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  • geolocation based ar app Hi together, I would like to do a simple geolocated ar app. I would like to place some objects (buildings etc..) on a specific geo loaction in real world scale. If the user comes in the near of the object he can view the models placed in the real world...
  • Issues with last SteamVR sdk Hello there,

    I updated to the last version of the steamVR sdk.
    So far, it tracks my controller and their input, i've bind actions and all...

    I am to the point where I need to make Vive Tracker work.
    They are connected, recognized, tracked by steamVR (as indicated in the steamVR panel).
    The problem is that I have no clue on how I am supposed to make them appear in Unity.
    For the controllers, there is the script SteamVR_Behaviour_Pose which works well but we are limited to only right or left...

    Issues with last SteamVR sdk
  • Convert SteamVR to WindowsMR? Is this possible?

    We would love to ditch the Steam requirement, because it's rather silly in a corporate setting.

    Can anyone give me any pointers on how to do this, before we order new hardware to test?

    (Samsung Odyssey seems to generally be the best reviewed WindowsMR headset, so it would be a good HTC Vive replacement?)
  • Pie chart error – Graph and Chart asset Hi all, I am using Unity 2018.2.7f1 and Vuforia sdk to build an AR app. I have written a code to open a pie chart on clicking a button. After the button is clicked however, the chart just disappears. And the following error is generated in the console....
  • OVR Gaze Event Trigger not triggering script events Hello,
    I am new to developing for Oculus. I have a canvas with a menu button. I have attached the Over Gaze Event Trigger to it. I set up the script to run my functions from my VRButton scripts, which changes the BackgroundImage color. However, when I run the program and use transform to move my Gaze Pointer Ring over the MenuButton and I click on the game scene, nothing happens. Please help, I have been going over this tutorial and I can't find any difference between mine and his....

    OVR Gaze Event Trigger not triggering script events
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  • Having Issues switching to il2cpp backend with hololens Hello everyone, I have always used .net for my hololens apps, I would like to switch to il2cpp. I get this message when I open the solution All I did was Make a new project in Unity 2017.4.12.f1 I imported holotoolkit 2017.4.2 Applied the UWP set...
  • sensing if device is cardboard or daydream it's possible to get the headset name and go from there, but there's no kind of obvious universal app technique - if you list cardboard before daydream, you'll get cardboard and visa versa. Devices change and you'll be playing a cat and mouse game adding new device names.

    What would be nice is if we could get some sort of "I am a daydream device" when unity starts, so we can offer cardboard to 3DOF phones and daydream to 6DOF phones and headsets (like the Mirage Solo) from the same app...

    sensing if device is cardboard or daydream
  • Vive controllers not showing up in unity? Hi. So recently i've been dabbling in vr developement after getting my htc vive, but I've come across an issue. I followed this tutorial, and when I press play, my controllers get grayed out in the hierarchy, and I can't see them. They are green in the steamVR window, but I just can't see them. So I did some research and came across...

    Vive controllers not showing up in unity?
  • Publish Remote Host Application in Unity for Hololens I've successfully built the Remote Hosting companion demo in visual studio and ran it on my hololens from my PC, very cool! I'm wondering if there is a way to publish an application that supports remote hosting in Unity as well. I can run remote hosting in the unity editor but cannot seem to find a way to publish a self-contained application with this feature. If that is at all possible it would be great because my preference is to develop in Unity! Thanks for your help!
  • ARWorldMap with ARFoundation How would I go with accessing ARWorldMap that was introduced in ARKit 2.0? AFAIK ARFoundation exposes no method to access it. Could I write some custom extension to ARKit plugin that would allow me to access it?
  • Vuforia+LeanTouch (Beginner Help): Double tap on 3D model to enlarge and make others disappear Hello everyone. I am a beginner trying to build my first app. I am almost done! I can use the app to position models on multiple targets, translate, scale, and rotate them; however, to make my app less laggy and improve te overall experience I would li...