• Need help with using Vive purely as display Hi guys,

    I'm using HTC Vive as the HMD and Unity 2017.3, running on Window 10.

    I'm trying to get the Vive to be independent from the base stations. The motion tracking will be done by using another system. And I have set the "forceFadeOnBadTracking" to false, to make sure its still showing the scene even when Vive is not being tracked.

    The rendering transform seems correct when tracked. Note that the camera is in the (0,0,0) position.
    View attachment 275292

    And when I lose the...

    Need help with using Vive purely as display
  • Improving GVR Visuals with Unity? Right now, the game that I've ported to my phone is insanely blurry and pixelated. Which I know should happen to some degree, depending on the phone, the VR headset, and the game itself. I've made some games for my phone using Unreal, and it looked pretty decent, and I've also played some games that were made in Unity from the Play Store, and they looked fine. So I've determined it's a few settings that I probably need to fix.

    I'm running the game on a Galaxy S7, though the target platform...

    Improving GVR Visuals with Unity?
  • SteamVR plugin – what is responsible for moving the camera in response to HMD movement? I'm using the SteamVR plugin, and I've been looking through its scripts trying to find what actually moves the in-game camera when the HMD moves. As in, if this script was disabled, the camera in-game wouldn't move at all when I moved the HMD. I haven't been able to find a script that does this in the Assets>SteamVR>Scripts folder. Where is the script responsible for this, and what is it named?
  • [ERROR] New Error After Trying GIFs : Unity "IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range. UnityEditor.Android.AndroidBuildWindowExtension.GetBuildPlayerWindow () UnityEditor.Android.AndroidBuildWindowExtension.RepaintTargetList () UnityEditor.EditorApplication.Internal_CallUpdateF...
  • Alternative for Sparko Camera (Mac Version) Hi, Anybody knows the software to stream LIVE from DSLR camera and than unity to LIVE AR...? (mac Version) Regards,
  • How to detect whether the connected HMD is 3 DOF or 6 DOF? Does anyone know of a way to detect whether the connected HMD is 3 or 6 DOF?

    I'm not after detecting specific platforms or models, but detecting whether position is being tracked or not, with Unity's native APIs.
  • Object is not showing correctly with ground plane I made a simple project with ground plane stage and plane finder and I added a cube to it,on my galaxy s6 edge,the cube is showing but when I move the camera,the cube is not staying at the first position,if I move the camera like 10cm,the cube is movin...
  • SteamVR taking priority over mouse position (Unity Development Help) I'm working on an application that allows one user to experience the scene in the HTC Vive headset, and another person outside the headset altering the scene with mouse input. I have 2 Cameras set up, one is the SteamVR CameraRig, and the other shows player 2's User Interface. Both camera's are working fine, but I am having an issue detecting mouse location whenever the headset is connected. The headset has priority for mouse position and it refers to where the user is looking at. Therefore,...

    SteamVR taking priority over mouse position (Unity Development Help)
  • iPad camera zoomed in Hi, guys. The iPad's camera in ARKit is zoomed in when compared to the iPhone's camera. Is this normal? Is there any solution to set the normal zoom of the camera on iPads?

  • Model Target is not rendering I have Unity 2018 and Vuforia 7.5 and I am trying out vuforia core samples (VuforiaMars) after doing everything correctly when I run the app. It is recognizing the astronaut image but the 3D model is not rendering on it. Please help as soon as you can
  • ARKit-Unity-Plugin Image-Anchor Perspective-n-points Hello

    I'm checking out the "Image Anchors" functionnality. If i understand it correctly, the system first detects multiple points of the marker in the image, and then uses those to compute the markers position and orientation in the AR coordinate system.

    However, I'm in the situation where I have 2D-3D coordinates correspondence provided by my own code for an object (not a marker), and would like to estimate its pose in relation to the camera. My research suggests that I could use the...

    ARKit-Unity-Plugin Image-Anchor Perspective-n-points
  • CAD on VR simulation Hi, community,

    I wish I could use a CAD file, like bike's CAD, to make a simulation in VR. Let me explain. I wish I could dismount or reassemble my bike in VR with the same tools as in reality: remove the screws, loosen the nuts .. etc. Thus convert my CAD in Unity > Integrate the model and program my tools > finally use the VR for a better performance.
    Which software can I use to :
    - convert my CAD (Bike, tools) for Unity? I possess, at the moment, Pixyz Viewer but he does not really...

    CAD on VR simulation
  • VRTK slider – move parent View attachment 317224 View attachment 317227 Dear All, I wonder if you can help to fix a problem I am having with the VRTK plugin in Unity3D. Above are two pictures. I need to move the slider around (by attaching the main parent to a contr...
  • Unity not redirecting rendering into HMD Hello all :)

    I am using Unity 2017.4.10f1 and I have an Acer VR headset.

    I am trying to just launch my app into the headset from unity
    but unity doesn't redirect rendering into the VR headset when I press play.

    Any ideas of what could be going wrong?
  • Simulate app suspend and resume in Unity play mode Hello everyone,

    Do you know if it is possible to simulate an UWP app suspend and resume event in Unity ? This would help me a lot because I wouldn't need to build a new release each time I have a bug related to this pause/resume mechanism.