• Volumetric Light Renderer and Oculus VR Howdy,

    So I don't have a Vive which is why I specifically mention Oculus in the title, but anyways. I can't seem to get the Unity Volumetric Light Renderer to work correctly in VR. Is anyone else having this issue?
  • How to access files/folders on HoloLens with IL2CPP ? I have a code that is running on PC and that I am trying to port to HoloLens, with IL2CPP. Since the application requires that the user copied a file/folder hierarchy, I will have to iterate through folders, check file existence and read or write to th...
  • webcam cabability access denied after upgrading unity and visual studio Hello everyone, I have an project that will run as a UWP application on the Hololens and access the hololens camera. The project is build with .NET scripting backend, targeting SDK Version 16299. Webcam and Microphone cabality as well as allow unsafe ...
  • Use Vuforia VIdeo Feed for Occlusion Shader I want to use the the video feed in a grab pass shader to create an occlusion material with Vuforia.
    I had this working before, over a year ago but it doesn't seem to work now.
    I was hoping the standard grabpass shader would do it, but I still get the other geometry in it (which I want occluded). I have tried with various Queue values like "Background+100" or "Geometry-100" but I either get black or I get the bg and the other...

    Use Vuforia VIdeo Feed for Occlusion Shader
  • HTC VIVE Pro and Unity 2018.1.0f2 performance issues Hi unity users, we have been currently working with Unity 2018.1.0f2 and HTC VIVE Pro to develop our first VR project. Ever since the last Friday, we have been almost unable to play the game in the editor. If we try to do so, the game is unbearably slo...
  • Can we make Vuforia less jittery? I recently watched this video, the results seem pretty good but it doesn't look like it would work on the latest version because the camera is no longer an embedded object.

    Is there a way to make Vuforia's camera more stable? I have tried lerping, and a Kalman filter, but it all just seems to unstable.

    Can anyone see how to implement the technique in the video?
  • Reducing ‘jitter’ or ‘jumpiness’ of your virtual objects using Vuforia Are there ways to reduce the amount of movement or 'jitter' of your virtual objects when using Vuforia?

    Even with a well lit default target (stones in this case), with a static camera and static target there is noticeable 'jumpiness' or jitter of my virtual objects in Unity.
  • How to get VR Essentials Pack ? I have a plus account . How can I get VR Essentials Pack ?
  • Asset Bundle Not Working in Build (Hp Headset) Hi, I have a problem. In the build, the UWP asset bundles are not loaded. Only the LoadFromFile and LoadFromFileAsync methods work in the build, but this methods crashed Unity in project. At the same time, other methods are loaded completely in the pro...
  • 9D cinema 9d egg chairs Hi, I need to know how 9D egg chair works so i can make games for my client , he has one, and he asked me if i can make a game for him, it should be the same as for VR but the thing that i am not sure is how the sound, the chair movements,the air pre...
  • Water environment works in ARKit? Hello, complete beginner here but have eeked out a few demos so far. I was trying to load the Water plane prefab from Environments in Standard Assets, but the water/model never showed up when I ran the build on my iPhone. I am familiar with how to attach it to the hitcube, so don't think it is that, but im definitely missing something. I saw that they said the water does not work in VR, so is it possible that it won't work in AR as well? Thanks in advance.
  • Single Pass Stereo Rendering on Vive Not Working

    I'm trying to make single pass stereo work with vrtk in a vive headset. I am running on a GeForce GTX 1080 in Unity 2017. The display in the headset looks very wrong, because I'm getting a total of four images in the final output. (first image) In unity, I'm getting an off oval shape in the center I'm unsure is correct. (second image)

    Something about SteamVR is doing this. I get correct output when I make a...

    Single Pass Stereo Rendering on Vive Not Working
  • Adding more image to detect but not updating application Arkit. As far as I know, we can add image references and groups programmatically. After restarting session, Arkit will detect images. I want to make a controller when the app opens and reads images to detect. When there is a new image it should download it to...
  • Tiny camera preview sitting in the inspector. Please go away! (LRP and Oculus – 2018.2.1f1) This might be a simple switch which I can't find.

    Every time I run the game in the Editor, if there's an object selected which includes a material, a tiny little 1cm x 1cm camera preview window appears at the bottom left of the inspector. It's too small to be of any use and it's accompanied by a blizzard of errors:
    Cannot change renderViewportScale while cameras are rendering!
    UnityEngine.GUIUtility:processEvent(Int32, IntPtr)​
    As you might imagine this cripples Editor...

    Tiny camera preview sitting in the inspector. Please go away! (LRP and Oculus - 2018.2.1f1)
  • Oculus Go: body transform? The Oculus Go SDK, under the hood, calculates a position for the controller based on some IK model of the body, shoulder, and arm, which updates in mysterious ways. For example, if I turn my head quickly or by small amounts, the virtual arm stays put, but if I turn more slowly or by a greater amount, then the arm rotates in a way that indicates the invisible body is rotating too.

    I'd like to get that body transform, so I can draw a bit of a body, an opposite arm, etc.

    Does anybody know...

    Oculus Go: body transform?