• Problem With Changing From One Sphere To Another I am currently trying to create an environment where I have two sphere objects where there is a 360 panorama picture in each of them. I created an object in the first sphere which I want to click and then end up in the second sphere. I tried to do this...
  • Minimum Unity Version That Comes With Vuforia 8.1.7 Hello, as I want to use the latest Vuforia 8.1.7 with Unity Cloud Build, I have to migrate my project to the Unity version that originally packages this Vuforia version. I could not find any place that tells me this information without trial and error...
  • Expose the Left/Right eye showing for desktop window for SteamVR Hi Guys,

    I've been in touch with Aaron Leiby from Valve regarding an issue with chosen eye for rendering the desktop window for VR games. This is currently effecting all SteamVR first person shooter games made with Unity.

    By default, SteamVR outputs the left eye to the desktop window. This makes streaming or recording footage of an FPS game more difficult than it should be! Since most of our users are right eye dominant, their desktop window won't show the view of them looking down...

    Expose the Left/Right eye showing for desktop window for SteamVR
  • How To Show Right/left Eye From Steamvr On Monitor Hi everyone, I need to make choice to render left or right eye on monitor for my Vive VR application. I use Steam VR v 1.2.3 and Vive Input Utility (for comfortable trackers managment). As I understand Steam VR has hardcoded left eye and has no API to...
  • Using A Second Cam While Still Rendering The Vr Camera For The Vr Headset Hey, I am not sure if I`m in the correct Section since the Topic was more (XR) focused. I am completely new to VR Unity, but what I am trying to do is (probably) pretty simple. I want to render the VR Camera so the person on the headset still sees e...
  • [bug] 360 Video Freezing On First Click (loading Ui Elements) Hello everyone,

    After 2 days of searching without response I'm exposing my problem to you.

    My app is running on Android with Google Cardboard and consists in playing a 360 video as the skybox with some collider moving with animations. The user is able to aim at a collider and "click" to get some informations.

    The problem is that in editor mode it works perfectly fine but once I run it on Android the video freezes on the first click for like 2 seconds and then resume. Clicks after it...

    360 Video Freezing On First Click (loading Ui Elements)
  • Part Of 3d Model Not Rendering Properly On Device Hello I am trying to place this model in AR using arcore and Unity 2018.3.8f1: In the attached screenshot you can see that the body of the Astronaut is not rendered corr...
  • [tutorial] Create An Ar Business Card Hi, Got this ARKit business card tutorial to share from one of our new writers Feel free to let us know your thoughts, and we hope that you enjoy it!
  • Hdrp Vr Mixed Reality Webcam Shader? I've setup HDRP VR in Unity(2019.2.0a9) with Oculus Rift.
    Trying to Mixed Reality with My Webcam in this Project. I already checked MR is working in Unity 3D Project with my webcam(Brio).

    But I can't display Webcam view in HDRP project. it's pink like standard material(not hdrp)...
    Is there any specific HDRP shader for webcam display?
    Thanks in advance.
  • Help Please Quick!! Hi. I am creating a vr game of my high school that I have put a lot of time into. When working on it for about 6 hours my game crashes without me saving. I open the game to find that it hasn't recover and then I see that I was suppose to recover it from the temporary. I thought it was OK then decided to copy the scene file to my one drive. Once I did this when I try to open the scene there is nothing there! I have been working on this project for about a year and want to know if there is a...

    Help Please Quick!!
  • What is unity’s definition of “Standalone support for WMR headsets”? We have an app that supports WMR headsets, however it requires SteamVR to run.
    We can't have our app as a UWP app because it is VR and desktop multiuser, which UWP straight up doesn't support.

    The problem with SteamVR is our application is VR software for architects, so getting steam installed in big architectural firms is not a very easy task and the bridge itself is just extremely unreliable and buggy.

    It would be great if unity supported WindowsMR natively for desktop standalone builds,...

    What is unity's definition of "Standalone support for WMR headsets"?
  • Communication between Arduino and Hololens through bluetooth Hello,

    I have been working on a project that involves sending some sensor data over Bluetooth HC-05 module(not BLE) from an Arduino to the App in hololens.

    Up till now, I can receive sensor data in unity editor with using System.IO.Ports namespace.

    But when I tried to deploy it to the HoloLens , I got the error "The type or namespace name 'SerialPort' could not be found".

    I am new to HoloLens and Arduino, any help is appreciated.

    Thanks and sorry about English.
  • Known Issue: Package Errors when importing Vuforia Samples into Unity 2019.1 from Asset Store We are currently looking into a known issue where errors like the following are displayed after importing a Vuforia sample from the Asset Store into Untiy 2019.1:

    Library/PackageCache/com.unity.package-manager-ui@2.0.3/Editor/Sources/UI/PackageDetails.cs(5,32): error CS0234: The type or namespace name 'UIElements' does not exist in the namespace 'UnityEngine.Experimental' (are you missing an assembly reference?)

    The reason for this is that Unity 2019.1 does not correctly upgrade internal...

    Known Issue: Package Errors when importing Vuforia Samples into Unity 2019.1 from Asset Store
  • ARKit: Symbol not found: _UnityARKitXRPlugin_PluginLoad Hi! I created an AR application using the AR Foundation package, on Android and in the editor everything works, but when I try to run my application on the iOS Simulator, I get a SIGBUS error with this console description: dyld: Symbol not found: _Un...
  • Unity Virtual Reality: Question about input What I am trying to achieve at this point, is the following: Let's say that we have a Cube game object and a SteamVR player. The Cube object is on position y = 100 and the SteamVR player is on position y = 0.

    I want to make it possible that the player can zoom in on the game object by doing the following:

    -> Pressing both triggers and bringing the controllers close to each other will zoom in.

    -> Pressing both triggers and bringing the controllers away from each other will zoom out.


    Unity Virtual Reality: Question about input