• Cardboard not giving realistic scale I'm new to Unity and test building a Cardboard, Unity->iOS app.
    So far, my test is failing to get the correct visual angle. My objects are too big.

    Test: put a 1cm object 57cm away
    If working: the object should be about 1-degree (visual angle)...given a device FOV of 90-degrees, then the object should be 1/90th the total FOV
    Instead it's 1/6th of the FOV on the iphone and 1/16th the FOV in the Unity preview window


    Import Google Cardboard SDK package

    Assume, define 1 unit=1...

    Cardboard not giving realistic scale
  • Facial AR Remote problems Hi,

    I'm trying to test the amazing Facial AR Remote sample from

    I'm following all the documentation steps ( maybe I done something wrong or missing ).

    The App works on my iPhone X: I see the mask over my face and all the gestures. GREAT!

    On the Unity Editor I open the scene SlothBlendShapes.

    My IP is PORT: 9000

    I put on muy iPhone App and press connect but... nothing never happends :(

    I only receive two...

    Facial AR Remote problems
  • How to get arKit video texture? How to get akKit video texture, same as webCamTexture?
    If it's possible.
  • ARKit and WebCamTexture Hi, Is it possible to use WebCamTexture and ARKit together? I have a script that creates a WebCamTexture that I am trying to use to take a picture of a scene. The script draws texture OnGUI() method. I just attach this script to an empty GameObject. ...
  • Can ARKit Remote connect to Unity on Windows? I compiled ARKit Remote using my MacBook, and was hoping to connect to my (more powerful) Windows machine so that I can get a faster video feed from the camera while testing my apps from Unity. However, every time I try to connect I get an error sayin...
  • packaging an oculus Rift application Anyone know how to build the exe for Rift so I do not have the default Configuration? I need my app to be VR only and the links in the tutorials are all day
  • What is GetBoundaryPolygon (in DetectedPlane class) I have been working on a project in ARCore and I am trying to limit the size of plane that is detected. The documentation says that the function GetBoundaryPolygon takes a list of Vector3 and uses it to make a boundary polygon. However, I tried using i...
  • Pointer Enter not working Have updated a VR app to Unity 2018.2.5f1, and GoogleVRForUnity_1.150.0. The problem is when using the GvrReticlePointer (for Cardboard), none of the triggers for PointerEnter nor PointerExit works for the VR-buttons on Android builds. The trigger fo...
  • UWP, AssetBundles and StreamingAsset result in SecurityException Hello,

    I try to load an AssetBundle from the StreamingAssets folder in an UWP application (with an Hololens). When I call AssetBundle.LoadFromFile, application throws :
    UWP, AssetBundles and StreamingAsset result in SecurityException
  • Issue switching from VR to AR using Vuforia Hello, I am having an issue switching from VR back to AR Mode using The Problem is I lose the floor tracking when switching back to ar mode from vr mode but this is working when i start the application in ar mode , MixedRealityController.Instance.Se...
  • Speedtree trees become broken/basic LOD Unity 2017.1.0f3 Speedtree trees are perfect when viewed in Unity editor but in build .exe and then viewed on a HTC Vive HMD, are broken and LODs are very basic. Up close the trees are fine, but when I transport even a bit away they look terrible, is ...
  • Getting doors to work properly without an additional toolkit or whatsoever Hello Unity-Community,
    I am new to Unity and have a problem I am not able to solve.

    I am using the Oculus SDK and can easily grab objects with adding the component OVR Grabbable to them.

    The problem is, that after freezing the rotation and position of some axis and therefore restricting the object's movement won't do anything to the way the object behaves, when I grab it. I want the object to still have the restrictions in movement, specifically for doors or objects with a hinge joint...

    Getting doors to work properly without an additional toolkit or whatsoever
  • Ground Plane detection not working correctly on newer iOS devices I downloaded the Vuforia Ground Plane sample from the Asset Store and tried the app. However if I scan a flat surface the scaling of the chair changes drastically from a big size to small size and is not consistent. I have noticed the issue from Vufori...
  • Apple USDZ Anyone one messing with or developing USDZ content yet? We just started doing it and figured it would be cool to connect and problem solve with others.
  • How to get access to camera? How to get access to camera video in script instead of WebCamTexture ?