• Side Loading UWP App UNET (local) not connecting I am building out a multiplayer WMR app but sideloading for testing purposes. I am getting all Windows Store Certification errors, which is not an issue as I am side loading the app. Testing the app on 2 PCs within the Unity editor works great. When...
  • Indoor Navigation using AR Hi, I have to work on indoor navigation in one app using AR. What is the best approach to follow for this?
  • ARCore 1.4.1 Align rectangle pararell to floor How can I set rotation of the placed on vertical plane object to make its bottom side pararell to floor? At the moment vertically placed objects are sticky to the wall but have random rotation. I have been trying to set object on horizontal plane and t...
  • Android apk build errors using Vuforia Vuforia gets started to initialize, but never finished the initialization processes. The below are the error logs from Android Studio: 09-03 07:22:34.513 6556-6574/com.test.Tablet_test3 I/Unity: Compiled for Android (Filename: ...
  • Holographic Photo Blending with PhotoCapture Some have asked for an example of capturing a holographic photo that blends in with the physical environment. You can do this by using the PhotoCapture API along with the projection and world to camera matrices that are included with the captured imag...
  • Single Pass vs Multi Pass on VR (Oculus Go) Hi, I recently encountered an issue which only arises when loading a new scene. Once a new scene is loaded, the right eye seems to get a flickering that has includes a part of the previous scene, while nothing weird happens in the left eye. Is this lik...
  • Unity 2018.2.5 oculus+ Deskop Camera Canvas Overlay buttons PROBLEM I want to have Unique sollution of mixing deskop interface and VR viev, On deskop I would like to have normal buttons, that could be pressed simply by mouse Click,,, Such setup with overlay camera deskop inteface works in Editor, However in buil...
  • Objects not retaining relative position to camera Using Unity 2018.1.6f1, AR Foundation 1.0.0-preview.17 and ARKit XR Plugin 1.0.0 preview.14 I have created a simple project containing only the following items:

    Directional Light
    AR Session
    AR Session Origin
    AR Camera

    The plane object is a simple 3D plane that is placed in the bottom right hand corner of the AR camera's viewable area and appears properly in Game mode. When the app is launched on an iOS device, the plane briefly appears in the proper...

    Objects not retaining relative position to camera
  • Where to start learning about AR and VR? Hi, any advice on good resources to start learning about AR and VR?
  • Magic Leap Forum? Is there a forum for Magic Leap in this section yet?
  • Not Full Screen Camera I'm making a face filters like on link:

    When I make a build on iOS, I don't have a full screen camera. I tried to set screen width and height on Main Camera but it doesn't help.

    You can see on link is not full screen camera too.

    How to fix?

    Thanks people
  • Issue with Spatial Mapping Hi all. I have problem with the app using Spatial Mapping. In the grid, sometimes holes on the walls, a grid on air in space. With what it can be connected?
  • Take a Full Res. Image while ARKit is Enabled. Hello, I am trying to take a full resolution image (using the camera) while ArKit is enabled. I try to use the webcam component, however once the play() method is enabled the screen freezes the game crashes. Anyone knows how it can be done,
  • Failed to Initialize Vuforia in Game Hi,

    I disabled VuforiaBehavior on AR camera when game starts, and tried to enable it from a button on my main menu. but it says "Vuforia Initialization Error / INIT ERROR / Failed to Initialize Vuforia" and a green button "Close". I'm not allowed to upload the image here?

    is there a way to enable/diable Vuforia in game like as you wish anytime anywhere?

    Unity 2018.2.4f1

    Thank you.
  • Bicycle VR I am developing a bicycle VR game and i am facing certain problems. I am using Garmins' speed and cadence sensor and a USB ant stick. The problem is when i pedal my bicycle how do i move the character in game. I am not able to figure out any solutions for this.