• Worldmap can’t be created using ARKit Remote I'm using an ARKit Remote to test a scene where I have to use the worldmap. When I print the current worldMappingStatus on each ARFrameUpdatedEvent, I always get ARWorldMappingStatusNotAvailable, however long I map the area. I tried this even with the UnityARWorldMap scene in the plugin examples, but get the same result.

    However, when I compile my app into an iPhoneX with iOS 12 beta, I am able to save the worldmap and use it.

    Does it mean I can't test WorldMap with ARKit Remote? That'd...

    Worldmap can't be created using ARKit Remote
  • Window doesn’t display scene in build Hey guys, I have inherited some bigger project which in the editor displays the scene as well as in the headset. When I make a build and run it the scene is rendered in the headset but not in the window. Does anyone know what could be causing that or ...
  • Unity integration into Xcode ( Swift 4 ) Hi guys. I try to integrate a unity project ( using Unity 2018.2.4f1 - latest one at the moment ) into XCode ( version 9.4.1 - latest stable version at the moment ) and I encounter so so many errors in the last few days but I fixed all of them. Now I have this errors which I really don't know hot to fix them. I researched a lot and nobody have a right answer regarding this errors:

    • "_OBJC_CLASS_$_ARWorldTrackingConfiguration", referenced from: objc-class-ref in ARSessionNative.o...

    Unity integration into Xcode ( Swift 4 )
  • How to Change the initial Hand Color of the Oculus Touch for a project Hi. I'm currently in the process of making my first VR game within Unity 2018.2 and the latest version of the Oculus Avatar utilities. For my game, I want the hand color of the Oculus Touch controllers to be black instead of the default semi-transparent blue. After experimenting with the scripts for rendering the OVR Avatar hand components, nothing seemed to work.

    Initially, I was following an online solution that involved hard-coding in a material setColor() in the UpdateAvatarMaterial()...

    How to Change the initial Hand Color of the Oculus Touch for a project
  • Raycasting from Controller Hello!

    This is my first post here. I've been attempting, for the last 3 days, to achieve a Raycast from the right controller of the Dell Visor Windows Mixed Reality Headset and haven't been able to get anywhere! I've looked over here, the Microsoft forums, gone through the hand controller tutorial videos and documentation on Microsoft's website. I am completely lost and would really love some assistance trying to get this Raycast from the controller to work.
    I'm trying to use the controller...

    Raycasting from Controller
  • Exception when launching on HoloLens Unity Version: 2018.2.0f2 Vuforia: v7.2.24 (also tested with v7.1.35) Code (CSharp): Exception thrown at 0x7742C7D2 in Test.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: Platform::COMException ^ at memory location 0x00BCF710. HRESULT:0x80072EE7 The text associat...
  • Mixed Reality VR boundary Good afternoon We need help in solving the problem. We have a VR game on Unity3D using Mixed Reality technology. Our goal - to synchronize the boundaries of the real world and the viral. We have a room with walls and the same walls in the virtual world...
  • InteractionManager/RaycastHit returning wrong GameObject So I'm using a bit of code from the example of how to check what object has been selected when using the InteractionManager_InteractionSourcePressed method.

    Code (CSharp):
    2. private void InteractionManager_InteractionSourcePressed(InteractionSourcePressedEventArgs args)
    3.     {
    4.         hand = args.state.source.handedness;
    5.         InteractionSourceState interactionSourceState = args.state;
    7.         if (args.pressType == InteractionSourcePressType.Select)
    8.         {
    9.             if (MenuWindow...
    InteractionManager/RaycastHit returning wrong GameObject
  • Add shadow catching to DepthMask material? I want to add capability to the DepthMask material that ships with Vuforia to catch shadows from augmentations in a way that works on Android. This seems like a straightforward thing to want, but all the resources I've found are years old and none of them seem to work on my Android device (although some shadow-catcher shaders that don't do depth masking work in the Unity Game Viewport).

    The solution that looks right to me is to remove the
    Lighting Off
    line from...

    Add shadow catching to DepthMask material?
  • Unity Job System with UWP App I would like to use the Job System with the UWP (im trying to make a VR App with an mixed reality headset). I wrote a small tool which uses the JobSystem and i can export it without any errors as long as my platform is "PC, Mac & Linux Standa...
  • Is there anyway that the system open a website using Application.OpenURL in background? We have an requirement that in VR project, we can open and view a website.

    Currently we use Application.OpenURL. It's good when using it on Oculus Rift because even when browser is brought to front, Oculus Rift app still is "active" in VR. However, it's not the case on HTC Vive because htc vive uses completely windows standard.

    And because this project is also available for Oculus Go, Cardboard and Daydream VR systems, we would like to open url in browser in background. Is that possible?...

    Is there anyway that the system open a website using Application.OpenURL in background?
  • When trying to use “worldMap.pointCloud.Points” my application crashes with an uncaught exception I'm trying to acces my worldmap after my worldmapstatus has changed to MAPPED.
    I do this by using

    if (_currentWorldMappingStatus == ARWorldMappingStatus.ARWorldMappingStatusMapped)
    Debug.LogFormat("ARWorldMap MAPPED");

    My "OnWorldMap" code looks like this

    void OnWorldMap(ARWorldMap worldMap)
    if (worldMap != null)...

    When trying to use "worldMap.pointCloud.Points" my application crashes with an uncaught exception
  • Lenovo Mirage Solo – Build Settings – 32-bit Display Buffer and Linear Color Space I am confused about the project settings I am currently testing for the Mirage Solo. Google say (on this page) that Daydream only supports Gamma color space. There are some other source on Github etc. stating similar. However, I find that the Gamma set...
  • ARkit delete infinite planes without restarting session? Hi all,

    Does anyone know how to make ARkit delete infinite planes without restarting session?
    I'm currently trying to make my app detect one plane at a time and make it infinite. If a new plane is detected it should ideally delete the last plane and focus on the new one at whatever height the plane is at. Does anyone know how to do this without restarting the ARkit session? (note that restarting the session causes all ARkit placed objects to lose their last position.)

    Thank you for your time!
  • Hybrid app: detecting if phone was placed in Daydream View Daydream officially support hybrid apps (those that can switch between touchscreen and VR mode).

    However, Google only provides instructions for how to manually switch between VR/non-VR mode via code. This doesnt cover the case where a game is running and the user puts the phone into a Daydream View headset. In this case, the game will be interrupted and the Daydream home screen appears (I've tested this). That's...

    Hybrid app: detecting if phone was placed in Daydream View