• Augmented Reality SAAS Based Unity App Hello, I want to build a SAAS based Augmented Reality application, where user can Upload their own target images and link video or images as Augmented Content on those target images. I want a similar application like HP Reveal, or Layar. I am awar...
  • why does a ball in an enclosed box fall thru when using vuforia ? Hey Guys,

    I am new and wanted to create a 'box' with a ball inside. Using a target page, the box would display and I was wondering if you slant the target page, would the ball round around inside the box. From there, i was thinking of making a maze.

    So i created a box using cubes, and i created a ball using a sphere and put a rigidbody on it. To keep the ball in the box, i created a top using a cube and turned off its mesh rendering. If i test the box with the ball, i can rotate it...

    why does a ball in an enclosed box fall thru when using vuforia ?
  • Cloud license and Model Target question Hello,

    I have an app using the Vuforia cloud API and obviously in the app there is the license key for the cloud.
    Now, if I want integrate in the same app also the Model Target I can do it?
    Because I read the Model Target need to create a new license key, but this mean I can't develop an app with cloud target and model target?

  • How to use HDR in Hololens Unity3d project? I have no idea about using HDR in hololens Unity3d project. Can anyone help me to resolve this problem? Thanks a lot.
  • XR settings not saved in editor I am using Unity 2018.2 and recently reinstalled windows and moved Unity to a SSD, now i cannot save XR settings for some reason, i can save any other settings in player settings but once i change XR settings to Virtual Reality supported to enabled, us...
  • Projection Mapping Interactive Book Help Hi guys, for my final year project of university, I am creating an interactive book through projection mapping. Basically a book with a projector and Kinect sensor mounted overhead, projecting a 2d interactive story with interactive elements being trig...
  • Can vuforia get real-time camera attitude estimates? Hi,
    I saw a case, published in the APPstore, name is sk-II store, he was able to identify images after the scene, and then lost for a long time can still observe the contents of the whole scene, but the vuforia open extension after tracking identify missing after a period of time the camera is no estimate posture, so lead to scenario has been fixed in the screen, can't pull into the far rotating observation scene, I was thinking vuforia if there are other ways to achieve that in the above case?
  • Disable automatic instantiation of ImageTargets for each Target in Library Is there a setting that disables this behaviour? I have a library with multiple targets in it, however I don't necessarily want ImageTargets instantiated for each target in every scene.

    for example, my current library has 2 targets, and I have an ImageTargetBehaviour associated with one of them, when i run the scene I get an additional "new game object" that's associated with the other one. It serves no purpose other than using resources unnecessarily.

  • Arkit remote freezes every 15 seconds. it seems my arkit no matter what version of unity i export it with, will continue to freeze periodically for a few seconds before getting back to normal. anyone have any knowledge on why? or if they have a stable build can i see it and try to figure ou...
  • XRSettings.enabled quit game Hello, I have a strange behavoir on my game after update from Unity 2018.2 to Unity 2018.3, this is my code : Code (CSharp):     private void EnableVisor()     {         #if UNITY_WSA   &n...
  • How to develop Holoportation Application Hi All,
    I wanna to develop 'Holoportation Application'. I wanna to know how I develop using unity3d. Which type of equipment I required to develop. I am sharing the link which application I wanna to develop.
    As I understand I need Hololens. But I wanna what kind of other software/Resouces I required.
  • What Going with Oculus Go input with unity?? OK I've Bought a Oculus Go and wanted to use it by just plug in play into unity for developement. unforgettably I cant get anything to work. i've downloaded Oculus intergretion package. and followed every thing i can find on google. Im starting to think i wasted bunch of money on techonlogy that doenst work as well as it claims.

    Any idea whats wrong
  • Mirror in camera Hello there i am creating an ar app and i am using the following code to use the camera.However when i use it works like a mirror(for example when i lift my left hand it show the right side of the picture).How can i fix this.I try to use the 2nd code b...
  • Pixar USD/USDZ import hi guys, is there any planned support from unity for importing USD/USDZ at runtime? Im writing a mobile AR app that needs to load in large meshes and very quickly "cull" a smaller portion of that mesh for display. This is where USD shines wit...
  • ARKit function for blendShape–> faceGeometry to modify face mesh I want to use the blendShapes dictionary to modify a face mesh in Unity. In the example of the `Assets\UnityARKitPlugin\Examples\FaceTracking\FaceMeshScene`, the face mesh is being updated by `UnityARFaceMeshManager` script in the same directory. It d...