• OpenVR sample Input code? Can somebody write a sample OpenVR code for Input? if("vive_controler_left_triger") if("vive_touchpad,axes.y") if(Input.What???){} lack of sample code in...
  • UI on vr hidden by the meshes hi all! I have this issue: how can I set the ui layer always in front of the mesh? the canvas is like this: thanks in advance
  • How can i track my hands with HTC VIVE PRO Hi, i try to track my hands and see them in Unity3D with the HTC VIVE pro (without leap motion, and without controllers). Is there anyone who know how i can do this ? Thx a lot.
  • Unity and Oculus Go Tutorial: 360 Photo Viewer Hey all, just drafted a quick walkthrough of building a 360 photo viewer for Oculus Go with Unity.
  • Question regarding ARHitTestExample Hello people, a new developer here starting my way into the AR world. I'm learning all the docs you provide and trying to be a good developer in the future but at moment I'm experiencing an issue while trying to develop an easy interface in order to make the following:
    The current game object in the scene has to be rotated. I've been able to place the object in the mobile app without much problems by using the ARKitScene. I've also created the UI to scale to the mobile app correctly, but...

    Question regarding ARHitTestExample
  • Vive – things feel like smaller than it should be. For example, furniture. when i get close to a furniture in VR. the furniture feels smaller than it should be. I have checked the 3d model size. the calibration. Everything is correct, but the feeling is still not right. Do you experience this problem?...
  • ARInterface ios and android Hello, Currently i am developing my ar app with arcore. If i use ARInterface should i build same app for ios and android without changing my code ? Also is there any feature difference between arinterface with arkit,arcore sdks ? Best Regards
  • IsMatrixValid (matrix) error spam when splitting up SteamVR eyes To show a RenderTexture correctly in VR I need to render it separately for each eye. In order to achieve this, I followed the steps described here: (in comment #...
  • How to use Cardboard Reticle: VR Gaze Pointer/Cursor, Cardboard Button, & Gaze Input
  • Set Tracker to Specific Device Index Issues I'm using the SteamVR Camera Rig with four trackers, and I want each tracker assigned to the correct device index programmatically instead of using the Vive Input Utility.

    I'm currently using this function:
    Code (CSharp):
    1. obj.GetComponent<SteamVR_TrackedObject>().SetDeviceIndex(index);
    where index is the device index for the tracker that obj should track.

    When I print which tracker obj is tracking every update function, its device index is set to index for 2 frames before...

    Set Tracker to Specific Device Index Issues
  • Freshly imported and built ARKitRemote crash with SIGABRT on launch. Logs included. Logs provided here I notice NullReferenceExceptions during launch without a connection. When connected to the editor, the editor shows the video feed for 1 second then crashes around 1 second. Noteworthy exceptions: Hap...
  • VRTK failing to load vive model I was trying to mess around with some VR stuff and at first, I could get Unity to recognize my Vive controllers. After uninstalling Unity and installing 2017.3.0f3, it finally recognized the controllers. Now in the editor window, I see the controllers moving around with the VRTK logo on them, but no model. The example teleport scene doesn't even show the controllers. The teleport beam goes from my invisible controller, to my feet. I get this in the console, but can't find a fix anywhere....

    VRTK failing to load vive model
  • Hololens: Hologram moved after “Trying to map your surroundings” despite having a WorldAnchor Title says it all. I do have a WorldAnchor on my root GameObject. I add it programmatically using obj.AddComponent<WorldAnchor>() after I created the GameObject and placed it where I want.

    Unfortunately I have a scenario where I sometimes lose tracking, resulting in the Trying to map your surroundings break. After tracking is back my GameObject often ends up somewhere else (sometimes just a few meters, sometimes it's completely gone) despite having a WorldAnchor.

    Does anyone experience the...

    Hololens: Hologram moved after "Trying to map your surroundings" despite having a WorldAnchor
  • Fog Volume 3 Plugin with Oculus issue Hey Folks,

    I just bought Fog Volume 3 for my VR Application, and it all works fine, until I want to test the Fog with my Oculus. The Fog just dissapears in my Gameview, and I have no clue why. I googled my issue multiple times without any hint for a solution. Also I didn't find any settings that I have to set to let that effect work in VR.
    I found out that a Script in the MainCamera is missing when I import the Package in my Project. I imported it again, and again in a different Project,...

    Fog Volume 3 Plugin with Oculus issue
  • Color space support for Windows MR I'm currently trying to port my game with Windows MR. Standalone version is using Linear Color Space. Today I finally succeed to build UWP version, but I found that scene is pretty darker than original version. - It felt the same way when the apps for Daydream were built in linear color space before.

    Is anyone who can suggest anything for this issue?