• Canvas invisible with “Virtual Reality Supported” checked Hi,

    I want to test my app (3D (as in "not 2D sidescroller") but haven't added anything for VR yet) with a 3D monitor, that's why I checked "Virtual Reality Supported" in the "Player" settings, added "Stereo Display (non head-mounted") to the list and removed "OpenVR" and "Oculus".

    But now my main menu and pause menu are invisible - they are both panels on a canvas set to "Screen Space - Overlay". I can still click the buttons in the menus and they do show up in Unity (both in the "Scene"...

    Canvas invisible with "Virtual Reality Supported" checked
  • FUSION_PROVIDER not working (VISION_ONLY) Vuforia positional tracking works fine even on very old devices (galaxy note 2). But I encountered problem with newer devices such as Pocophone F1. Vuforia does not activate positional tracking on it, and on many other very capable devices. Is there ...
  • SteamVR disable HTC vive HMD tracking Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to render two static cameras to the HMD, one for each eye. So Cam (Left) renders to the left eye and Cam (right) renders to the right eye. The problem that I have now is that Cam (Left) and Cam (Right) follow the HMD position and rotation. I tryed a few things but they don't work the cameras keep tracking and the HMD movements and move accordingly. Is there a way to disable the HMD tracking?

    Already tryed:...

    SteamVR disable HTC vive HMD tracking
  • How to hide the prefab when the augmented image is not shown in ARcore? Hi,I was testing Augmented Image example scene .The problem I faced was I cannot hide the Prefab once it comes.When I show mu camera to Augmented Image which I set ,the prefab instantiates. Once it comes, It wont go even after I remove the image.How t...
  • Unable to create User defined targets I am trying to create a User Defined target on runtime using the below script. Code (CSharp): using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; using Vuforia;   public class UserDefinedTargetScript : MonoBehavio...
  • How can I disable Point Cloud in AR Foundation ? Hello,

    I'm using the PlaneDectectionController.cs to enable/disable the planes but I'm looking for a way to hide the feature points too.

    I have tried something like this :
    Code (CSharp):
    1. GameObject.FindWithTag("AROrigin").GetComponent<ARPointCloudManager>().enabled = false;
    But it only freeze the feature point, not hide them.

    I have also tried to find the point cloud's game object with GameObject.Find(), ) to disable or destroy it, but I guess I don't have the good name, I tried with...

    How can I disable Point Cloud in AR Foundation ?
  • EXC_BAD_ACCESS when getting pinned array handle using UnityARKitPlugin I'm trying to read a YUV camera frame using Unity ARKit Plugin, into a pair of pinned byte arrays using SetCapturePixelData with a double-buffer. To do this, I need to first pin the array in managed memory to stop the GC changing its address, then pass the address of that array into the native plugin code, which will then write it. To prevent write/read violations I'm double buffering, so each new frame we switch the write between two pairs of byte arrays and read from the last one that was...

    EXC_BAD_ACCESS when getting pinned array handle using UnityARKitPlugin
  • HoloLens: Failed to commit the depth buffer via CommitDirect3D11DepthBuffer I have an application built for HoloLens that uses the depth buffer sharing (in XR settings).

    Sometimes, perhaps once for ten launches, I get a slowdown of my app and the console of Visual C++ is spammed by the following message:
    HoloLens: Failed to commit the depth buffer via CommitDirect3D11DepthBuffer
  • Stereo frustum corners seem incorrect Hi,

    I'm trying to pass frustum corners to a post-render shader (Graphics.Blit) so I can reconstruct the world position of each fragment using the depth buffer. I'm using the new Camera.CalculateFrustumCorners function. This works fine when rendering normally, however when doing stereo rendering (single-pass) the result is not as expected. I'm able to "sort of" reconstruct the world position, but it is obviously not entirely correct, and goes way off when the camera is rolled to the side....

    Stereo frustum corners seem incorrect
  • Should I start learning AR\VR development at uni? Hello everyone! I live in Denmark and study Software Engineering. Today i got introduced to a new specialization - AR\VR development. Here is the description of all specializations: Data Engineering – Courses include Data Warehousing and Machine Learn...
  • [ARCore] Incorrect shadow on large transparent plane Hello!

    I'm trying to get shadows working on my ARCore port from ARKit, however, I encountered an issue which seems to be occurring on Android, OpenGL ES.

    The cube is essentially on a large transparent plane that has a shader to display shadows on a transparent plane. The shader is taken from this tutorial,...

    Incorrect shadow on large transparent plane
  • How To Detect Which VR Headset is Active in Script (Oculus or Vive) Hello Everyone. I am working on a VR game that has a Non-VR mode so if the player wants to continue but doesn't want to do so in VR he/she can. I am writing a custom Input Manager to detect inputs from the following controllers: Xbox One, PS4, Oculus Touch, Vive, and Knuckle Controllers.

    To ensure my Input Manager is working properly I need to know the following:
    - Which Controller is Being Used
    - Which Headset if any is Active

    I wrote an Input Manager for each of the controllers so...

    How To Detect Which VR Headset is Active in Script (Oculus or Vive)
  • How to rotate a model in UnityAR Image Anchor scene? Hi,recently I tried the UnityARImage scene.There I created ARReferenceImage added the images into it.I attached a script to the gameobject to rotate on swipe touch.I took the build and when I showed it to the image target,the prefab came but in opposit...
  • Read QR Code in Unity with ARKit and ZXing I'm trying to read a QR code with the following libraries:

    • ARKit
    • ZXing
    However it doesn't seem to go well. After several hours I still don't manage to read out a decent QR code. When debugging i apply the texture to see my result. It looks red because of the Texture Y but other than that it shows the QR code. Interpreting the texture doesn't return any data analysed by ZXing.

    This is the following code i'm using for this:

    Code (CSharp):
    1. #if UNITY_IOS && !UNITY_EDITOR...
    Read QR Code in Unity with ARKit and ZXing
  • ARKit: limitations without GPS ( standard/noncellular iPAD) Just wanted to buy an iPad 2018 to use for Untiy+ARKit development. Then i noted that the non LTE/Cellular version does'nt come with a GPS receiver. As i plan to experiment/develop location based, outdoor AR experiences ( for building/construction/architecture Apps), i wondered what are the implications if the development device misses the GPS location input, for example being able to exactly locate the device position in real world space.
    Imagine to show a still not existing building on...

    ARKit: limitations without GPS ( standard/noncellular iPAD)