• How do you disable the “Windows” button on Mixed Reality controllers? Hi, we'd like to disable or replace the functionality in our app that disabled the default behavior of the "windows" button. Currently the windows button exits the app and returns to the portal home. We want to override this to do something else, or nothing at all. Any ideas? Thanks.
  • unity 5.6 cardboard – how to use back button for a custom action I've been trying to use the Cardboard back button (on screen , top left x) to exit VR mode. Before the native unity integration (5.5) I was able to just use gvrViewer.BackButtonPressed but this doesn't seem to work now.
    I've also tried if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Escape)) but the app still exits.
    So I'm added a Input.backButtonLeavesApp = false; but it...

    unity 5.6 cardboard - how to use back button for a custom action
  • Searching for a course to learn how to develop oculus rift games in unity c# Hey guys i have been trying to study from a lot of places in the internet but i cant seem to really get how to develop with he oculus if you know a good course for developing with the oculus in c# will be more then thankful if you send it to me
  • Black camera on specific devices. Tracking works fine We have made an application that works on multiple devices but there are still some that displays a black camera image. Tracking, however, seems to be still functional despite no camera image is showing. The application also works fine for iOS devices....
  • C# Collision detection Hello,

    I'm pulling my hair out, I need to detect collisions in ARcore game.

    The player's avatar and enemies/nices have a rigibody and a collider capsule, I must have made a mistake but I haven't seen it for three days. (For information, the enemies/nices are GameObjects with "rigidbody" and "capsule collider" which have in children a nice and an enemy who evolve during the game.)

    I wrote this code to attach to enemies:

    Code (CSharp):
    1.     void OnCollisionStay(Collision other)
    2.     {...
    C# Collision detection
  • Which Unity 2017.3 patch release supports new Vuforia 7.0.50? I noticed that there's a new version of Vuforia that fixes some problems mentioned on the Vuforia forum but they only mention that it will be available in a future Unity 2017.3 patch release.
    Can somebody tell me which patch release, as I couldn't find a mention of it, yet Vuforia have uploaded new samples here
    A simple link from...

    Which Unity 2017.3 patch release supports new Vuforia 7.0.50?
  • Is trial and error the only option? I've started developing for Google Cardboard within the last month and am having some difficulty figuring out the limitations of Cardboard on Android and even just finding adequate documentation on various topics.

    For example, using certain image effects prevent anything from rendering in VR, placing UI elements too close to the camera forces you to look at them 'cross-eyed', rendering with multiple cameras doesn't seem to work (using one camera to render models, and another for UI for...

    Is trial and error the only option?
  • Hide anything outside cube HoloLens hello I am building a simple hololens project in Unity and within my scene I have a simple semi transparent cube. for the purpose of building for hololens, how can i tell unity to show any object as it moves inside of the cube, and then to disappear ...
  • Using Toggle Hololens Hello everyone, I have designed a game using toggle on Unity. I want to deploy it and work on Hololens. What functions should I alter for the user to tap on the Toggle? I have tried OnInputClicked but nothing works. Can someone help me out? Code (...
  • Replace Andy object Hi,

    When I try to replace the Andy object with a model I made in C4D it doesn't spawn. Do I have to prepare the object in some way so it will spawn the right way?

    Sometimes it gets spawned but not on the anchor I tapped on. It's somewhere in the space floating and when I try to approach it, it disappears or shifts place.

    Thank you in advance
  • Getting gestures to work in Unity editor I've created an empty GameObject in my scene, added a Canvas and a Panel on it, then a GazeGestureManager on it - similar to the origami demo. Does this work from the emulator in the Unity Editor? I really want to see this working for demo purposes.
  • Hololens voice input – choose options Hi, I want to choose from a couple of options, like: Open item 1 Open item 2 ... Open item 100Click to expand... which would call public void OpenItem(int id) { ... } Change color red Change color blue ... Change color purpl...
  • Hololens Issue wit InteractionManager (sourcelossrisk and selectpressed) Hey people,

    I'm new to Hololens dev and I'm going through the examples from the hololens academy. Currently, I'm playing around with 211, the chapter talking about gestures and hand tracking. The third section describes hand guidance to provide feedback when a tracked hand is near the boundary of view of the hololens. This example doesn't work and I believe the issue is with interactionmanager. When I select an object, the state returned from InteractionSourceUpdatedEventArgs always has...

    Hololens Issue wit InteractionManager (sourcelossrisk and selectpressed)
  • GVR Reticle works in the editor but not in the actual app on phone I am making an app where I am using the GVR reticle pointer to start playing a video on a sprite after I click on it. (Google Cardboard sdk for unity.) I have set up all the required components on the sprite (collider, event trigger, videoplayer, play() on PointerClick etc.). It works flawlessly inside the editor (with GVREditorEmulator included in the scene.) However, after building the same scene as an android app, the reticle pointer stops working on the phone. It just doesn't detect the...

    GVR Reticle works in the editor but not in the actual app on phone
  • Stop and restart arkit tracking session Hi, I'm struggling searching to find a way to stop and restart arkit tracking (for example if I have tracked my desk, and I wanted to track the floor). I uploaded a gif of an app that does what I want...

    I want to remain in the camera view and restart the tracking, but when I try to do that, the app remembers the old planes it found.

    Could you help me?