• fixed HMD position Hi everybody, I am working on a mixed reality software which shall outpout all content before a fixed point, all content behind a fixed point and alpha, which the basic external camera settings allow me easily to do in relation to the hmd position. Wh...
  • Problem with jitter/latency issue There is an obvious jitter and latency issue for Holotoolkit for Unity since Unity3d 2018.2.2f1 and the later version (I've tested every version up to 2019.1.0a12).
    1. install the holotoolkit (HoloToolkit-Unity-2017.4.3.0)
    2. apply the mixed reality scene setting which could create an AR camera
    3. drop a simple box in the scene
    4. use the holographic remoting or deploy it to Hololens
    No matter to use the holographic remoting or deploy it to Hololens, the hologram appears...

    Problem with jitter/latency issue
  • Broken Oculus Integration Asset? Hello, I updated my Unity to 2018.3 and installed Oculus Standard SDK from package manager and then went ahead and installed Oculus Integration Asset from the asset store. But importing the Oculus Integration asset throws errors that I do not know ...
  • WorldAnchorTransferBatch.ImportAsync never completes I need to share anchors between different apps on the Hololens, so I followed the guide at to store the anchor information into a byte array. When I try to load the an...
  • Cannot create GoogleAR AugmentedImageDatabase in inspector As you can see in the image, whenever I try to create an image database, it is greyed out. This occurs in both the Assets dropdown menu at the top of the screen (pictured) and also the right click contextual menu in my project tab. Has anybody encounte...
  • count gameobject in each child in each parent in a parent node hi , good day ! may I know how can I count child object in each parent object while they are in one head parent? View attachment 344671 please help me, this is very urgent .. Thank you
  • Unity 2018.3 and Steam VR controllers Anyone else having a problem with Vive wands after updating Unity to 2018.3?
  • Can’t seem to enable Vuforia in Player Settings Trying to do another augmented reality but when I had ARCamera it says "Vuforia is not enabled. Enable Vuforia in the PlayerSettings in order to modify this object." When I go to Build Settings and click on Player Settings, but I don't see anything that allows me to enable Vuforia. I just installed Unity this morning and checked the iOS and Vuforia boxes when installing. There is a Vuforia folder in the Assets folder, but how do i enable it?
  • First person locomotion using Oculus Go Controller with Oculus Integration Asset Hi,
    I'm using the Oculus Integration package from asset store to get the basic packages for Oculus Go VR development with Unity. I used the OVRPlayerController prefab, but I'm unable to move the character using the controller, whereas when I run the scene in unity, I'm able to move using WASD and rotate left/right using Q and E keys. Since this is a VR package, how come its not working for Oculus Go Controller but only for keyboard? Please help
  • Instant Preview with AR Foundation Hello,

    I've been working on converting my existing AR app from the ARCore/ARKit plugins over to AR Foundation. The conversion has been pretty straight forward, but the one feature from AR Core that I really need for development is Instant Preview.

    If I add the ARCore session script to the scene, as well as the background renderer, I am able to get instant preview to connect and the editor receives the camera stream just fine. The only problem is that the tracking isn't working.

    I assume...

    Instant Preview with AR Foundation
  • Mirage 6DoF controllers Has anyone been able to get the new 6DoF controller kit working inside Unity? We're having difficulty getting the controllers to be detected at all.
  • Start/Stop Vuforia when dealing with multiple scenes Hy, this should just be an informal post that costed several days to figure out. Just to save others from wasting their time, I'll post my problem + solution here. Maybe some lucky dev will stumble upon this and find the help he needs, when it comes to deal with the extremly annoying error

    Exception in callback: System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. ---> UnityEngine.MissingReferenceException: The object of type...

    Start/Stop Vuforia when dealing with multiple scenes
  • Solid version of Unity for new VR HTC Vive project Hello all,
    Can anyone recommend what version of Unity to use and stay with for the duration of a VR project?
    (in this case now until April 2019)
    I just need solid working Unity version for VR/ Steam 2.0 plugin,
    HTC Vive will be my headset.
    I have not purchased anything yet , going through a proof of concept phase.
    If it helps with feedback from this very helpful forum, I'm designing as simple as possible.
    (project will eventually be used in a trade show booth VR pod)
    User will be standing...

    Solid version of Unity for new VR HTC Vive project
  • Why is text recognition deprecated?? I really need this feature for my app, but I saw that it's deprecated and is removed in the next version. Why? I can't use an older version of because I apparently need the sample asset... This is really frustrating.
  • unity3D’s doc page for HoloLensInputModule give error404 when trying to access it this page: does appear on google search and the preview text does line up with what should be found on that page, but when i try to access it just show me the error 404 pag...