• Upon Build: The type or namespace name `Vuforia’ could not be found When building for IOS I get the following:

    error CS0246: The type or namespace name `Vuforia' could not be found. Are you missing an assembly reference?

    Any ideas?
  • Choose or remove detected planes hey guys...I need your help!
    for my bachelor degree I am developing an "Ikea" like app where you can place different objects (some are animated) on different surfaces. so far everything works fine...there's just one thing where I am struggling with! for the plane detection I am using the result type "existing plane" I can place the object on the entire plane/surface. but the problem is...when i detect the first surface (floor) and move the mobile device to detect another surface...

    Choose or remove detected planes
  • Vuforia 7 depth mask is not working Hello, I am using the most basic image tracking for a project. And the depth mask is not working on my device, it is working fine in Editor. Please see the attached image, the object that I am using depth mask shows in black with white grid instead. ...
  • How to do Indoor Map navigation? Hi, I want to make a indoor map(for mall) so that when i open the app I can find the shops inside.It must show friends who are there in the mall.I want to augment models at specific points.How to achieve this.I researched a bit.It says we need beacon...
  • ARFoundation on android + videoplayer I tried out AR Foundation a little by placing a plane with a video player in the SampleScene.
    It worked as expected on iOS, but on Android I faced a problem:

    The video gets rendered through the camera feed, as seen in this video: recording AR Foundation.mp4?dl=0

    Trying to render the background image to a new texture only when a new frame is available has the same result.

    I'm using Unity version 2018.2.2f1
  • [Occipital Structure Sensor] 3D mesh shifts/ deviates from physical object Hello fellow Unity developers! Recently we have been developing Unity applications based on Occipital Structure Sensor. It is a 3D-scanning device that can provide impressive 3D reconstruction of environment and objects. We had used the Unity scenes pr...
  • Creating a new Augmented Reality game while using ARKit Unity3d Plugin from the ground up. Hi All how are you ! Today I am pleased to announce that I’m starting a new video series in my indie game development channel where I’ve created a new “PlayList” dedicated for creating a new Augmented Reality game. This new series doesn’t just start w...
  • Mirror Reflections in VR Hej there,

    I'm currently working on a little VR project that needs to have mirror reflections. I'm using this script: for the reflections.

    Code (CSharp):
    1. using UnityEngine;
    2. using System.Collections;
    4. // This is in fact just the Water script from Pro Standard Assets,
    5. // just with refraction stuff removed.
    7. // Make mirror live-update even when not in play mode
    8. public class MirrorReflection : MonoBehaviour {...
    Mirror Reflections in VR
  • How does Vuforia plane detection work? Hi Everyone, I am currently trying out the Vuforia ground plane feature on my Huawai mate 10 (listed as a supported device on the Vuforia website). One observation I have made is that whenever I tilt my device towards the ground, the plane indicator a...
  • Vuforia Web Services API I am currently trying to work with and understand the VWS API, and I am struggling with figuring out how to properly utilize this API with the given documentation. Are there more resources available beyond the literature on Vuforia's website?

    Can I create a website that uses this API to upload images into the cloud DB?
    If so, I would truly appreciate any resources or assistance in figuring out how to accomplish this.
    If not, what are the suggested ways to utilize the API?

    I am a quick...

    Vuforia Web Services API
  • VR Theater 2018 Siggraph Hello, I am so excited to share that submissions for the... VR Theater 2018 Siggraph
  • Unity scale does not seem to fit real-world scale I already posted this to the Mixed Reality Toolkit issue tracker over on Github, but figured asking this here will bring some more attention to the issue. When creating a hologram in Unity that has a size of 10 units it does not cover 10 meters in the...
  • Remove ” Vuforia initialization successful” in the console hi, after I finish a AR app, I want to switch the project to NoAR,So I delete all Vuforia Scripts, but ,When I hit Unity Play, there will still appear " Vuforia initialization successful" in the console, I want know how to get rid of it , Tha...
  • my heart is breaking when I using ground plane in unity 2018.1.0b and Galaxy tab S3 . my heart is breaking when I using ground plane in unity 2018.1.0b and Galaxy tab S3 . I follow this tutor : After build, No plane finder Icon appear...Not...
  • Can’t figure out how to access the buttons on my MR controllers Apologies, problem resolved. Can't figure out how to delete the post