get the build from unity ...
  • Vuforia Fusion with ARCore Hi there, When Vuforia Fusion will have ARCore support Thanks
  • Upgraded to ARKit 1.5 plugin, now cloud builds fail. I just upgraded the Unity ARKit plugin to the 1.5 version and changed my build to target iOS 11.3. I can do manual builds thru xcode with no errors, but Cloud build fails with errors. Any help? Unity 2017.3.1f1 iOS 11.3 Code (CSharp):   .....
  • Basic Problems I've been struggling with Vuforia for days, and as close as I've come to a successful build is the following error message...any help would be greatly appreciated.

    CommandInvokationFailure: Unable to convert classes into dex format.
    C:/Program Files/Java/jdk1.8.0_121\bin\java.exe -Xmx2048M"C:/Users/Liz/Downloads/android-sdk_r24.4.1-windows/android-sdk-windows\tools" -Dfile.encoding=UTF8 -jar "C:\Program Files\Unity...

    Basic Problems
  • ARCore 1.0 for Unity: Publish ARCore apps on Google Play ARCore is out of developer preview! Start building today high performance AR apps for Google Play and reach more than 100 million Android devices across 13 different makes and models. The ARCore 1.0 for Unity also introduces environmental underst...
  • How to solve – Operator `>’ cannot be applied to operands of type `int’ and `void'” Hello,

    Any one help me for write this code. some error appears will be found when i run this code.
    "error CS0019: Operator `>' cannot be applied to operands of type `int' and `void'". I attached my code on below. please check it out and replay to one good solution for that. I hope for better solution to me.

    Advance in thanks.
    Syed Imran SA

    Code (CSharp):
    1. using System.Collections;
    2. using UnityEngine;
    3. using UnityEngine.UI;
    5. public class ScoreScript : MonoBehaviour{
    7.   public static int...
    How to solve - Operator `>' cannot be applied to operands of type `int' and `void'"
  • Ground Plane Stage child objects always visible When I used Image Target before, the game object was disabled and when the image was tracked, it was enabled and all children became visible. Now that I switched to Ground Plane Stage, all of the child objects are always visible before I tap the scree...
  • Mixed Reality – Which Unity version should i use? It´s maybe a dumb question but which Unity Version should i use actually to build a Mixed Reality App including MC. Can i go with 2017.2.1.4 or must it be 2017.2.1.4 and which ToolKit should i use therefore?