• Need some guidance on using Interactive 360 sample project Hi where can I find some document or tutorial for using Interactive 360 Example asset available here - I want create something similar for my current project.
  • Question: What software would you like to see in VR space? I am part of a team of grad students and we're looking to develop VR software for free. What software do you want to see in the VR space that doesn't already exist?
  • why is my non VR camera working for my htc HMD when I hit play? figured out when in the player settings VR support is enabled all cameras can render HMD's. How do I go about using Steam Camera rig prefabs. Should I use the prefab for the camera that steam uses or add all the crap to my main camera in my game. just confusing what rout to go about after I have imported the steamVR asset store package and trying to figure out wtf to use lol.
  • SteamVR Moving in the Direction the Player is Looking Hello, we are trying to develop a VR game using the HTC Vive. We want the player to move in the direction in which they are looking when the touch-pad is pressed, but instead we move in the same direction no matter which way the player is looking. Here...
  • Error when compiling program Hello. I have an error when compiling program.

    D:\AR3DObjectsAndShadows\Temp\StagingArea\AndroidManifest-main.xml:3:3-72 Error:
    uses-sdk:minSdkVersion 14 cannot be smaller than version 16 declared in library D:\AR3DObjectsAndShadows\Temp\StagingArea\android-libraries\gvr\AndroidManifest.xml as the library might be using APIs not available in 14
    Suggestion: use a compatible library with a minSdk of at most 14,
    or increase this project's minSdk version to at least 16,...

    Error when compiling program
  • Camera Disable in Vuforia in Unity I created an AR camera in Unity But It is unable to make the camera visible
    View attachment 354439
    It looks like this, whereas it should be able to show the screen
    I already add the key license key in the Vuforia Configuration and add the database card downloaded from the internet. Don't know what to do and please help.
  • Vuforia databases – Image Target issue Good day! Have some problem about importing vuforia target database to unity. Import is ok, i see in Vuforia configuration two databases: My imported database and VuforiaMars_Images database, but when i create image target, it appears as empty rectangle without default image in the scene and on inspector i see for item "Image Target Behaviour (Script)" next settings

    Type "Predefined"
    Database "EMPTY"
    Image Target "EMPTY"

    When i click on EMPTY for database, in dropdown i didn't see...

    Vuforia databases - Image Target issue
  • Object moves after image Tracking Found Hey Guys I am facing this issue : After placing an object over an image, the Object moves with the camera and not staying over the Image, How can we Fix this Issue? remark: ground detection and Device Track Pose is Enabled with optimization for image...
  • SteamVR 2.0 modified teleport point Hello all,
    I'm new to VR development in Unity, in fact didn't get a HTC Vive headset, yet (next week if all works out). I have been viewing a lot of tutorials on Youtube and Pluralsight on setting up SteamVR + Vive in Uinity and have a solid understanding how to set that all up, with pickups and teleporting. For my app, I want the user to not only be able to teleport around a room (several room locations in a house, all loaded in same scene, no plan to loadScenes/Levels). The...

    SteamVR 2.0 modified teleport point
  • Oculus Compositor / Overlay loading screen I've been search all day, but to no avail - there doesn't seem to be much info out there on what I'm looking for (for a junior level dev at least).

    I've done an VR experience for the Vive, which uses SteamVR_LoadLevel to take the user to the SteamVR compositor, with a quad to say what's happening, then loads all the scenes and then goes back to the experience when everything has finished loading.

    I now need to do this for Oculus. I'm attempting to use OVROverlay, with...

    Oculus Compositor / Overlay loading screen
  • Camera position not updating after building VR app to android device: What is the Cause and Solution The camera position is not updating on any android device even when I built the basic "HelloVr" for testing. What could be the cause? I have done the basic and necessary settings needed to build a basic VR app yet camera position is not updat...
  • Image Marker World Center (Vuforia FIRST_TARGET) Is there an analogue of changing the center of the world, I would like the marker to remain still and only the camera be mobile? In vuforia, this is added by setting WorldCenterMode to FIRST_TARGET What I found is to set each frame of SetWorldOrigin t...
  • ARKit Face Tracking Implementation details Hi, I am currently working on a school project that involves using the blendshapes coefficients from the ARKit Face Trackers and I would like to know how the coefficients are calculated. Can anybody point me to any references (articles, documentation...
  • A question of how to connect VIVE wands with Unity VR samples I am very new for VR development and studying Unity VR Samples.
    I have HTC VIVE and see VR samples with open VR setting.
    In the open VR setting, the pink pointer (as attached) doesn't work for VIVE wands. When I click the pink pointer in my computer, then it works and I can change the next scene.

    I want to use VIVE wands in Unity VR samples. Is there anybody know how to connect?
    I couldn't find...

    A question of how to connect VIVE wands with Unity VR samples
  • Public ip address in Window Store hololens Build Hi guys, I want to get ip address using c#, in this case i have used 2 or 3 codes. ----------------------------------------- //code1 Network.Connect(""); currentIP = Network.player.externalIP; Network.Disconnect() //code2 pu...