• need your help with oculus rift and unity . we cant seem to figure out the way to solve these errors we uploaded. if you know how to solve the problems please help.
  • How the bejeezus do you use a Vive Tracker in SteamVR? If I use the Steam Tracked Object code, it seems to show up with different IDs each time I start the player.

    So how am I supposed to be able to identify a Vive Tracker from my code?

    Thank you for any and all pointers. I'm genuinely stumped on this.

  • How do you create a 360 video from unity scene? hi, how do you create a 360 video in unity? Do I need an asset like helios, or can you use octane? Do you create ananimation first then attach a panoramic camera? Any tips would be grateful please. Thanks
  • Virtual Button on vuforia to increment percentage Hi, I am trying to make two virtualbuttons on an image target, this two button are minus (-) and plus (+) and y want that these two buttons could increment a number in 3dtext but i do not know how. Any ideas? I have this code: using UnityEngine; pub...
  • Device Mirror in VR with Unity Hi all, I would like to mirror my tablet screen inside a VR application made in Unity, do you know if there is a strategy or an asset capable to do that? My idea is to interact with the application as the user wear the Oculus, so manipulating the table...
  • Becoming a AR developer with no degree Hello everyone I was wondering would it be possible to become a AR developer with only getting certifications and online courses from unity?
  • Unity/Vuforia AR Help Hello, I'm a noob to Unity. Can anyone help me figure out the basic of creating AR content. I've looked at countless video's and I followed them to the t but for some reason i keep getting this error. Any ideas? I dont have a web can to do test yet could that be the cause? I just wanted to see if it would build with out error's. Any information would be appreciated.

    Unable to start ObjectTracker. Your hardware may not support it.
  • Render Only on Marker Area So I made tiles that moving endlessly like endless runner. I used depth mask shader on 2 cubes to hide the tiles outside the marker area. But the problem is I can only have full view from above. I want to have full view on the marker area when I see it...
  • Unity Build Showing Black Screen on Startup Using Oculus SDK Using Windows 10 (x64), Unity 2018.3.4f1, Oculus Standalone Package 1.29.0 & Oculus Integration 1.34. My app runs well in the editor, but when I try to build and run it, the application shows maybe a split second of the scene and then goes to a bl...
  • How to add custom clickable UI in Unity along with Vuforia augmented avatar? I would like to add few UI elements like images,text,buttons along with the vuforia augmented 3d model in Unity? Also I should be able to interact with the UI. Can you help me?
  • oculus go, everything is grey when i run? hi, ive got everything set up and it exports to my go ok, but when I open the apk file and run it , there is nothing? everything is grey? any suggestions as to what im doing wrong?
  • VR application with editable movie theatre asset Hello, I wanted to create a VR Application with a movie theatre asset. My question is, can I change every asset like I want it? So could I change the Screensize as example or the color of the walls/floor/seats? Can I add objects to that asset like p...
  • [Tutorial] Building a VR Game for Google Play w/ Cardboard SDK 0.6 In this tutorial, we will build a mobile VR app designed for Google Play Store (not GearVR or Daydream). This app will not require any additional installations like Google VR Services, etc. It is a standalone APK that simply splits the screen into a st...
  • VR Ads Hi, I am not completely sure if this thread goes here or in Ads section, but well, I hope is here, recently I am working in a VR game for android, and I get curios because I have like flashbacks of Unity Ads working in a VR game, like a VR Screen playi...
  • Oculus Quest – Leap Motion integration Hi Fellow Devs,

    Has anybody heard any rumors about Oculus Quest having Leap Motion tech integrated?
    controller free hand visualization would open up a couple of great interactions.

    On Leap's website there are indications of an Android SDK release being imminent. (
    and they offer a partner program. (

    Fingers crossed.