• Oculus home menus in unity Does anyone here know or can point me in the right direction of how I would make one of these windows?

    For clarity, I'm talking about the various windows that pop up similar to the setting window that allows interaction not only with grabbing but also with button interaction.

    Many thanks for any help in advance.
  • Issue with OVR Camera and Post-Processing Behaviour Hello everyone! I'm facing an issue with VR and Post-Processing Behaviour.

    Basically what I wanted to do is to use the Post-Processing Behaviour with the default OVR Camera Rig from Oculus, but when I try to add the Post-Processing Behaviour it generates automatically an Unity camera and moreover it doesn't show the Post-Processing Behaviour effect.

    Is there a solution in order to integrate both things? or moreover, is there a way to improve the Graphics for the VR Camera?

    Thank you so...

    Issue with OVR Camera and Post-Processing Behaviour
  • Plane Ground, Plane Finder Reset Hello.

    Currently, AR contents are created using Ground Plane and Plane Finder in Unity.

    When you're aware of a floor surface and it's unrecognized, you're no longer looking for a floor.

    Is there a function to get the floor back?
  • Optics mystery: Objects that are farther dont scale correctly I've noticed in the unity 2D view (like through a normal camera) a sphere that is twice as far is half the size. This is how optics works in real life. However, I noticed that in VR that is not the case? Has anyone else noticed this? Any solutions to fix this?

    Left sphere is two units away from the camera, two spheres on the right are the same size but are twice as far from the camera. Since there is two stacked on each other they are the same height as the closer sphere. In VR, the closer...

    Optics mystery: Objects that are farther dont scale correctly
  • Simply detecting the HTC Vive presence I am using the following code but it does not work in the statement that checks if the hmd is disconnected Code (CSharp):      public bool isVREnable;      private void Update()      { &nb...
  • Android build error with ArCore I've been trying to build my project to a gradle build but I'm continuing to get this error.

    View attachment 396034
    I came across this forum with a similar issue ( . The answer proposed (deleting core-1.1.4.arr) allows the project to build however the ARCore functionality isn't present. I've reinstalled ARCore/ARFoundation from the package manage with no luck as well.

    Here's there error:...

    Android build error with ArCore
  • ARFoundation Hello. Im using ArFoundation and wanted to ask how to reboot the scene? Cause if i reboot the scene in ar it doesnt work after restart.
  • Force turn off Stereo vision? For my VR project, I need there to be no stereo vision like a 360 video. I've tried all kinds of things but I can't find a way. Any help is appreciated :)
  • SteamVR_LoadLevel Script Question Hi all! Have a question around the SteamVR_LoadLevel script and Unity. I really just want to have the scene fade to black and then transition to the new scene. I cannot get this to happen as it always goes to the compositor. Any suggestions?
  • Pick up and align item with Grip, fire with Trigger in new Steam VR 2.2 I am going nuts trying to figure this out in the new 2.2 version of Steam VR. I'm sure its something simple that I am missing due to my lacking knowledge of programing Unity and VR but for the life of me I can not find any clear documentation on how to use the Steam VR options to do things like:

    (1) pick up an item (Lets say its a weapon) and have the position of the item line up with the hand. Using the throwable script is great but the item picks up at the point of contact and I need it...

    Pick up and align item with Grip, fire with Trigger in new Steam VR 2.2
  • SteamVR Unity documentation? This week there was a new release of SteamVR i n the oculus store but no documentation. There's just 2-3 examples which require trying to reverse engineer from those specific code examples.

    Is there any documentation or further recent examples of using Unity with the Vive? Doing simple things like getting trigger or button presses or xyz positions on the controllers.

    Most of the examples or notes people have posted are out of date and no longer compatible.
  • Go from VR to screen view I am currently working on a game project which is running through SteamVR. The game will not run if the VR headset is not plugged in. I want to be able to run the game using only monitors but I am unsure as how to approach this problem. If anyone could...
  • Interior / House Building Tool in VR Hey there im new to the Forum, i want to make a House / Interioir tool in VR. Can i use the integrated ProBuilder in Runtime? Or do you know an Projects maybe free to with. Its a long short and longterm project here for my research at Fraunhofer In...
  • Single Pass Stereo rendering from script with custom stereo matrices Hello,

    I am trying to optimize mirror rendering for my VR project, which is using single pass rendering (double wide). Currently mirrors use multi pass rendering, with two separate Camera.Render() calls.

    I'd like to utilize the single pass stereo rendering that's used for the main view for this as well. I have tried setting custom view/projection matrices via camera.SetStereoViewMatrix(...) and set the target render texture as VRTextureUsage.TwoEyes, but the camera still performs...

    Single Pass Stereo rendering from script with custom stereo matrices
  • ARCore Occlusion Hi,

    I'm trying to implement a shader which handles occlusions using unity and ARCore. I did not get it that when I placed my virtual object to the surface, how can I hide it when a real object occluded my virtual object? I know that I need to use depth-test (z-buffer) and occlusion mask (z-mask) however I don't know how can I write that code. Could you explain it?