• accessing ARCore and phone camera settings Hey guys, Is there any way to adjust camera settings like exposure within unity? i dont want the phone camera adjust light/brightness by itself. its really bad for my app and i'd like to have control over it by myself. I know we can do it out of unity. But I cant write plugins. if there is no way, then how can I request it to unity team?

    PS: also focusing in the area that i tapped is another useful...

    accessing ARCore and phone camera settings
  • Oclussion Gameobject Good morning everyone.

    I am making an AR application with Hololens and I have created a rectangular gameobject (cube) of little thickness and I need to assign a material that is transparent and that also conceals what I have below it.

    Project things on a wall and this wall has shelves, and I would like if I look from above the shelf, do not see what I have below, but that if I look at it in front, if you see it. So where I theoretically have the shelf, I will place this material.


    Oclussion Gameobject
  • Multiple SDK in one project Hi, Is it possible to have multiple VR/AR SDK in a single unity project? For example, can I have a Unity Project that contains SDK for ARKit and ARCore for AR and Google Cardboard, Oculus Gaer VR/Rift, Vive and Daydream SDK for VR in the same project ...
  • How to “Arc Teleportion” with HoloToolKit Can you tell me how to implement arc teleportion?

    I'm developing WindowsMR app in Unity 2017.3.

    I'm building a WindowsMR application.
    I'm struggling with player teleportion issue.

    I want to implement "Arc Teleportion".
    (like in a Cliff House, WindowsMR tutorial.)

    Holotool Kit has a teleportion demo.
    But It can only move lower than the player height.

    I would like to teleport to the rooftop of the building like in the cliff house as turning down the joy stick.

    I found the similar issue...

    How to "Arc Teleportion" with HoloToolKit
  • Vuzix m300 Speech and Touchpad in Unity3D Hi, Is there any way to include Speech recognition and Touch pad support for Vuzix m300 using Unity. The code shared is for Android Studio development. I am requesting for Unity3D.
  • Random crash App with Unity 2018 and Oculus utilities 1.28 Hi there. I have large project with many scenes. Each scene is standalone game. This project was created for Gear VR with Oculsu sdk and Unity 5.6.4p4. Recently i upgraded project to 2018.2.4f1 and Oculus Utilities to 1.28 and in Editor its working per...
  • HTC Vive – Basic / breif tutorials for movement and picking up stuff. As per title, need YT videos giving FULL EXPLANATIONs for how to make the SteamVR object move around a scene (with collision and gravity and locomotion) and also picking up stuff. Most search results are no good as they are either for google cardboard...
  • Determining which store page my Oculus is on I'm deploying my game onto both Steam and the Oculus Store.

    I don't know how to tell whether or not my Oculus Rift is being used on Steam or in Oculus. What is the proper way to check which platform my game is being deployed on?
  • VR MI Hello! Can you help me? I want to create app for MI Virtual Reality, but i can not registred on Chinese web site Do I really need to have a Chinese bank card to create applications? Are ther...
  • Post processing not showing in Play mode (LWRP) + bad editor performance I've started a VR project using the Lightweight render pipeline VR template, and tracking and controls are working fine. I have two issues though:

    1) The included Post processing stack doesn't show while I'm in Play mode. What is the reason for this?

    2) In the editor / play mode, the game is very jittery, and the left eye flickers about once a second. When I make a build, it's buttery smooth. I assume there is some editor overhead, but is there something that can be disabled to make it...

    Post processing not showing in Play mode (LWRP) + bad editor performance
  • iOS ARKit Remote Crashes as soon as a connection to unity is made Hi all,

    here's another thread for this issue. There's multiple old ones existing in the forums but they don't seem to be watched anymore or are marked closed. So here's a new one in the hope this finally gets solved.

    What's happening:
    - I'm using Unity 2018.2.6f1 and ArKit 1.5
    - I build the ArKit 1.5 ARKitRemote scene with "Developer Build" checked
    - I start the build on my iPhone X and the FaceAnchorScene in Unity on my Macbook (connected directly via Lightning to USB-C cable with wifi...

    iOS ARKit Remote Crashes as soon as a connection to unity is made
  • VR splash image showing very briefly, or not at all, on Oculus Go I've got a splash image set, as follows:
    View attachment 298597

    ...but what actually happens when the app launches is: totally black screen, for 3-5 seconds, and then sometimes the splash images flashes up briefly before we enter the game. Other times, it goes right into the game (after 3-5 seconds of black).

    Have I set the logo up wrong? Or do I need to do something like, start with a trivial entry scene that Unity can load more easily, and then load the "real" game...

    VR splash image showing very briefly, or not at all, on Oculus Go
  • Crash of my GearVR app and i don’t find why in my LogCat Hi everyone

    since yesterday my GearVR app crash no matter what i do (delete completelly and reinstall it, clear the cache, etc)

    on the LogCat i see than some samsung process are died, and i don't know from where it comes

    here the logcat (command : adb logcat -s Unity ActivityManager DEBUG)

    09-07 11:06:43.226 26375 26390 D Unity : GL_EXT_debug_marker GL_ARM_rgba8 GL_ARM_mali_shader_binary GL_OES_depth24...

    Crash of my GearVR app and i don't find why in my LogCat
  • Oculus Go, 3DOF? allow rotation only Hello everybody
    I thought that Oculus GO is only 3DOF (The 3 axis are roll, yaw and pitch)
    Looks like the Oculus sensors can also detect motion along one of the three spatial axes .
    In my app when i'm looking aroung there is also noticeable some motion along one of the axes (similar to strafe in the FPS games)
    The problem is that it feels like the camera doesn't change its position but the perspective changes somehow.
    It's strange feeling and everyone who used the app experienced a motion...

    Oculus Go, 3DOF? allow rotation only
  • 360 photo viewer using skybox – quality issues I am trying to use a skybox to view 360 photos. I have played around with different settings but can't get decent quality. What would I have to do to get the quality close to the original photo? The original photo is 7632 × 3816.

    ORIGINAL in scene view
    View attachment 298324


    View attachment 298327


    View attachment 298330