• VR Car Mirrors performance issue I am working on a car simulation project and I am using HTC Vive. My video card is 1080ti. I tried two different solutions for the mirrors (one from the wiki and Valve Stereo Rendering Toolkit), but I can't have more than 45 fps in the build. Valve is worst than the wiki solution. If I remove the mirrors, I have steady 90fps. I use the single pass, VRWorks and forward rendering.

    If one mirror is active, the draw calls are double in profiler (one call of Camera.OnWillRenderObject()). If two...

    VR Car Mirrors performance issue
  • How to use and measure with a micrometer in vr Hello all:

    I'm new to Unity, and have a project where I need to use a micrometer to measure objects in a vr environment. Attached is a pic of a micrometer.

    1. use vive controllers to rotate the dials on the micrometer, which in turn moves the scale rod to clamp a object being measured.

    2. when the object being measured is close to the gap in the micrometer, the object snaps to the micrometer so the user can measure the objects width by reading the numbers on the micrometer...

    How to use and measure with a micrometer in vr
  • Character Controller on Oculus Prefab flies straight up if holding item just right. #noobproblems Hey all,

    Long story short, borrowing Oculus Rift+Touch off of friend whilst he's away, dabbling with VR. Been working with Unity for a couple of years, but only as a hobby.

    The problem I have is that when you hold an object just directly below where the headset is in world space (or if it's big enough) then the character controller will fly straight up forever until you move the object from under the headset.

    In my Scene:
    View attachment 305905

    In Oculus' own "Custom Hands"...

    Character Controller on Oculus Prefab flies straight up if holding item just right. #noobproblems
  • Which hololens package should I use for Unity and can I import libraries from other packages? Hey everyone, what's the best github package to use as a template as a starting point for hololens on Unity?

    I am currently using 3 different versions! I started working on the 'HolographicAcademy-Holograms-240-SharedHolograms' but it is missing scripts and prefabs in the 'MixedRealityToolkit-Unity-master'.

    There's also the HoloToolkit-Unity-2017.4.0.0 Unity package... I'm not sure which one to use. I can only get...

    Which hololens package should I use for Unity and can I import libraries from other packages?
  • Why my AR app works only 1 week? Hello, I created a simple AR app in Unity and built it on my iPhone using XCode. But after approx. one week the app stopped working (when I click on the icon it opens for a millisecond and quits). This is not a bug because after I build it again it wor...
  • Changing the htc vive controller model with a custom hand model Hello guys. I was wondering if anybody knows how to replace the HTC Vive controller model with a custom model (e.g. hand model) in Unity. A help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • Holographic Remoting – PC Build Is it possible to add Holographic Remoting to a PC Standalone build?

    The check box to enable Holographic Remoting is only shown on the UWP Build settings. I do not see a way to enable it on PC Standalone.

    Microsoft's documents state they do support desktop PC or UWP for Holographic remoting but their instructions are for building apps via Visual Studio:

    I'm stuck with library that currently is not...

    Holographic Remoting - PC Build
  • Terrain elements move with head movement – am I missing an option? Hey hey,

    Have been searching the forums and can't find an answer for this....

    I placed trees (from standard assets package) onto my terrain. While moving my head in the Vive, elements of the trees (branches, etc.,) move with head movements. Why might this be happening?

    I looked to turn off a "billboard" setting (mentioned elsewhere) but can't seem to find it. Is the billboard setting causing this?


  • VRTK how to find active CameraRig? I am using the which provides a few different VR CameraRigs that the user can select from. My question is after the user selects an SDK how do I know which camera rig is the active one? More specifically I see the list of objects: ...
  • What happens if VRTK doesnt detect a headset Hello,

    I'm writing an app using VRTK.

    I want the app to be able to work in VR mode, and also in regular 3D mode if the user dont have a VR headset.

    Does anybody know what happens when a headset isnt plugged in? Does VRTK automatically switch to 3D mode?

    If so, how can my code know its in 3D mode or VR mode?

  • Ground plane emulation gets destroyed but not recreated If you are working in the editor when you start up Vuforia AR a game object gets created call "New Game Object"
    (good choice of name....)
    Attached to that gets created an Emulator Ground plane object.

    If you then either disable the AR camera or the Vuforia behaviour script on it that emulation game object is destroyed.

    Re-enabling the AR camera or the script doesn't bring it back so it becomes impossible to test in the editor.

    How do you get that object back? or are we meant to just make...

    Ground plane emulation gets destroyed but not recreated
  • Relocalization not working correctly I try using Relocalization but it just doesn't return to where it was. For example, I have a plane detected on my laptop keyboard which the app tries to reconstruct but when the app is done relocalizing the plane is off to the side of the laptop by a large margin.
  • How do you restart tracking to reposition an asset? I'm trying to make an application that requires that AR be toggled on and off and when it's on the user should be able to reselect a position to spawn a set of objects.
    So far it's been a fun journey ;)

    I've managed to get something working well in the Editor but not when run on an iPad.

    Here's the flow
    1. Start the app with AR disabled.
    2. Allow the user to turn on AR using a button.
    3. Allow the user to select a spot to spawn some objects.
    4. Allow the user to turn off AR and do some...

    How do you restart tracking to reposition an asset?
  • [Hololens] TakePhotoAsync only working once Hello, I have a very strange behavior with the locatable camera API on Hololens. When I trigger capture.TakePhotoAsync, the callback is only called once. On the second time I trigger it, the callback is never called and the opened thread never seems ...
  • Presenting different visual scenes on left and right HTC vive lenses Dear commUNITY, I am a neuropsychologist and I would like to conduct some Binocular rivalry experiments ( in a VR environment, based on Unity and a HTC vive. To cut things short: Is there any convenient ...