• Is there any “getting started” tutorial for the oculus go? I have no experience with mobile development, i only worked on windows (vr) projects so far. Is there any guide how to build / transfer / debug a unity project with the oculus go?
  • ARKit Remote Connection frame freeze Hi,
    First of all, Remote Connection is an amazing tool and I can't wait to get it to work so thank you for that.

    I'm experiencing a problem where upon connecting to the device this situation happens:

    1. On the device, the video stream appears as normal with no lag and fully functioning.
    2.In Unity, the very first frame of the video from the phone appears. But it freezes there.
    3. As I move the phone around, in Unity I can just about see a red/blue halo of images from the camera appearing...

    ARKit Remote Connection frame freeze
  • Problem with instant preview I'm not sure what is happening suddenly I lost possibility of using instant preview. When I click "play" i see white screen instead of preview from camera and when I pause it in the console I see

    Code (CSharp):
    1. NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    2. UnityEngine.XR.ARBackgroundRenderer.DisableARBackgroundRendering () (at C:/buildslave/unity/build/Runtime/AR/ScriptBindings/ARBackgroundRenderer.cs:172)
    3. UnityEngine.XR.ARBackgroundRenderer.set_mode...
    Problem with instant preview
  • EasyAR – Create an overlay Hi,

    I'm very new to Unity and even more new to "easyAR". Hopefully you guys can help.

    I managed to create a simple setting where my application projects 3d-objects, great!
    But now i'm wondering - how can I make an overlay on my cameraview. There is only a Directional Light in my scene, and no camera.

    Anyone worked with EasyAR and now how to create an ovelay; for example a button on the bottom of the app.

    Thanks in advance,
  • mysterious frame rate drop I've been stuck on this performance drop for 3 days, put my best engineer on it, then I had the best engineer I know in L.A. look at it for several hours. We all gave up.

    This happens specifically when you grab a ball from the character in the game, then drop by the ball, and the spike is triggered about %10 of the time.

    We thought it was scripting initially, but after digging through every line of code, turning almost everything in the game off we could, and examing the profiler in depth,...

    mysterious frame rate drop
  • VR Headsets and SDK Hi All,

    I'm new and wanting to learn how to develop VR. I have a few questions I was hoping someone could help with.

    When buying a new VR headset, what specifically does the SDK versions enable you to do? Can't I just buy a normal headset and download unity and just use the headset? I have tried googling but there aren't any specific answers.

    Also what are people using with Unity? I've heard the HTC Vive is really good, but i'm also a fan of Oculus and I heard that ties in with Unity...

    VR Headsets and SDK
  • Documentation claims VR Controllers work with EventSystem?! So in the documentation here: It says: The Event System generates Input Touch events for the triggers on HTC Vive controllers when the user begins squeezing the trigger. The Event System generate...
  • Unity+Vuforia ios crash on exit – Urgent Hello @Vuforia-Strasza! We're facing an urgent issue that is killing our app crash free metrics for about 1 month now. We've tracked the problem down to Vuforia being enabled in Unity. The crash is very simple:

    When the user kills the app by double clicking home button and swiping up to kill the app we're receiving a crash that we can't debug and find exactly where the problem is. By trial and error, we were able to track down the problem by using Vuforia+Unity...

    Unity+Vuforia ios crash on exit - Urgent
  • Hololens App distorts unity camera I have run into something strange. Whenever I stream from the hololens onto a nearby laptop using the hololens app from the microsoft store, it enlarges the GUI on my unity scenes. It only does this while it is streaming. Any ideas as to what may cau...
  • Unity Gravity on SteamVR Player Hi

    I'm using the SteamVR Plugin on Unity 5.6.

    I've created a simple road in Unity which I have added a collider and rigibody to and enabled Kinematic

    I then have the "Player" camera asset which I took from the SteamVR Interaction scene, but applied a rigibody with gravity and a box collider.

    So when I run my game I can walk around, and this all works well.

    The problem is, if I look up and press forward (W key), I can go into the air, and gravity doesn't seem to bring me back down.


    Unity Gravity on SteamVR Player
  • Rendering incorrectly on device after building Cardboard project to Daydream After having decided to try my cardboard project out on daydream I've run into some trouble.

    In the image attached below you can se how the render looks on the screen after i play my build with the settings changed for daydream. Definitely not right, but there are no error messages in the editor. Everything looks right when playing the game in the editor, but not when running it on my android phone.

    I've followed this:...

    Rendering incorrectly on device after building Cardboard project to Daydream
  • How to split SteamVR Camera into Left/Right ? Hi all --

    I have a special use case where I need to render an object that doesn't actually exist in the space -- I do this by aligning one version with the right eye, and one version with the left eye -- each is rendering a different texture which accounts properly for any stereo properties. However, a little bit of the right object is visible from the left eye and vice versa.

    I need to have a couple of separate layers -- one for only the right eye, one for only the left eye. The standard...

    How to split SteamVR Camera into Left/Right ?
  • Re-post. Please remove Sorry, re-post. There doesn't seem to be a way to delete threads.
  • ARKit Anchor Image tracking – slow updates when marker is moving Hi, I was following this tutorial and I manage to track a marker image and display the AxesPrefab on top of it. The marker is tracked very well when the mar...
  • Recurring limitation: Camera feed lag in Android Hello, Currently in Android the Vuforia camera feed lags when any Android native dialog overlays the app and I think this should be reported officially by the Vuforia team. This issue has been reported for more than 1 year and 1 month of silence from...