• System.NotImplementedException when a PhotoCaptureFrame instantiated PhotoCapture seems to trigger an internal error when it recieves a frame from the camera. (See stack trace at bottom, error is thrown from PhotoCaptureFrame's constructor inside InvokeOnCapturedPhotoToMemoryDelegate.)

    Code (csharp):
    1. Exception thrown: 'System.NotImplementedException' in WinRTBridge.dll
    2. 'testapp.exe' (CoreCLR: CoreCLR_UWP_Domain): Loaded 'C:\Data\Users\DefaultAccount\AppData\Local\DevelopmentFiles\testappVS.Release_x86.testuser\System.Diagnostics.StackTrace.dll'. Cannot find or open...
    System.NotImplementedException when a PhotoCaptureFrame instantiated
  • Unity UWP build errors when using PhotoCapture (UnityEngine.XR.WSA.WebCam) When I build a Unity UWP app with properly guarded code that references PhotoCapture, it fails with the error:
    However, I can comment out the reference to PhotoCapture, successfully build the UWP app, open the generated UWP solution, uncomment the same...

    Unity UWP build errors when using PhotoCapture (UnityEngine.XR.WSA.WebCam)
  • [TUTORIAL] Hey! Listen: Sound Design with Unity & FMOD Hi everyone! Just published a new tutorial on creating immersive sound worlds with Unity and FMOD. Check it out here: Hope you find it useful!
  • SteamVR-Why there is a music loading scene I'm working on a vr game and there's a 3D mp4 inside.
    Every time I choose and press a button on the mp4's menu to play a certain song another scene will show up.
    It seems to be a music loading process which lasts about 1 seconds with dark blue background and the base stations.It won't appear in screen but looks like it stuck 1s.
    Did I miss something about the htc vive's sound setting or the music's quality is too high?
  • Is HoloLens 32bit? If yes, Should I use Unity 32bit version? will it compatible with MixedRealityToolkit? If not. So how am I gonna load 32 bit DLL to 64 bit Unity Editor?
  • Setting world scale without affecting physics Hi, I want to be able to scale up / down the scale of AR scene. How can I setup the scale for a whole AR scene without affecting physics? When I set scale of root GameObject it breaks physics (wheel colliders). Thanks
  • AR Foundation – Stop PlaneDetection AR Foundation 1.0.0-preview.19 ARCore XR 1.0.0-preview.21 ARKit XR 1.0.0-preview.16 Hi, I want to pause or resume the plane detection in the AR Foundation framework. After the player found some planes and selected one of the planes, I would like to s...
  • OCR in unity Is there any plugin/package exists for OCR in unity?
  • Button to open a url Hi Im creating a portal environment of a gallery, and would like the user to be able to turn a look at an image on the wall and somehow be able to press on the image itself open up a url link to that image and description online. Can anybody offer an...
  • (Coursework) VR Questionnaire
    -This is not for commercial / marketing purposes, this is the primary research for the UK Upper Sixth Extended Project Qualification-

    Please take a minute of your time to fill out this questionnaire!

    In the UK, Sixth Form students are allowed to take the Extended Project Qualification, it's basically a 5,000 word essay on a topic of your choice, and doing it...

    (Coursework) VR Questionnaire
  • Oculus Go: Picking up/Moving objects Hey Guys,
    I am very new to unity and am building a VR app for Oculus Go. I want to pick and move the object by pointing the ray from the controller on the object and then picking or releasing it by pressing the trigger button. I want the object to stay fixed at the end of the ray's position rather than coming suddenly onto the controller.
    If anyone could point me in a right direction or help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it!
    Thanks in advance.
  • ipad 2018, arkit 2.0 remote scene, windows 10 doesn’t work Hi guys,

    I just get bought ipad 2018 a few days ago, my laptop has win10 professional installed, my unity has been given admin privilege, since with ARKit 2.0, everytime I press Play in unity, it will create an ARKit Remote Connection Gameobject automaticlly, I didn't drag that remote prefab manually, but what happen is, after I connect to my pad and play my scene, the camera image only show in a flash on my pad, and then the whole APP (ARKit Remote App on my pad) close and exit, anyone knows?
  • How can I get Controller’s Pointer Position..? sorry for bad English.. I try to do my best to explain my problem...:(

    I wanna make a Video player which has progress bar.

    Whenever I clicked on Progressbar, it's position is wired...
    every time, when I clicked on progress bar, Pointer's position is on 0,0...

    what I wondered is does
    GvrPointerInputModule.Pointer.transform.position returns Controller's position???

    Here is my code.

    public void OnPointerDown() //event trigger onDown

    pointer =...

    How can I get Controller's Pointer Position..?
  • One frame black screen Hello We noticed next proplem only on IOS devices(not android). When we Async Load Scenes and move between them appear one frame is black screen. By the way of trials and errors we found out that black screen is appear when start of Vuforia. Please, ...
  • Oculus Go controller not visible in second device I have a strange issue with the Oculus Go controller. There is a world canvas and a laser pointer used together with the Oculus Go controller. Inside my device everything is perfect, but the client told me that inside his Oculus Go, the controller and ...