• Feedback on Hi guys,
    I'm looking for members of the XR community to give me feedback on -- The aim of the site is to give you guys a chance to find new roles in the industry.

    Would love to hear your thoughts and if there's anything I can do to make this site better for you.

    Many thanks,
  • No controllers while running steamVR sample scene with Samsung Odyssey So I would like to fiddle around with unity and see how it goes with using a bow in the steam VR interaction sample scene, headset gets detected and I am able to look around but controllers don't appear, I did import the MR sdk and from the top menu chose to apply settings, am I missing something?
  • Using muti-target to track a large table I'm building an app to add handheld augmentation to a large architectural model (about 2m wide x 1m deep by 0.5m tall, or about the size of a pool table).

    There's no place to put an image target that's visible from all angles from the model, so my plan is to use a multi-target with 6 images spaced around the perimeter of the table at known offsets. My questions are:
    • Is this a plan that's likely to work?
      • If not, what would be the best way to track this, since
        • ...

    Using muti-target to track a large table
  • “For Extended tracking capability please use the DeviceTracker” How i solve this problem "For Extended tracking capability please use the DeviceTracker" How i solve this problem in unity 2018.2.11
  • Which method should be used to achieve the most accurate world tracking experience with ARKit? My company is developing an Augmented Reality app for a client, using ARKit, and they want the best world tracking experience on iOS. We have told them that this is not an exact science and that small variations are perfectly normal, but they want us to do anything possible to minimize errors, drifts and movements from holograms.

    We have tested some ARHitTestResult examples on Unity and some others that use ARImageAnchor, but we can't decide on which is the best. It seems that...

    Which method should be used to achieve the most accurate world tracking experience with ARKit?
  • //NEED HELP// Vive Controller as animation trigger Hi guys,

    I'm an absolute beginner in C# so this is probably a very basic problem to you.
    What I'm trying to achieve is to use a Vive's trigger button to start an animation. I tried this little script
    Code (CSharp):
    1. using System.Collections;
    2. using UnityEngine;
    4. public class animController : MonoBehaviour {
    6.     public Animator anim;
    9.     void Start () {
    11.         anim = GetComponent<Animator>();
    13.     }
    15.     void Update () {
    17.         if (Input.GetKeyDown("a"))
    18.         {...
    //NEED HELP// Vive Controller as animation trigger
  • Problem when displaying object at close distance Hello, I am currently trying to run an experiment in stereoscopy using Unity and a 3D projector. The experiment consist on displaying objects far and close (under grabbing distance) from the subject. I am having trouble displaying the object in close ...
  • Hololens LWRP Is the hololens compatible with LWRP yet? So far it has crashed every build even just a cube, would be great to be able to leverage the new pipeline for XR!
  • Ground Plane without ARCore? From the latest patch notes, this seems to be a thing, can anyone confirm? I have yet to test but am interested On some non-ARCore Android devices, Ground Plane augmentations may have a slight tilt with respect to the expected vertical orientation
  • Have you guys started to move to SteamVR 2.x? I see alot of problems moving to the new SDK atleast for us that have a pretty solid and complex solution in place. I created a feedback issue about it on github in the hope of starting a discussion with the SteamVR guys. What you guys think? https:/...
  • LIVE Streaming Hello Everyone, I need to do a LIVE streaming using my DSLR. But none of the software are not supporting to convert my DSLR to WebCam. (Mac). Any suggestions.... For windows the sparkocam is working fine. I am looking for IOS version. suggestions pls
  • Making Canvas buttons ‘modal’ ie trapping touch events Hi
    Anyone doing ARkit development with Canvas buttons?
    I haven't been able to make them 'modal', ie trap touch events so they don't get propagated to your actual 3D world.
  • Unity ARKit plugin no longer in asset store Why is the ARKit plugin gone from the Unity assets store? will it still be supported on bitbucket in the future?
  • Completely disable position tracking Hi everyone I am doing a psychological research that requires me to present the visual stimulus on both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. I am using Unity to build to experiment program, but to avoid any confounding, I have to disable position tracking. What ...
  • How to scale in AR as shown in the Unite AR demo using ‘Camera Tricks’? I've watched the Unite video and read the article

    From what I've seen I'm still not even close to being sure about how this is done. I've looked in the forums and there don't seem to be any solutions to what I'm trying to do. I'm doing a physics simulation so its really important to use this scaling method.

    The process would go:
    Open app > Find plane > Place an a level prefab on the plane > Scale...

    How to scale in AR as shown in the Unite AR demo using 'Camera Tricks'?