• Getting Gear VR Controller to detect a single touch Hi guys,
    I'm trying to get the touch pad on the Gear VR controller to behave like a joystick. In other words, I want it to detect when I simply touch somewhere on the touch pad, not necessarily drag, and give me the position of my touch. Using Input.GetAxis and Input.mousePosition I'm able to get some sort of feedback when I drag my finger across i.e. swipe, however merely touching does not do anything. Also Input.touchCount only returns a number greater than zero when I...

    Getting Gear VR Controller to detect a single touch
  • OpenVR – Build marks XRSettings.enabled as false I am having a problem in my project once I compile the build, it does not seem to detect the VR device connected. With a test script, I debugged whether the XRSettings's enabled property was set to true. On Editor mode it is debugged to true (first figure), however, it is set to false once the build is executed (second figure).

    The debug script is very simple:

    Code (CSharp):
    1. using...
    OpenVR - Build marks XRSettings.enabled as false
  • Integrating Unity within Mobile App Hi,

    I'm wondering what would be the best approach to architecture an app that contains both business logic and AR features. Let's assume I have a view which loads some data from database e.g. list of employees and I have a Augmented Reality view where I do something.

    I think that there are 3 options:
    - do whole App in Unity
    - do Xamarin or Native apps with Unity as a part of an app
    - use React.Native with embedded Unity

    What would you recommend? Any other approach?

  • Having problems in Unity when grabbing objects: my OVRController Runs Away I have a problem with Unity to grab objects: when I do it, the OVRController (Player) start to run away and I don't want to do that thing.

    Also it run away specially when I put my hand beside my body.

    I want to control it normally when I grab an object.

    I am using for Oculus Rift

    I would appreciate your help, thank you!
  • How to set up LocalAvatar Hi there,

    I'm trying to get the hand and the controller to show up properly on Go/GearVr. I tried to attach the LocalAvatar to the OVRCameraRig and the TrackingSpace, also tried some things as described here:

    and here:


    Somehow the hand/controller is to high / low...

    How to set up LocalAvatar
  • ARFoundation + Vuforia Hello guys,

    I just wanted to check if anybody managed to make Vuforia + ARfoundation work together? I have one vuforia scene and one ARFoundation scene and whenever I try to run the ARFoundation Scene, it's black. Any idea why ?
  • Unity Architectural visualization in Virtual reality Hello,
    I am an undergraduate student and currently working as a 3D artist .
    I am trying to make an Architectural visualization in Virtual reality using unity. and my device is HTC vive .
    Currently i am stuck in a point. am trying to change any object texture in play mode.
    But I can't find any clue or tutorial .
    I saw ""VR MATERIAL MANAGER "" but i can't use that so that i am searching for any other wat to do that.
  • Hand grab animation with Vive triggers So basically I'm trying to figure out how to animate the players hand models when you press the trigger on a vive controller. Depending on how far down the trigger is pressed, the more "clenched" the hand will be. I figured the best approach would be to get the axis value of the trigger input by setting it to a float, and setting a float parameter in the animator for the hand animation, however I can't seem to get this working. Both hand models are also rigged.
  • Can’t attach HoloLens to Unity for remote debugging or profiling When running a Unity application on HoloLens, 'Attach Unity Debugger' in Visual Studio gives me only the Editor in the 'Select Unity Instance' dialog, with no players. As a result I can't do any script debugging of a running app, nor monitor its performance. Opening the Profiler window also fails to find the running player instance. This is something new for me - using .Net Scripting backend and Unity 2017.x.x, remote debugging always worked. This has started since I tried to move to the...

    Can't attach HoloLens to Unity for remote debugging or profiling
  • Rotate CameraRig based on Oculus Controller Rotation I was trying to access the rotation of the Oculus controller so that i can rotate the Player Rig to create an illusion that world is rotating. I am using SteamVR, so my code will look when i access the rotation of a right hand controller int rightInd...
  • Access cubemap of ARKit environment texture?? I need to access the textures that make up the cubemap generated by ARKit's environment/reflection probe. I can do this successfully in non-ARKit scenes by doing this:

    Code (CSharp):
    1. Cubemap cm =  reflectionProbe.customBakedTexture;
    2. Color colors = cm.GetPixels(CubemapFace.NegativeX);
    4. Texture2D tex = new Texture2D(256, 256);
    5. tex.SetPixels(colors);
    6. tex.Apply();
    8. //do something with tex (apply to a Material, RawImage, whatever...)
    This works great on-device for non-ARKit scenes, but...

    Access cubemap of ARKit environment texture??
  • Oculus Go controller mapping I've searched and searched and was unable to find how the Oculus Go controller maps to the built in controls in Unity (i.e. edit->project settings->input).

    What I did was assign each button/axis to a named control of the button/axis name (i.e. "joystick button 0" = "button 0" and "joystick axis X" = "axis 1"). Then put it in a text mesh so I could see the values for each.

    What I've found is:
    Trigger = button 15 (its also an axis but returns only 1 or 0, nothing in-between)
    Back = button 7...

    Oculus Go controller mapping
  • Camera sometimes starts at floor level – 2018.2.13 On launch, the camera will sometimes start at the floor level, i.e. y == 0.... This is inconsistent to reproduce but happens fairly frequently. Tracking wise, the device should be in a good state. When launching the app from the Windows cliff house, th...
  • Steam Store Published VR Game support for Oculus Touch and HTC Vive Hi All, How do YOU do this, I guess I am asking is what ideal solution, with least amount of problems? Do you do a single build for both and within the game detect which device is connected and load corresponding settings etc..? Or do you do two se...
  • [Tracked controllers] Issue with momentum loss on dropping objects I'm having an issue with interacting with objects. If I try to pick up and toss them, they freeze, and then fall with gravity, rather than continue it's path due to montum. I've tested this in a basic scene just to make sure there's nothing from my game interfering.

    I have the ViveController, with a trigger collider attach to the target cube with a rigid body, via a fixed joint.
    When I "let go" the breakforce is set to 0. AFAIK the target cube should continue with it's momentum. If there...

    Issue with momentum loss on dropping objects