• Gamma Difference on Oculus Rift Headset – surfaces snap to black I'm working on a game on the Rift that takes place in low light. In the Editor, as I get the light intensity very low, I can get very near to black without getting all the way there. However, when viewing on the rift, everything is a little brighter (a lot actually) - like the gamma is brighter on the Rift or something.

    What this means is that when I try and get the light really low (like a dark blue moonlight (directional light)), as I approach smaller values - the surfaces lit by the...

    Gamma Difference on Oculus Rift Headset - surfaces snap to black
  • Camera show nothing Using Vuforia in Unity I Created an app in Unity using Vuforia AR.
    The camera seems blocked and I don't know why.
    I am currently using Unity 2018.3.0f2 and running on my PC. The application has included the Vuforia pack, and I have already created an Image target and an AR camera
    View attachment 356587
    It looks like this while playing
    Below is the Vuforia Configuration
    View attachment 356590
    and the player settings
    View attachment 356593

    Thank you so much!
  • GPU Skinning broken with OpenGLES3 Daydream (causes render artifacts) on 2018.3 I'm wondering if anyone has had similar issues and maybe found a workaround: We've upgraded our project to Unity 2018.3 and now have strange render artifacts and glitches, which look like this:

    View attachment 356521
    View attachment 356524
    Basically, all textures (including render textures) are garbled and flicker in wild colors as soon as a certain number of SkinnedMeshRenderers are present in the scene.

    This happens when:
    • SkinnedMeshRender count is above a certain number...

    GPU Skinning broken with OpenGLES3 Daydream (causes render artifacts) on 2018.3
  • Tensorflow in Unity Hi Other than the Matthew Hallberg video is there a more in depth guide to using Tensorflow for Object Detection in Unity? I need to see what is possible in simply detecting faces and specific logos. Please note that there is a HUGE difference in f...
  • Vuforia currently does not support the IL2CPP scripting backend for UWP Hello all,
    I'm getting the next error when trying to build a UWP build for HoloLens:

    Vuforia currently does not support the IL2CPP scripting backend for Windows Store Apps. Please select ".NET" as the scripting backend in the "Other Settings" section of the Player Settings

    The weird thing is that I have been building the project using the IL2CPP scripting backend without any problem for the last weeks but today suddenly this error appeared.

    Any idea why Vuforia does not allow me to...

    Vuforia currently does not support the IL2CPP scripting backend for UWP
  • Clarification on Ground Plane for non-ARCore devices (Android) Quick question - the Vuforia v8.0.10 release notes mention for Android that 'On some non-ARCore Android devices, Ground Plane augmentations may have a slight tilt with respect to the expected vertical orientation.'

    I have tested a Ground Plane v8.0.10 build on an Xperia X Compact android phone (non-ARCore supported) and found that the ground plane did not work, whereas on phones supporting ARKit or ARCore, the ground plane works. I wanted to see if there was a reason that the release notes...

    Clarification on Ground Plane for non-ARCore devices (Android)
  • Vuforia 8 update and Unity Cloud Build Hello, I read the release notes for Vuforia 8.0.10 and saw a known limitation with Unity Cloud Build that I need to know better how to handle it. In the notes, it is stated: "Unity Cloud Build is currently not supported if Vuforia is upgraded th...
  • Camera not working in Windows build Hi, I am working on an AR project using the built-in Vuforia. The program uses an external camera to track image targets and displays objects on them. The program works in Play mode in Unity, and also after building in the Android platform. However, it...
  • How to Package the WMR project from Unity and run Hi, working on the Windows mixed reality project now, i want to export it as a package and run it through my system to MR device acer which i plugged into my system. But stuck in unity how to export and install in system, can anyone plz help me out t...
  • Creating Preprocessor Directives for SteamVR and OculusVR I'm attempting to take a VR project that was written to run with SteamVR to be compatible with OculusVR as well. From what I've read I need to use #define directives, but I'm lost on how exactly to go about doing this. How do I create a #define OCULUS, for example, that will only be defined when I'm using the OculusVR sdk? Or is there a way to create a directive that is defined in an exclusive scene??
  • Using Unity’s ARKit FaceRemote animations I've successfully set up Unity's ARKit FaceRemote and am testing it for a short AR pitch piece. I'm looking to better understand where the captured takes are kept so that I can either a) use them in Unity for my scene and/or b) export them to Maya.

    When I use the built in 'bake' button to export the takes I get an error from Maya:

    // Error: Missing a required keyword: animVersion //
  • Combining Image targets with Ground plane I have been away from Vuforia development for a bit, ground planes are still fairly new to me. But now I need to update an older project that used exclusively Image targets to one that also has Ground planes. The use case is to include a lock feature ...
  • Detecting faces in live video from webcam I'm working on a client ask involving facial and possibly logo detection, essentially counting faces & logos.

    From what I know the only way to do this with a regular webcam is via OpenCV.

    I've used the OpenCV Unity asset from the asset store but it seems somewhat limited both in terms of performance and functionality.

    For example for any type of 'face detection' in realtime the person must be no further than about 10 feet from the camera and of course looking in the general camera...

    Detecting faces in live video from webcam
  • Ugly line on 360 stereo skybox Hey!

    I'm using the skybox panoramic shader that you need for 360 videos, but instead I use them for pictures.
    I mean it sounds pretty dope to get a 360 image as the skybox, and it looks pretty cool. The only problem is, at the edge of the picture where they meet there is an ugly line, and at the corners (top and bottom points) the picture is a bit blurry, and there is an ugly point as well at both locations.

    Color of it is blue, except where the image is blue itself, there the line is...

    Ugly line on 360 stereo skybox
  • Solved: Vuforia AR Camera getting blurry Hey, I am developing an AR App with CloudReco and noticed a strange behavior. When my app starts it starts with the AR Scene and everything works as expected, See Screenshot1. View attachment 355315 When i am leaving the scene (loading a norm...