• How to set physical safety region for 6DOF daydream? GvrHeadset class has functions for getting the safety boundary type and size, but how would one set it.
    Also it's on by default if positional tracking is supported, how would one switch it off?
  • Samsung S8 Daydream crash – split application binary We are developing applications for Google Daydream and our application exceedes requested size for Google Play store. We have to divide it into apk file and obb file. Divided application works well on Google pixel, but does not work on Samsung Galaxy S...
  • ARCore with UnityRemote and the Device Camera Hi Friends, I am embarking on AR development and very excited about it. I am hitting a wall here though and think some code may need hacking to make Unity Remote use the Android Camera in the unity editor. I have an S8 and the 2017.3.1f1 Persona...
  • Unity + ARKit – General iOS integration questions I'm looking into switching from SceneKit to Unity, on top of ARKit.

    Currently with SceneKit, I'm integrating with other areas of the system, for example I'm using the location from CoreLocation to create a location-based experience, where I position objects given a coordinate in relation to the user, and their coordinate.

    I'm wondering how the integration with iOS works in Unity, and whether I'll be able to continue doing that. I'm fine to re-write a lot of my controlling-the-scene code in...

    Unity + ARKit - General iOS integration questions
  • How to support Daydream View remote on iOS? I've been working with Cardboard VR on iOS, and that's been great. But I'm looking somewhat longingly at the Daydream View, and its remote. This Reddit thread claims that the remote can be accessed on iPhone via Bluetooth, but app support for this is rare/unknown.

    Can we support the View remote on iOS in Unity? How would we go about it?

    For starters, I'd be satisfied just to get a...

    How to support Daydream View remote on iOS?
  • HLS works on android, not iOS Anyone found a way to stream HLS on iOS? I was using the cardboard Pano video example with a 360 video streamed in HLS (.m3u8), works great on Android, can't play on iOS. From my understanding now, iOS only supports cardboard and not daydream, and daydream is needed for HLS using the Cardboard sdk? The VR works on iOS, just not streaming video....

    Is there any other format I should be looking at before chunking the mp4 into a bunch of smaller mp4s and manually loading different chunks? I...

    HLS works on android, not iOS
  • We got ARCore to work with GearVR We went to a hackathon last week and developed a small game/demo.
    Here's a video:

    There wasn't API call to get the webcam texture in Unity, and we didn't had time to wrap the Java API, so we edited the background shader, to change the scale of the webcam image.

    Also, the device got hot really fast.

    But it works!

    I think it'll be better for VR than MR, but we need to think about a way for the player to...

    We got ARCore to work with GearVR
  • Size of tracked plane Hi guys, I’m trying to create an anchor on a tracked plane if it matches a desired size. Centering it on that plane. Tracked plane Extent is where I believe I should start digging around, but I was curious if anyone has done something similar in the ...
  • Daydream and LWRP Support Hi all!

    I've been experimenting with Daydream and the Lightweight Render Pipeline, and have had no success.

    Running LWRP 1.1.2-preview, with Unity 2018.1b12, on a Google Pixel 1, and the GVR plugin, results in all LW materials failing to render entirely- showing only the skybox material. This is with the provided sample scene.

    The only issue that gets spit out into the console is:
    Assertion failed: OPENGL NATIVE PLUG-IN ERROR: GL_INVALID_OPERATION: Operation illegal in current...

    Daydream and LWRP Support
  • ARCore blurry (Samsung S8) using sample + Unity 2017.03.01p4 Hi
    Sorry if this is a FAQ entry and I've just not found it!

    Wanted to try ARCore, using Unity 2017.03.01p4, updated my Android SDKs to latest, downloaded the ARCore 1.1.0, followed QuickStart instructions, installed app on my SGS8 and ran.

    The image is really blurry and unsurprisingly fails to detect any surfaces. Experimenting reveals the camera focus is super-close (approximately 5cm?). Even at this range, it still...

    ARCore blurry (Samsung S8) using sample + Unity 2017.03.01p4
  • How to access ARFrame image in Unity ARKit I'm trying to integrate OpenCV with ARKit and I can't figure out how to access the captured image from ARKit.

    I was hoping that in the ARFrameUpdatedEvent delegate I'd be able to access ARFrame and presumably the captured image - which I could then pipe into OpenCV, but this only returns a UnityARCamera object that doesn't seem to expose ARFrame or the captured frame image in any way.

    Can anyone point me to a way I might accomplish this? Is it possible?
  • Portal into 360 picture? So pretty easily figured out how to do the AR portal into a 3d enviroment. But am stumped as to how to get it so you walk through into a 360 image. Assumed it would be a sphere with image on inside but not sure where to go next. Thanks Henry
  • Linear color space on Daydream looks much darker than editor I am attempting to build a daydream vr application and would like to work in linear color space. Unfortunately, the build output is much much darker than what is displayed in the editor, and what I would expect. Even the Unity splash logo is appearing against a black background instead of the gray background. If I switch to "gamma" color space the editor and build output appear as expected. Is this a known issue? Is there something obvious I'm missing?

    Developing on OSX
    Unity 2017.1
    Phone =...

    Linear color space on Daydream looks much darker than editor
  • Facekit “Init blendshapes” not implemented? I would like to create a face geometry matching the facial expression described in a specified dictionary. like so: This does not look to be implemented in unity is that corr...
  • How to modify the standard HelloARcontroller script to instantiate one time? Hello, i want to modify the standard c# code HelloARcontroller to instantiate one time. So by touching the screen it will come only 1 time. Can someone help me with this please? Code (CSharp): //--------------------------------------------------...