• Image as a Texture in HoloLens -Issue Good evening,

    Recently I was trying to create an app in Unity where with a button I could open an image or a pdf while the app remains open and running. I tried to do it with Unity, and I didn't see any problem. However, when I used the HoloLens emulator, every time I did it the app opens the file but then closes.

    I thought that maybe if I defined several 2D Empty Objects (as Images, Raw Images...) the app would still run while doing this. To do this, I used the WWW class and the example...

    Image as a Texture in HoloLens -Issue
  • Unity Oculus Rift Multiplayer Hello,
    I'm having some real trouble trying to create a two person (or more) VR experience with the Oculus Rift and Unity.
    I'm using the OVRCameraRig together with VRIK, which works really nicely so far as a one player, it's good fun messing around in front of your reflection.

    But I'm having real trouble adding a second person correctly. I'm using the Unity network manager to host/client my game and spawn players - this works! Though with each spawn I'm seeing the instance replicate the...

    Unity Oculus Rift Multiplayer
  • Timer in HoloLens app Developing an app that needs the user to wait for 20 minutes at one point. Could just display the current time +20min and say to continue at that time, but I want the user to first be impressed with a displayed timer, and then realize they should just...
  • Floating objects becoming flush to other objects when in line with camera Hi, I'm pretty new to Unity/Mixed Reality development and whenever I use a tap-to-place or the DirectionalIndicator (from microsoft gaze tutorials), the object that floats along with the user (e.g. the directional indicator) becomes instantly stuck to any other object that it passes.

    For instance, I have a tag-along menu and a directional indicator. Whenever the line through the camera and the indicator intersects the menu, the indicator teleports to the distance of the menu.

    How do I make...

    Floating objects becoming flush to other objects when in line with camera
  • Live train time information Anyone know how to integrate live train and travel information into an app in Unity??
  • Unity – Hololens: load file from OneDrive directory Hi
    I'm trying to develop a unity application for hololens and I need to load some 3D models at runtime.
    Recently I've discovered AssetBundle and I've been able to load a model at runtime, both from a local directory, both from a remote drive in the LAN only using a common PC.
    I've replicated same tests on Hololens but none of the has worked.

    I was thinking to use the OneDrive directory to save AssetBundle from a PC and load it at runtime inside Hololens, in order to use local directory in...

    Unity - Hololens: load file from OneDrive directory
  • Standard Wordlist Download Hello all,

    As many of you know, the Text Recognition feature is currently deprecated in Vuforia 6.5 and is no longer present in the Core Samples. While this feature is still available for use in 6.5, the word list was normally downloaded with the samples. Since the base wordlist is not present in the Core Samples, I have attached a zip of the base wordlist for download.

    Once you've downloaded the file, unzip it and place it in the following directory: Assets/StreamingAssets/QCAR. Create...

    Standard Wordlist Download
  • multiple targets to single target when combined Hey all, I'm kind of new to Vuforia and I was wondering if it's possible for Vuforia to recognise multiple targets (e.g. a photograph of a face divided across 4 squares) as a single target when the squares are connected. Right now Vuforia recognises the individual targets + the combined image target simultaneously, but ideally it would stop the individual targets as soon as it sees the combined image target. Would be very helpful if anybody has any suggestions how to achieve this. Thanks in...

    multiple targets to single target when combined
  • Where’s the best place to grab ARKit? Hi there,

    Just wondering should I grab ARKIT from the asset store, Bit bucket or Github? Or are they all the same?
    The asset store one doesn't really have a date on it, but would that one be the most stable of the bunch?

  • Virtual Reality SDK Oculus failed to initialize error Edit: Fixed. There is some issue with some Oculus Runtime software and there is a patch available here: - solved my issue.

    Anyone familiar with this error:

    Virtual Reality SDK Oculus failed to initialize.
    Will attempt to enable None instead.

    I have the Oculus software installed and running fine.

    Anyone know what's causing this?

    Thanks in advance
  • Working Bluetooth controller for making games in vr on android ? Hi there, I spent all evening figuring out how I could get some bluetooth controller input into unity for vr development (need some input buttons ) I managed to pair a PS3 controller with my iMac and I also was able to do all keymappings, but.... a ...
  • Easy Movie Texture – Reiniciar video al quitar el casco de la cabeza. – Gear VR Buen día, Soy novato en Unity y quisiera saber que debo editar para que el video o la escena, se reinicie cada vez que me quite y coloque nuevamente el casco en unas gafas Gear VR. Saludos.
  • AR/ 3D free mode template Does anyone know of a good template in unity where a user has the ability to transition between AR mode and free/3D mode.
  • Streaming ZED cam video on separate eyes of HTC Vive I am trying to use the two cameras on my ZED Cam to stream separately from either camera on to the respective eye on a HTC Vive set. So I've set up 2 cameras- one for left eye and one for right eye with the SteamVR Camera script && then configuring each cam to render on separate eyes and separate displays.

    I attached a script to each camera which creates a WebCamTexture & allows me display it on a RawImage UI component in Unity:

    Code (CSharp):
    2. using System.Collections;
    3. using...
    Streaming ZED cam video on separate eyes of HTC Vive
  • (Vuforia) Track an object in real world space without using targets Basically what I'm try to do is click a button and spawn an object in the real world space, maybe in front of the camera. Then I can walk anywhere and the object will always be where it spawned.

    I know this can easily be done with ground plane and plane finder, however, only specific phones support that and I do not have any of those phones.

    Is there any other way I achieve this?

    I've tried:

    Using an image target to activate an object that is a child of the camera, then decouple it from...

    (Vuforia) Track an object in real world space without using targets