• How to configure rotation and placement of a hologram Apologies if something similar has been asked and answered before, I looked through the forums, but I am not exactly sure how to search for it. Basically I need to position a hologram in the world, let's say a cube, when I know where the corners are supposed to be. Is there a way to do this in code? For example, let's say I can position 3 spheres in the world location where I expect the 3 corners of my cube hologram to be. How do I then change the position/scale/rotation of the cube to match...

    How to configure rotation and placement of a hologram
  • ARSession fails compilation for simulator. The simulator is particularly useful for testing apps out on the new iPhone XS/XS Plus without getting ahold of a physical device. I'm getting 5 compilation errors in Xcode when attempting to build to Simulator. Any chance this could get fixed? @jimmya

    Code (CSharp):
    1. Unknown type name 'CVMetalTextureCacheRef'; did you mean 'CVOpenGLESTextureCacheRef'?
    2. Unknown type name 'CVMetalTextureRef'
    3. Unknown type name 'CVMetalTextureRef'
    Note: I don't expect ARKit to run in...

    ARSession fails compilation for simulator.
  • Multiplayer,audio,networking Hey guys, Im working on a multiplayer game and have an issue on how to network sounds to individual players locally. I want to play sounds and dialogues like " You have been Killed", specific to a player when he dies. When two players are i...
  • VRTK Share Method Error Folks, Has anyone come across this issue and were you able to resolve? Error: ArgumentException: The scene is not loaded. UnityEngine.SceneManagement.Scene.GetRootGameObjects (System.Collections.Generic.List`1 rootGameObjects) (at C:/buil...
  • Have Vuforia Scan Video Feed From A Custom Source So I'm working on this project where I stream in video footage from a webcam onto a texture to show on the screen. So I was curious can I have that feed pass through Vuforia's api to do image recognition?
  • Scaling AR content Hi,

    I was wondering if anyone could help me out with scaling AR content in order to be able to work with it in 'larger' scale in Unity. Since at the moment I have to downscale all my content considerably. I have looked at the double-camera solution, but can't seem to get the origin to work properly with ARKit 2.0.

  • ARKit 2 and MultiPeer Connectivity to share anchors I'm trying to share an anchor between two devices.
    All the examples show that we can share the WorldMap, using the serialized format of the ARWorldMap, but I don't understand how I can get the anchors from the ARWorldMap to render these anchors on the other device.

    I use the MultiPeer Connectivity feature. I am able to share the ARWorldMap.
    Reading the Apple's documentation, the ARSession...

    ARKit 2 and MultiPeer Connectivity to share anchors
  • Vuforia Engine 7.5 is Available! The Vuforia Engine team is excited to announce our feature focused 7.5 release! · Introduction of our new feature: External Camera · Support for ARCore 1.4 · Enhanced tracking for Model Targets · Increased ability to detect smal...
  • Using new Steam VR Input Manger with WMR Controllers Im using the Steam VR SDK to make VR projects that run on both HTC Vive and WMR and that has been working pretty good so far. I just updated my Steam VR and tried to use the new Input Manager that they have added using the defaults for HTC Vive. That w...
  • How to exclude invisible Collision boxes from Steam VR Teleporting Ive managed to use OnTriggerEnter and Exit with collision boxes to turn off a script based on the Player location in my VR project. One issue is Im noticing the Steam VR teleporting (via Teleport Area) is trying to detect these Collision boxes even th...
  • Real world distance between device camera and detected plane Hello!

    Is there any way to get the real world distance between camera and found plane in Vuforia with Ground Plane?

    The issue is that we need to scale our model to be precisely as real world object it represents. It was trivial for ImageTargets but now we want to implement this feature for GroundPlane.

    I've tested a GroundPlane feature on iPad and S7 and there is a big difference between objects sizes placed on plane surface.

  • Play sound in AR Hello, so I am trying to play sound when tracker is found, but it seems I can not make it work. I watched this tutorial: Tried it but it does not work, any ideas how to make this work? Thank you
  • Vuforia camera input Hey, I am trying to get access to the byte array of CameraDevice.Instance in order to do some parallel processing. However, as I see CameraDevice.Instance.GetCameraImage(givenFormat) will provide me with an Image of high resolution only. The setting...
  • DeviceTracker loses orientation when app loses focus (goes into background) Hi guys.

    I'm using the extended tracking with the device tracker to position objects in my application. It works fine so long as my mobile app doesn't go into background. When I come back into the app and I'm facing my device into another direction (e.g. I rotated myself by 90°), the device tracker seems to take the new facing for all my objects and moves them around (i.e. they were moved by 90° around in the world).

    I'd expect that the device tracker would recognize where north is and...

    DeviceTracker loses orientation when app loses focus (goes into background)
  • Cloud Build for HoloLens It seems that there isn't support for cloud build with HoloLens, is this a fact or am I just missing something?
    Do you guys suggest any alternatives to Cloud Build to automate builds of unity hololens apps?