• ARkit + VR mode 🙂 Does anyone know how to build ARkit in VR mode (using cardboard sdk or else) ? Thank you
  • How to setup Hololens Spectator view project and Record the video? Hi, I am trying to setup the Hololens Spectator project with the shared experience in my own project, but i am unable to setup the spectator view control in my project. Couldnt find appropriate dll and as well as the reference for this. Can anyone plea...
  • Oculus Rift: How to detect if Headset is mount or not on user head? Unity 2017.1.1f1

    There are no Unity implementation, so I have to download Oculus Utility, but,

    OVRManager.HMDMounted and HMDUnmounted are not getting called at all.
    OVRPlugin.userPresent doesn't change at all.

    How to get it work?

    And how to NOT disable vr camera when headset is not mounted? my run in background is already true.
  • How to build application with Hololens Remoting I can debug via Hololens Remoting in Unity Editor, but in case I need to compile to native pc application, how can i connect to Hololens Remoting without Unity Editor
  • Mobile VR Problem with Meshes Hi guys. I'm new in developing vr game in unity and im having a problem with meshes. So the problem here is that when im facing other angle some of the meshes are turning into black. Why is this happening? any suggestion for a solution? thanks highly appreciated!
  • Framerate drops to 1fps in editor after play a few times This never used to happen but now it's a certainty. After pressing the play button a few times (sometimes even as little as 2 times) then the framerate gets very bad for VR. It progressively gets worse until the game runs at 1fps. However this is just in the editor and not in the build.

    It's so annoying and time consuming. The only way I can fix it is to close the editor and open it again. This is extremely crap because the way I make things is to do a small piece then test, then keep going...

    Framerate drops to 1fps in editor after play a few times
  • Mixed Reality Capture with Green Screen Hello! Could someone point me the right direction on setting up mixed reality capture with a green screen for my own VR project, like this? I've searched for tutorials and guides but most of what's out there is simply how to set it up for a game that already has it supported, not creating the mixed reality setup in Unity from scratch.

    I understand the basic concept is using a background and foreground layer, and an alpha mask cutoff...

    Mixed Reality Capture with Green Screen
  • SteamVR Dashboard in Unity Hi, Is this possible to make SteamVR dashboard in Unity ? Like this one. View attachment 267533 Thanks.
  • Input Mapped Motion controllers do not provide accurate touchpad data Input Manager Mapped Motion Controller's Touchpad axes only return 1, -1, or 0 for the touchpad data.

    Expected to get fine details like from the InteractionManager which returns a range of axis data between 1 and -1.

    Case 963290

    View attachment 252371 View attachment 252372
  • High Definition Rendering Pipeline support for Oculus/HTC Vive Hi, I know HDRP is not supported yet and that it is going to be supported at some point, but is there any specific roadmap or access to alpha? I am planning a 360 production that would use it, if I knew it will be available in, say, 6 months.
  • OpenVR/Vive: Compositor.WaitGetPoses() blocking rendering for 11ms I'm trying to display my own Left/Right RenderTextures into the Vive using OpenVR's Compositor.Submit(). This method requires Compositor.WaitGetPoses() to be called first. However, this is a blocking call and for some reason it takes 11ms to complete on my machine. Which causes my fps to drop by half and adds a very unpleasant judder. I already run all this in a couple coroutines. Any idea of the right way to do this?
  • Vive controllers stop passing input when starting trackers I have a problem maybe some you have experienced this and can advise? Using vive on 2018.1.. I have setup some functions on the controllers triggers & touchpad which are working fine, until I start another vive tracker (v2_2018) running, at which point the vive controllers stop passing input to the pc from the triggers / touchpads.. The device index's seem correct and so I can't see what I'm doing wrong, any help much appreciated!

  • UnityPluginLoad not called in native plugin In my native plugin, I created the UnityPluginLoad / UnityPluginUnload function as what described in . However, I can't make the
    UnityPluginLoad() be called when using the plugin, although my own functions could be called from Unity C# script without any problem.

    In the C++ code, the UnityPluginLoad function is declared in the same way as the documentation:
    #include "IUnityInterface.h"
    extern "C" void...​

    UnityPluginLoad not called in native plugin
  • I wonder if project MARS will include any WebAR capabilities. Thoughts? I think WebAR will make AR more accessible to people just wondering if Unity is thinking about this. Of course it has massive challenges but just interested in what the future holds for Unity / AR.
  • How to disable rotation tracking (InputTracking) Hi,

    I'm developing a game for Daydream headsets. I need to control the rotation of the camera with my code but the Daydream SDK overrides it.

    According to the documentation (, it's only possible to disable the position tracking.

    Is there a way to also disable the rotation tracking ?

    Thank you :)