• Check if Ground Plane is supported at runtime Hello,
    I'm currently integrating Ground Plane on my project.
    As Vuforia Ground Plane supports a limited amount of devices (LIST), I'm trying to implement inside my system, a fallback logic.
    Basically when the device is supported, we use Ground Plane, when it's not, we use a simple gyro driven system we built as replacement.
    The problem here is that I'm not completely sure about how to check the...

    Check if Ground Plane is supported at runtime
  • Crash application when open AR Screen I creating an application with ARKit, I using XCode 10 and iOS 12. My application crashed when I open AR screen, and I checked log, it show like this :

    Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '-: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x1100cc000'

    When I remove Metal in Graphics APIs, application will not crash, but it can not display camera ( only a pink screen).

    Please help me. Thank you ^^
  • Looking for a Unity Developer Hey,

    Not sure if this is the best place to post this, but I'm working on a start-up with a few people involved. We are a VR/AR narrative production company, mainly starting with creating content for Apple's iOS using ARKit. We want stories and characters to come alive while people enjoy them from their living rooms.

    Right now, we're putting together a tech demo to bring to investors. We are in the process of finishing the 3D animation, but need a Unity Developer to help with implementing...

    Looking for a Unity Developer
  • Hololens Input Manager Problem Hi @JasonCostanza as per your request i have created this new Thread . I have 3 Scenes 1:Base scene 1.1 containing MixedRealityCamera and Input Manager at one Place as I am having Multiple scenes in my Project. View attachment 314248 2.1 havi...
  • Creating Main Menu for Mixed reality application Hello,

    I need to create a main menu containing play button that basically navigates to the next scene that contains my main app. Can anyone assist how to create buttons and tabs in mixed reality application. The normal buttons having onclick events used in normal 2D/3D unity applications don't seem to work for the hololens application. I need to click buttons using gaze and gesture command.

  • SteamVR taking control of every camera in scene with no option to disable – STILL – no fix yet? Hello, I've come back to playing with VR stuff after like a year or two away, and kinda stunned the same limitation is still present that made me give up previously, and have found no info on how to disable this without extravagant workarounds that would create weeks perhaps months of redesign of the game.

    I'm working on a thing that requires huge distances to be rendered in complex scenes, and thus have literally about 15 cameras overlaid that comprise various degrees of distance (from...

    SteamVR taking control of every camera in scene with no option to disable - STILL - no fix yet?
  • From camera RenderTexture to Screen Space Shader for each eye. I'm trying to make a shader that overlaps a second VR camera view over the actual VR game screen.
    I have the main VR camera and in another part of the scene i have a second camera (that follows every movement the main camera makes) that renders into a renderTexture (one for each eye).

    Now i'm trying to overlap the second cameras rendertextures over the screen on each eye in the shader.
    The problem is that i can't get he rendertexture to fit the eye. No matter what i do it either has an...

    From camera RenderTexture to Screen Space Shader for each eye.
  • How to call C# from IOS ARkitPlugin ? Hello, It is possible to get function pointer from Unity C# with private static extern XXXX It is possible to use "SendMessage" from iOS to contact GameObject with specific function, but that is async. ...
  • 5.6.0b3 (Linux) Daydream Controller Emulator won’t work, “adb command not found.” I can't get the controller emulator to work in Unity 5.6b3 under Arch Linux 64-bit. In Play mode, the console shows the following:

    "Android Debug Bridge (`adb`) command not found.
    Verify that the Android SDK is installed and that the directory containing `adb` is included in your PATH environment variable."

    In Windows, you have to add the directory containing the Android Debug Bridge (adb) program to the PATH environment variable in Windows itself (not in the Unity program). You have to do...

    5.6.0b3 (Linux) Daydream Controller Emulator won't work, "adb command not found."
  • Cardboard VR button How do you interact with the cardboard button? How do you change the scene in vr to cardboard?
  • How to drive car in VR Hello, I have a simple 3D game im porting to VR. Im using VRTK. In my game the player can get in a car seat and drive the car by using the mouse moving side to side to turn, up down arrows to speed up, slow down etc. To drive the car, right now i sim...
  • Vr mode with mono camera Hi there.

    Is it possible to enable Unity native VR mode for a given SDK (let's say cardboard) and render in mono mode (like in a non-vr app, with a single camera output across the screan instead the 'left-eye, right-eye' style).

    Specifically what I need for my app is to use the gyro input to rotate the camera but in a non-vr app. In the future I might need to change from non-vr to vr render mode.

  • Change Mock HMD settings? So SBS splitscreen was replaced with Mock HMD. I'm prototyping some custom VR hardware, however the field of view in Unity is locked to 111.96. I read that it is mimicking the Vive settings. Is there a way to change this?
  • ARkit2 worldmap example not work hi, i am using ARkit 2 world-map example.The save and load functionality not work . using unity 2018.1.4 xcode 10
  • Today, suddenly, SteamVR controllers vanish and Vive trackers become the controllers???? I was working on my game just two days ago and using Vive trackers just fine. Today I start working on same project and I cant see my controllers as soon as my Vive trackers are turned on. Poof they disappear and my hip and weapon trackers becomes my character's hands!!!!?????
    • I have tried repairing in different orders, controllers disappear.
    • I have tried re-installing SteamVR, controllers disappear.
    • I have tried installing SteamVR (Beta), controllers...

    Today, suddenly, SteamVR controllers vanish and Vive trackers become the controllers????