• Difference between Camera.main.transform and cameraToWorldMatrix Hello, can someone please explain the difference between cameraToWorldMatrix and Camera.main.transform? For my understanding it should be the same, because in Unity we start with the camera at the world origin, and as the HoloLens moves around the tr...
  • Bookmark How to project a hololens view in spectator window? Hi, I am working in the spectator view project setup. I made my project ready i want to integrate the spectator view into my project, i can capture the dslr camera view in my spectator view panel in unity. But in the spectator view the hologram which...
  • VR mode in ARKit Hi, VR mode is possible in ARKit? Is it possible to create a depth effect in VR mode using ARkit so we can go close to the objects like an instantiated chair? Thanks in advance. Vinod
  • IMPORT SATELLITE IMAGE (.TIFF) INTO UNITY Hello, I am new to Unity. I have a satellite image (.tiff) and I want to import it into Unity in order to create a 3D model and, after that to make it AR. The satellite image is the nighttime time lights of a country which means that each pixel has a v...
  • Hololens Remoting: Built application crashes on startup I'm trying to adapt an application that builds and deploys to HoloLens to work using HoloLens Remoting. The project works in editor, but when built, crashes shortly after startup. Fixing it has absolutely stumped me.

    The app log shows the following error: "Failed to load 'Microsoft.Perception.Simulation.dll', expected x86 architecture, but was Unknown architecture. You must recompile your plugin for x86 architecture."

    I am building for x86, target platform is PC, Unity version is 2018.2,...

    Hololens Remoting: Built application crashes on startup
  • XR Input Touchpad Press Button Name Hello, I'd like to know which name and type I need to set to retrive "Touchpad Press" on xr motion controller, thank you very much, Best regards…

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  • AR Foundation – Distinguish plane types Hello,
    I'm experimenting with AR Foundation.
    How it is possibile to distinguish bwtween horizontal planes and vertical ones?
    I'd like to selectively track one of these type of plane and not both like in the example provided with the AR Foundation package.
  • View Switching COM Exception on HoloLens Emulator Hello All,

    I have an app with 2 views: a 3D view using Unity and a 2D view with a WebView. When trying to switch between the views on the HoloLens Emulator version 10.0.17134.80, I get the following exception:

    System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException: 'Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component.'

    The line that returns this exception is:

    Code (csharp):
    2. await dispatcher.RunAsync(CoreDispatcherPriority.Normal, async () =>
    3. {
    4. await...
    View Switching COM Exception on HoloLens Emulator
  • Camera focus in Vuforia (Android) So we have a total of three Android devices that we're testing with. One of them, a Galaxy S8, has the camera out of focus and refuses to focus properly. The other two are working fine, including a Galaxy S9+ and an Android Tablet. I added a camera focus fix, just to make sure the camera was in autofocus mode, but it didn't help. I saw that in some other forum posts. Here's the code that I used for that:

    Code (csharp):
    2. using System.Collections;
    3. using System.Collections.Generic;
    4. using...
    Camera focus in Vuforia (Android)
  • ARCore drop one scene to grid point Hello Iam trying to let appear just one object or scene, in my case an exhibition stand on a real world table. No prefab objects like the Andy. So the app started, the grid appears and shows me the surfaces, I hit on one grid point in the middle of the...
  • Solid Wood Dining Table Set Absolutely gorgeous Solid Wood dining tables . Have a look at the Facebook page called Solid Wood Furniture --------------------------- Solid Wood Dining Table Set
  • How to create an immersive experience with 360Panorama Images? I am new to the Unity and seeking your help in following.

    As a part of the project, I am trying to create an immersive experience with 360 panorama images, in unity.

    In short I want viewer to land into a photo/scene. The same photo works as a marker(ImageTarget). The experience should start only by recognising the marker(ImageTarget). It is like AR to VR transition.

    Let's say, If viewer looking at the image of The Taj Mahal(Image attached), The viewer should be transported in front...

    How to create an immersive experience with 360Panorama Images?
  • How do I compile Hololens SharingService for ARM processors – Raspberry Pi Hey guys,

    I have a sharingservice.exe which successfully connects 2 hololens into a local network using my local machine on Windows, all built on Unity. Now I want to build the same executable file on the Raspberry Pi, but the problem is Windows is for the Intel x64 architecture while the Raspberry Pi has the ARM architecture so the windows.exe is not compatible.

    The 'HoloToolkit-Master' package on GitHub states that the sharing package can support ARM processors but my question is how or...

    How do I compile Hololens SharingService for ARM processors - Raspberry Pi
  • How to add support for normal maps in PlaneGrid shader? Hi!

    I need to assign a shader that supports normal maps to the PlanGrid material in the HelloAR scene example.

    The problem is, every other shader I assign to this material is rendered with an average color calculated by the colors on the assigned texture and moreover I don't know how to modify the original PlaneGrid shader to support normal maps.

    Does anyone know how to add normal map support to the PlaneGrid shader or maybe use another valid shader for the generated plane?

    Thanks in...

    How to add support for normal maps in PlaneGrid shader?
  • Problem with ” Positional Tracker ” 🙁 hi ...
    actually, " Positional Tracker " is an awesome feature for " image target " mode BUT ...

    but I don't know why this happened really! :(
    a bug ?! or my fault?

    View attachment 303826

    In some angles , the walls become dark !