• Issue connecting to the Internet from UWP Hi. I'm a developer making Virtual Reality programs with Unity. I've been having some issues connecting to an online database when building for UWP so it can work with Windows Mixed Reality. Basically, what I'm trying to do is pull questions from an online JSON database which will the user will answer. However, with UWP we have issues pulling questions from the server. No other format, be it Oculus or OpenVR (which is compatible with WMR) has this issue. Does UWP have a certain issue with...

    Issue connecting to the Internet from UWP
  • APK is signed with Signature Scheme V3, which is not yet supported. Oculus platform Hi,

    Surprise ! today I try to upload a new build on Oculus platform and this message appear:

    APK Signed With Signature Schema V3
    APK is signed with Signature Scheme V3, which is not yet supported. Please disable signing with Scheme V3 and upload again.

    I always published build (24) with same project and setup...

    How to correct this ? it's unity problem signing ?

  • this problem is “Android Vuforia build” Why not like that

    why do it getting transformed source file. I can't editing files.

    how to solving the problem. can you suggestion?
  • Upside down camera render using VR Pipeline template Hi. I have just created a new project using the experimental VR render pipeline template. Testing using a Samsung Odyssey headset, running it directly from the editor, using the Windows Mixed Reality portal. In both the Editor, and on the headset the c...
  • 360 Camera in VR with spatial Tracking, posible? Does anybody have any advice for doing this?
    I have a customer that wants to do a live video playback with a 360 camera being seen through a VR Headset, but having spatial tracking in a specific room that can be setup ahead of time, so it does not matter if its using markers or not for tracking. I have tried to search here and google for anyone doing Augmented reality with 360 camera but not much is popping up. Vuforia's forum seems barren on the subject also.
  • Vuforia installer fails The Macbook version of the Vuforia installer for 2018.3 fails. No information, nothing in the system console, it just says to contact the vendor. There's no way to do that, of course.
    Any tricks for getting the installer to work?
  • Any good cross-platform marker tracker? I'm looking for a way to track a marker that's maybe 5x10 cm or so in size, from a meter or two away, using an app running on a phone or desktop. (I am happy to use completely artificial markers as needed; I don't care what they look like.)

    I've spent too much time today playing with:
    • EasyAR: tracks well when it tracks at all, but too frequently loses the marker even when it remains in plain sight
    • Arcolib: hangs onto the marker better, but doesn't acquire it initially unless...

    Any good cross-platform marker tracker?
  • Rendering / Streaming external camera on Oculus (Augmented Reality) Hi everyone, I have a project of Augmented Reality by using Oculus Rift and 2 Webcams attached to the Headset. I need each camera to render and display on each eye. I found some information online at the oculus website (
  • Vuforia Core Samples 7.5.26? Does anyone have or know where I can get the Vuforia Core Samples for v7.5.26? They updated the package on the asset store for Vuforia 8.0.10 and I can't seem to find where to download the older Core Samples.

    I don't want to use 8.0.10 just yet, because we're dealing with Unity Cloud Builds.

  • Unity 2018.3.1f1 and Vuforia 8.0.10 iOS front camera upside-down After updating the project at Vuforia 8 (Unity 2018.3.1f1) we have the problem of the front camera. It turns upside down (both on iPhone and iPad). We have not found any way to fix it. To take a quick test. We have created a new empty project. Impor...
  • Support both VR and non-VR in the same app (esp. UI) The app I'm working on has to run in three different environments:

    A. Non-VR (desktop PC or Windows tablet with keyboard/X1 controller/touchscreen controls)
    B. Non-VR with Anaglyph 3D (desktop PC with keyboard/X1 controller)
    C. Windows Mixed Reality (e.g. HMD Odyssey with Steam VR; desktop PC/notebook with keyboard/X1 controller)

    1. For A and B (the nVidia drivers take care of the 3D) I can just export my app as "PC, Mac & Linux Standalone". For C I have to add OpenVR in the "Player...

    Support both VR and non-VR in the same app (esp. UI)
  • Best scene light configuration in unity Hi all,
    is anyone here can recommend the best light configuration to keep the best performance (and achieve maximum FPS:). I've been trying to find a good answer for a while now... but it seems no one writing a definitive answer regarding using real-time/baked light or apply Global illumination....
    is someone here already found the best possible configuration?

    P.S talking about Hololens, of course:)

  • Planar Reflections and VR Hi,

    I'm currently using a HD SRP along with SteamVR and Unity 2018.3

    Is it possible to enable planar reflections when using VR? The issue seems to be with the Target Eye within the cameras XR Settings. When set to None (Main Display) the reflections appear as expected, however when the Target Eye is set to both, the reflections only show the skybox. Any suggestions on how to solve this?

    *Edit - This doesn't seem to be limited to Planar Reflections - But also Reflection Probes seem to be...

    Planar Reflections and VR
  • Graphics.Blit stereo rendering Blit pixel shift. Bug? I am making a cloud plugin for Unity that renders the result to a downscaled RenderTexture. This result is then upscaled using a nearest-depth filter. While authoring the plugin for single-pass stereo rendering, I've noticed a strange issue where the right eye sometimes is offset a little bit when using Graphics.Blit. This isn't noticeable for most use-cases perhaps, but the upscale...

    Graphics.Blit stereo rendering Blit pixel shift. Bug?
  • Why !EventSystem.current.IsPointerOverGameObject(touch.fingerId) is not working anymore? The below code used to work for me when I tested it few months back.Now I cant see it working.The hit gets registered behind the UI always and the model that I placed using the UNITYARHIT example scene gets placed behind the UI. Code (CSharp): #e...